Are you asking yourself, “Are Facebook Ads Better than Google Ads”? Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two dominating forces in the online advertising industry. Google’s search network or Facebook’s news feeds are the places to be if you want to reach your ideal audience.

Are Facebook Ads Better than Google Ads?

As of 2018, there were 2.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and Google Ads reaches its billions of users in various ways, including search, email, and other online activities. Because of how popular both platforms are, it might seem like it makes sense to just go for the cheaper option. But are Facebook ads really cheaper than Google ads, and does the price affect the quality of your return on investment?

Are Facebook Ads Better Than Google Ads?

Why Business Owners Should Invest in Online Advertising

Regardless of which platform you choose to advertise with, online advertising provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Driving buyer behavior
  • Building brand awareness
  • Using repetition to improve sales
  • Reminding potential buyers of a previously viewed item
  • Increasing the spread of information

Marketers have been studying consumer behavior for years, and research has shown that the average user views web pages the same way. For example, the phenomenon known as “banner blindness” is a form of selective attention wherein visitors to a website either consciously or unconsciously ignore elements they perceive to be ads. Both Google and Facebook ads have adapted to these types of phenomenon by incorporating in-content ads. This means that both ad forms are capable of reaching your audience.

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Facebook Ads vs Google Ads Comparison

While both Google and Facebook ads both incorporate in-content advertising, there is a crucial difference between the two: paid search and paid social.
Google is the world’s most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. Google ads use paid search, which focuses on the targeting of keywords and text-based advertisements. With Google ads, advertisers bid on keywords and key phrases with the hope that their ads will be placed alongside related search queries.

When a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money.

Paid search focuses on what a user inputs in a search engine, while paid social focuses on a user’s behavior on a website. Facebook ads use the paid social approach. With Facebook ads, advertisements reach an audience based on things they are interested in and how they behave online. Rather than helping you find new customers, like with Google ads, paid social ads with Facebook helps new customers find you.

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

While this is probably the answer many business owners hate to hear, the cost will depend on a number of factors. On the bright side, there is a baseline to start from. According to popular social media management platform Hootsuite, Facebook advertising costs about $0.27 per click on average. Here are the factors that can influence the cost of Facebook ads:

  • Ad objective: What is the purpose of the ad? Are you trying to increase traffic, build brand awareness, or create conversions?
    Bidding type and amount – How will you bid, and what does your budget look like?
  • Audience: Who are you trying to target?
  • Ad quality: Bidding doesn’t necessarily guarantee clicks. The quality of the ad plays a role in how successful the ad campaign is.
  • Your industry: Depending on your industry, reaching your objective can be difficult based on factors like how much competition you have or how niche of an industry you work in.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Google offers advertising in two primary networks, the Search network, and the Display network. The Search network covers the entirety of Google as a search engine, while the Display network offers advertisers a more visual option for their ads, such as banners.

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The average cost per click in Google Ads is between $1-2 on the Search network, and under $1 on the Display network. Advertising with Google is so effective that the term “paid search” is used interchangeably with Google Ads, even though other search engines like Bing offer similar advertising.

Which Ad is Right For You?

Because of the nature of Google Ads, the pricing is based on cost per thousand impressions (CPM), whereas Facebook ads are cost per click (CPC). While it might seem like Facebook ads are cheaper based on the baseline averages, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the better option. In both cases, it is still essential to understand your target audience, what they are looking for, and how to advertise your products and services in a way that speaks to your audience.

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Using the power of both paid search and paid social is an effective advertising strategy, but it is important to remember that Facebook ads and Google ads operate differently. This means it’s essential to understand how to use each platform for the maximum return on investment for your business’ growth.

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