What is copywriting? Copywriting is the art of writing content that speaks directly to your customers. Think digital marketing ads, social media posts, email newsletters, and landing pages. Copywriting in digital marketing persuades customers to buy products and services, driving sales and generating profits.

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Whether you’re a Shopify copywriter writing product descriptions or a digital marketing copywriter, crafting social media posts that zing, copywriting is the cornerstone of advertising. Words matter. And in advertising, they’re the difference between a sale or slump.

Except, ask anyone “what is copywriting in advertising”, and you’ll get a ton of different answers. “What’s the difference between content and copywriting?” people ask. And why does quality copywriting in digital marketing even matter?

What is Copywriting?

How to Increases Sales with Digital Copywriting

Learn what copywriting in advertising is and how your words affect your sales below. It’s a must-read guide for businesses, individuals, digital marketing copywriters, Shopify copywriters, and more.

What is copywriting in advertising?

Copywriting is the choice and arrangement of words to promote a business, product, service, or idea. In advertising, copywriting refers explicitly to how a product or service is marketed to a customer. You’ll find digital marketing copywriters creating slogans, scripts, taglines, newsletters and other emails, product descriptions, headings, and more.

Wait: Isn’t that content writing? Sort of. Yes.

The terms are used interchangeably, and there’s nothing wrong with that – anymore. The line has become so blurred that there isn’t any meaningful difference.

If we’re being technical, there is a fundamental difference:

Copywriting tries to get the reader to perform a specific action. Be it buying a product, booking an appointment, or signing up for a free trial.

Content writing, on the other hand, is more passive. It can be blog posts, webinars, eBooks, or even certain website landing pages.

Few acknowledge this difference anymore. Look up a job description for digital marketing copywriters at even the biggest firms, and they’ll list content writing in the job description. So don’t sweat the difference!

Why copywriting in digital marketing matters

Copywriting in digital marketing is the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” made real. The words you use tell you everything about who you are. Indeed, we judge people based on what they say every day; why wouldn’t we treat companies the same?

Who do you trust more: the doctor who asks, “how you hanging’?” or the one who greets you, “Good morning. How’s your day?”.

We all know the answer – because words inform.

It’s the same for businesses. When Nike tells us to “Just Do it”, we know they’re an active, energetic, go-getting brand. Meanwhile, Dollar Shave Club’s “Our blades are f***ing great” packs in personality and a down-to-earth approach.

What is Copywriting? Let’s put it into numbers:

  • Just 20% of people read beyond the headline
  • Personalized calls to action are 202% more effective
  • Email subject lines with 28 to 39 characters boost their open rates
  • Including more than a single offer on a landing page decreases the conversion rate by 266%
  • Content written at a third-grade reading level receives 36% more responses

What you write, how you write it, and the word you use can transform your business. Bad copywriting can destroy it.

Consider: if an advertisement has spelling or grammar mistakes, women are 81% and men 77% less likely to purchase a product. Not convinced? Imagine two pieces of copy produced by a Shopify copywriter. Which would you buy?

Try on these ergonomic new running shoes. They’re ideal for trails, tracks, and going to the gym. With a breathable fabric and hard-wearing sole, they’ll be keep going mile after mile.


Try on these ergonomic new running shoes. They’re ideal for trails, track, and going to the gym. With a breathable fabric and hard-wearing soul, they’ll be keep going mile after mile.

With less than a handful of mistakes, you’d lose the sale. Copywriting in digital marketing is about precision, inspiration, being informative and persuasive – you need to choose your words carefully.

How to create compelling content to increase sales

Below you can find quick bullet-points on ways copywriting in digital advertising can increase sales. Read on for more details about copywriting in digital advertising.

  1. Write killer headlines
  2. Find your brand’s voice
  3. Use A/B testing
  4. Use emotion

1. Write killer headlines

Headlines aren’t written; they’re crafted. It’s perhaps the most challenging job in all copywriting because the headline needs to be short, active, and engaging.

A top tip to catch your audience’s attention is to use a hook. It could be a question, a partial fact, a list, or a provocative or emotional tone.

Remember – 11-word headlines receive the most shares across Facebook and Twitter. The optimum length is probably around 6 to 15 words.

2. Find your brand’s voice

Whether you’re a Shopify copywriter or a small business owner, copywriting in digital marketing should have a clear and appropriate voice.

Think about your product and what you want to convey. If you’re creating gym products for young men, using an active and slang-filled style can help appeal to your target market. In contrast, a natural oil balm will need to be more authoritative and educational.

Work out what works best for your brand – and if in doubt, test.

3. Use A/B testing

Copywriting is like stand-up comedy; even the greats aren’t sure if a piece will 100% work. That’s where A/B testing comes in. You write two pieces of copy and then trial each out. You use the piece that generates more sales – it’s that simple.

It’s something of an industry secret – 58% of marketers say they use A/B testing, and companies that use A/B testing on their emails see a 37% higher ROI.

4. Use emotion

You piggyback on a provocative story or sprinkle power words throughout your copy. Whatever your approach, harnessing emotion is a potent tool in the digital marketing copywriter’s toolkit.

Everybody does it. The news promotes fear, fitness companies use hope, and the fast-food industry thrives on greed. It’s not a bad thing. We’re emotional creatures; turn that to your advantage.

Copywriting in digital marketing is your secret to success

With the right words to the right person, you’ll see a sale. That’s all there is to it. After reading our guide, you know what copywriting in advertising is, why to use it, and how.

Go write something that’ll provoke, inspire, and engage. Just don’t break the golden rule of copywriting – never be boring!