Do you want to attract new clients online? Are you tired of relying solely on referrals and word-of-mouth? PPC for lawyers could be the best way to acquire new clients and increase your online (and local) presence.

Too many lawyers still rely on traditional methods to find clients – or rather for clients to find them. But there’s an easy way to generate more business through Google. In fact, 57% of clients search for a lawyer alone, and according to a Martindale-Avvo survey, 43% of respondents reported using Google to do so.

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are one of the best ways to get noticed on Google. They’ll help you attract clients and generate more business. Considering 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads, PPC for lawyers is the answer to winning more clients. Interested to learn what a solid CTR is by Google organic rankings? Click here to learn what is a good click through rate by Google organic rankings.

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PPC Tips for Lawyers to Win More Clients

Quick bullet-point tips on PPC for lawyers:

  1. Generate keywords through a planner
  2. Add keywords in your copy
  3. Target your ads locally
  4. Think about your client
  5. Make your ad copy attention-grabbing
  6. Monitor your analytics
  7. Use Google Ads extensions
  8. Advertise on mobile
  9. Design your website convert

PPC for law firms is chronically under-utilized. Only 7 to 9% of law firms reported using Google Ads, according to the American Bar Association in 2019. PPC for attorneys is an under-explored advantage just waiting to be exploited. Below we will list nine essential tips regarding making the most of PPC for law firms.

1. Generate keywords through a planner

There’s no greater tool for PPC for lawyers than Google’s Keyword Planner. Search for relevant keywords relating to your topic. You’ll be able to identify low competition, high traffic keywords to target. The tool also provides the cost of each keyword to help estimate your potential spend.

To balance out your costs, add in a combination of high and low volume keywords. Otherwise, PPC for law firms can cost a small fortune.

2. Add keywords in your copy

Once you’ve identified which keywords to use, add them to your copy. PPC for attorneys relies on ranking just like everything else. So, selecting relevant keywords in your copy will improve your Quality Score in Google – that helps determine your ads ranking.

Optimizing PPC for lawyers involves using keywords in select areas. Put your keywords in your headline and ad content. And focus on long-tail keywords – they’re less competitive but more targeted (meaning people who click are more likely to convert.)

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3. Target your ad locally

Suppose your legal practice is tied to a specific geographic area. In that case, PPC for law firms should focus exclusively on the law firm’s surrounding area.

After all, if you’re based in New York, you don’t want to advertise to people in Nebraska. It’s a waste of money. Therefore, set your geographic parameters to your user’s location. That way, you’ll stop your ad from being shown outside of your area – preventing unnecessary, costly clicks. That’s smart PPC for attorneys.

4. Think about your client

Who is your target market? Who do you want to click on your ad?

PPC for lawyers is all about understanding who you want to click, then tailoring your ad to them. You want to increase the ratio of clicks to conversions. You don’t want to waste money on clicks from people who’ll never hire you as their lawyer.

Creating a client persona is useful. It should include their demographics and factors which affect their hiring decisions. Understanding these attributes helps determine the keywords and ad copy when developing PPC for law firms.

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5. Make your ad copy attention-grabbing

Like any ad, you want to grab people’s attention from the first word to the last. The key to excellent PPC for lawyers is to write copy they can’t ignore.
Identify what they want and lead with that message, e.g., “Do you have a case you need to win?” or “Have you been injured at work?”

Such clear messaging cuts through the crowd to your target market. Then, explain your services briefly. And always end on a call-to-action (CTA), like

“Book a Meeting” or “Call Now.”

Trial different ads and let them run. Then, use the one that gets the most traction.

6. Monitor your analytics

Never run an ad without tracking its performance. PPC for attorneys depends on monitoring five key metrics:

  • Quality score: Google measures how relevant keywords are to user searches.
  • Click-through rate: How often users click on your ad – a measure of relevancy.
  • Conversion rate: Percentage of people who clicked your ad who end up actually contacting you.
  • Cost per conversion: How much did you spend for each new client gained.
  • Wasted spend: Money spent on ad clicks that did not convert.

Use these metrics to continually hone your ad to generate the most conversions per click and spend.

7. Use Google Ads extensions

If you’ve provided Google with additional information about your law firm, including your location, phone number, and website link – it can sometimes display with your ad.

This is called an ad extension.

Ad extensions increase user engagement and provide helpful information. So, if your prospective client is searching on their smartphone, they can click your number and dial you straight away.

Reducing the steps between client and firm is critical to converting. It’s just common sense PPC for lawyers.

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8. Advertise on mobile

If you’re not advertising on mobile, then you’re missing out on a massive market. Increasingly, people are using their smartphones more and more as their primary internet device. Indeed, more than half of searches on are mobile searches.

You can even tailor your ad copy to mobile users. Mobile searches can become a significant proportion of your conversions by adding a CTA like “Call Today” alongside a phone ad extension.

9. Design your website to convert

PPC for attorneys is about more than just the ad itself. Once they’ve clicked your ad, you want to convert them as fast as possible. Make sure the first thing they see is a call-to-action or a contact button. Seriously. Every service-related page on your website should be designed to convert.

Refine your website so it clearly explains what you do and how. Users should get a clear idea about your firm within 30 seconds on your site. Meaning you shouldn’t overload on content – keep your content short: concise sentences and paragraphs. And make sure your site is easy-to-use and -navigate. No one wastes their time on a difficult and clunky website.

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