Are you planning to invest in YouTube SEO but aren’t sure if it’s worth the resources? Are you familiar with the steps for optimizing your videos for search? These questions may sound complex, but the answers are simpler than most people think.

Getting YouTube exposure might also be challenging, but there are strategies you can implement to make the platform’s algorithm work in your favor.

Before you tweak your strategies, you must first know how the algorithm works. More than that, you also need to understand why SEO is essential in this case. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business owner eager to expand your reach, knowing the basics is a good place to start.

YouTube SEO

Why is SEO for YouTube Important?

There are plenty of reasons why anyone in the digital space should invest in SEO, especially on a widely used platform like YouTube. Here are a few of them.

More viewers

If you top YouTube’s search results, it will most likely mean more people will watch your videos. Give your videos the opportunity to shine by getting them the views they deserve.

Better opportunities to convert

It helps your videos show up consistently in the platform’s search results, helping more people see them. It means you have equally many opportunities to convert these high-quality leads.

Improve organic traffic

Videos visible in online searches improve the landing website’s click-through rates, building brand loyalty and awareness while driving organic traffic from the platform.


It won’t break your bank account. You just need time and the right YouTube SEO tool, and you’re set.

Advantage over your competitors

If you rank first or ahead of your competitors, it means your target audience gets to see your content first. If you offer valuable content that makes sense to them, it’s easy to position yourself as an industry leader.

If you invest in it while your competitors are still sleeping on its benefits, you can easily claim the top spot. Partner with an SEO agency and start providing more value to your target market.

Top 5 Proven and Tested YouTube SEO Tips

By now, you already understand the need to invest in SEO. The next thing worth knowing is the best practices for implementing these strategies. Here are five tips from experts.

1. Identify Keywords

Keyword research is also a crucial aspect of YouTube marketing, just like on Google. These keywords are terms and phrases your target market will highly like to use when looking for niche-related content. If you add keywords to your videos, there’s a high chance your audience will find them.

The first step in identifying YouTube video SEO keywords is knowing their various types and uses. Explore the following:

  • Primary keywords: These key terms and phrases have high search volumes. However, since they’re more competitive than other terms, you will also have difficulty ranking them.
  • Secondary keywords: These terms are less competitive and easier to rank. However, they also have lower search volumes.
  • Long-tail keywords: These niche phrases are usually longer and related to the primary and secondary keywords. Suppose your primary keyword is “boost videos.” In that case, the appropriate long-tail keyword might be “boost videos with YouTube SEO tools.”

You can take advantage of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMRush.

2. Utilize YouTube Search Bar to Boost Keywords

Optimize your keyword strategy further by leveraging the search bar. Use the bar to find related search terms besides general keyword research. Recent searches matter a lot for YouTube SEO ranking, so check this tab. You can use the results to choose the new videos you’ll post on the platform.

Apart from that, look at the size of your competitors’ channels. Compare them with the views of each video. Watch out for channels with a low follower count but high traffic. It means the keywords they use are popular and quickly gaining traction.

3. Strategically Incorporate Keywords into Your Videos

After figuring out the right target keywords, you must add them to your videos. Any YouTube SEO expert would suggest placing these key terms and phrases in the following areas:

  • File name
  • Tags
  • Video title and description
  • Overlays
  • Title cards
  • Video chapters
  • Video script

Google suggests using these target keywords near the beginning of the video title, tags, and descriptions. Aside from that, combine related terms, synonyms, and long-tail keywords when adding tags and curating descriptions.

It’s a basic YouTube SEO strategy principle to avoid keyword stuffing. The goal of SEO is to make your content easier for YouTube’s algorithm to figure out and find. Overusing the keywords could confuse your audience. Google and YouTube might penalize you for it, too.

4. Add Captions

Adding captions to your content is a basic social media accessibility principle. It would help your viewers with hearing impairments and also add more context to your videos. Apart from that, captions can also fill in audio gaps that your viewers might miss. This simple YouTube SEO strategy improves the overall user experience and video accessibility.

Aside from that, captions also contain key terms that the platform can pick up on. You can manually add these captions by uploading timed subtitle files or text transcripts. The platform also comes with the option to enter transcript texts separately. With this method, you allow timing and subtitles to sync automatically with your videos.

Ensure that your keywords are inserted in the captions by adding them to your script. Never add them after the fact since it will only yield a negative user experience.

5. Explore YouTube Cards and End Screens

One of the best YouTube SEO best practices is using YouTube cards. These cards are small interactive boxes visible on videos, asking viewers to subscribe or watch other videos. It is an excellent strategy to keep your viewers engaged. Apart from that, it also leads traffic to other videos.

Aside from cards, you can also add screens. It is pretty much like cards, but you see them within the last five to 20 seconds of your video. It gives you an opportunity to invite your users to subscribe, promote your channels, or point viewers to your most-watched playlist.

YouTube SEO

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No matter where you land in the digital space, SEO will always be an integral strategy. Whether you want to educate, sell, or network with others, you need to be seen and known. You can do this with SEO. Learn the basics to understand why you need it.

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