Is advertising on Google worth it? If you’re still asking this, then you should know that when Google launched the Self Service Advertising Program in the year 2000, it revolutionized the online marketing world and changed it forever. Serving over 5.5 billion impressions per day and raking in over $100 million per day, Google Adwords is undoubtedly the most prominent PPC network anywhere.

is advertising on google worth it

If you’re new to this, Google Adwords is a pay-per-click or PPC service that allows businesses to create and run their own advertisements. These are usually clickable ads that Google displays on the search engine results, putting your business out there to millions of potential customers. All you need are the right keywords to reach your target audience and voila, the traffic you’re looking for!

Is advertising on Google worth it for your business, though? In a nutshell, yes, it is. Why?

Well, in this guide, we’ll explore not just one, not just two, but nine reasons why advertising on Google is still worth it 20 years after launch.

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Is Advertising on Google Worth It?

1. Google Adwords Offers Almost Unlimited Potential

Google Adwords is the perfect solution for a scalable marketing strategy if this is what you’re looking for. You see, you have an almost unlimited market to target because there are millions of keywords to bid on. New keywords are being developed every day, and with such a variety, you can add as many as you need to keep your marketing campaign alive, increasing more and more traffic to your site.

Once your PPC campaign becomes profitable, you can increase your budget. Given that keywords are ranked using a bidding system, the more you spend, the higher you rank, and the more clicks you get. This leaves you with unlimited potential, and you can get as much as you need as long as you’re strategic with your keywords.

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2. Adwords Offers Quick Results

Quick results are hands-down one of the biggest reasons why you should invest in Google Adwords. The results are almost always instant because as soon as the marketing campaign is approved, you’ll start receiving traffic to your site immediately.

What does this mean? That you can get sales on the very same day you start your marketing campaign.

Unlike most other digital marketing strategies like organic SEO, you don’t need to wait weeks or months on end before traffic starts trickling in. Even better, you won’t have to commit yourself to contracts and tying your fund down to one marketing option.

Instead, you’ll have the freedom to adjust your marketing costs whenever you feel the need to.

3. It’s Measurable and Flexible

One of the main benefits of Google Adwords is how flexible and measurable it is. It can be a real challenge to measure a marketing strategy like SEO because it’s almost impossible to get precise measurements of the results, but with PPC, it’s easy. This is possibly one of the best ways to know what’s working and what’s not, and you can adjust your campaign accordingly.

Beyond this, Google Adwords has customizable options, ad extensions that make things seamless, an option to narrow down your audience to specific locations, languages, or devices they use, and you can leverage the display network. It doesn’t get better than that!

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4. It’s More Engaging

Google constantly changes and improves Adwords, being one of its major sources of income. At some point, they realized that in-video ads and product listing ads were getting more attention and essentially more clicks from users, and you should as well. You see, YouTube receives over 2 billion users, and if you concentrate on these types of ads, your ads will be accessible to all these people.

Do you see the potential here?

5. Ads Always Remain Relevant

Reaching a lot of people is a good thing, but reaching the right people is the goal here because it’s far more important. One of the best things about Google Adwords and what makes it such a good advertising tool is that it offers you a relevant audience on a platter. The Keyword Tool it provides allows you to specify your target market and what search terms you want your ads to appear for.

Your ads will be viewed by people looking for similar products or services, which increases the chances of them clicking on those ads. You’ll be reaching out to people who have more potential to reach out to you, essentially increasing your conversion rates. It doesn’t and shouldn’t replace SEO, but it’s much faster and easier in comparison and good for business.

6. You Only Pay for Clicks

Can you get something like this with other marketing strategies? Hardly. There are plenty of PPC platforms that will charge you for impressions, email sends, views, and much more, while Google Adwords only charges for clicks. This means you only pay for valuable customers who have the highest potential to convert.

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7. Keeping In Touch With Past Visitors Is Possible With Remarketing

Most of the time, you need to interact with a customer multiple times before they eventually convert and close the deal. Even after they click on your ad, it never means they will make a purchase, and you need to remarket, allow them to interact with your brand again, and increase the possibility of closing them.

8. You Get Tons of Data

The days of relying on hunches and good ideas are virtually gone, and what you have now are data and analytics. Google offers high-level metrics and analytics that will offer you data for days. You’ll know how many clicks you had on each ad, and who clicked on it, the number of leads each ad generates, the amount of traffic the ads drive to your site, and the keywords that get the most clicks.

Even better, you get to see how much it takes to create a lead, the average amount it takes per click, and the rate at which users interact with your ads. With this information, you can adjust your ads accordingly to ensure the ROI is worth it.

9. You Can Cancel Your Campaigns Anytime

One of the many benefits of Google Adwords is that once you discover your ad campaign is not as profitable as you initially anticipated, you can stop it anytime. Unlike other marketing methods like SEO, where you have to commit yourself for several months before you discover whether it’s yielding any results or not, you can stop or pause PPC at any time.

Is Advertising on Google Worth It? The Benefits of Google Ads

Is advertising on Google worth it? Absolutely! As you can see, there are many benefits that come with investing in Google Adwords. Still, you need to be strategic about your marketing campaigns for them to be beneficial. Take advantage of all the tools and analytics Google has to offer and make the most of your campaigns.

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