eCommerce content marketing strategies are of utmost importance nowadays, especially when there are multiple online stores popping up on a daily basis. Content marketing is often ignored by business owners and it has the power to bring them the ultimate loss. Now the question is what is ROI? ROI is the return on investment. The ultimate goal of every business is to generate revenue. The revenue should be greater than the investment, otherwise the business will be in loss.

eCommerce Content Marketing Strategies for online store shopify

Content marketing and ROI has the deep relation in a sense that content is the king of online world. Without content, no business can grow and as a result, there will be no revenue generation. It’s important to focus on marketing your content in order to get your eCommerce business grow.

Take a look at our eCommerce content marketing strategies below. When executed properly, you’ll see a steady increase in traffic with an ROI to match!

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Top 18 eCommerce Content Marketing Strategies

  1. Content Planning

    1. Planning your content is the first and foremost step in content marketing strategies. Without planning, nothing is possible. You can plan like what type of content; you are going to post on social media and mobile friendly website. Either you are going to write your own blogs or will get it written from the hired staff. While planning the content, you must have to design the goals or objectives of your eCommerce business.
  2. Ask your Audience

    1. Asking your audience about what type of content they want to read, hear or watch provides your audience with a sense of positivity. This is a content marketing strategy for engaging your audience. And at the end, engagement leads to sales.
  3. Research about Competitors

    1. It’s always very important to research about your competitors in order to check their content. It’s better to find answers to the questions like what type of content they are posting and in which format? This will help you a lot in improving your ROI.
  4. Create Content Calendar

    1. A content calendar is like a schedule that depicts your marketing strategy like deciding about what type of posts you are going to post on which platform. It helps in reminding you about your posts on a certain platform. Content calendar is used by every eCommerce business.
  5. Quality Content

    1. Quality of the content matters a lot in eCommerce content marketing strategy as it helps your business to get ranked in search engine result pages. The quality content helps you to stand unique in the eyes of your visitors. They will love your content and surely make purchases, giving rise to ROI.
  6. Relevant Content

    1. Content should be related to the products and services of your business. Not only visitors want to read or see relevant content but also the search engines. Proper search engine optimization also includes the relevancy of your content.
  7. Content Optimization

    1. Search engine optimization is the major factor in content marketing. Doing SEO means to follow the algorithms of the search engines while creation of your content. Proper SEO helps your business to get ranked which ultimately result in more traffic and more ROI.
  8. Product Guidelines

    1. Your business must describe the guidelines along with the product. Everyone is not technical enough to use a machine. The instructions and the guidelines help the customers to use the instrument easily.
  9. Videos, better than Pictures/Text

    1. As the pictures are better than text so as the videos are better than the pictures. Provide videos of your products in order to describe the products easily to your visitors.
  10. Interactive Content

    1. Content should be interactive as people always like to comment and share the content if they like them. They also provide the feedback if there is an option. Interaction matters a lot. When people share your content on their feeds, its reach gets maximum, thus increasing the ROI.
  11. Sharing

    1. Sharing matters a lot in the online world. You must share your website content on other social media platforms in order to get maximum reach. Sharing is the beneficial technique if carefully done.
  12. Social Media Marketing

    1. This age is the age of social media. Social media marketing is one of the useful eCommerce content marketing strategies. Create content for social media in order to increase the sales of your business.
  13. Email Marketing

    1. One can’t deny the importance of email marketing. People still read emails if written properly and professionally. Email marketing is a broad technique which needs a lot of importance in orer to increase your ROI.
  14. Influencer Marketing

    1. People love to hear from the influencers. Influences do a lot in opinion making of general people. The marketing done for your business through the influencers is also called affiliate marketing. Influencers will upload your products on their feed and the fans will surely love to purchase your products and services.
  15. Blogging

    1. Blogging is a free and useful tool for content marketing. You will write blogs about your products and updates about your business. This helps a lot in growing up the sales of your business.
  16. Guest Blogging

    1. Guest blogging on similar blogs and websites is a way to generate more traffic which ultimately leads to more purchases. This will help your business to get more backlinks and backlinks help a lot in getting high ranking in search engines.
  17. PPC Campaigns

    1. PPC campaigns are also a part of content marketing strategy. These campaigns need proper optimization for letting your business grow. This is actually the long-term investment for large businesses rather than short term revenue generation.
  18. Automation Techniques

    1. In this technical world, it has become easy to do anything. Automation is available for doing any type of marketing like email automation and social media automation. In email automation, there is a system of scheduling the emails that will be sent to everyone. Social media automation involves the scheduling of the posts at the right time.

There have been provided 18 eCommerce content marketing strategies in order to help the eCommerce business owners to grow their business, increase traffic and this ultimately increase the return on investment of the eCommerce businesses.

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