The field of eCommerce is constantly evolving. That’s why it can be useful to have a list of eCommerce marketing tips to pull from to kick your online store traffic into gear. eCommerce business needs an effective marketing strategy like any other business. The strategy should be designed in a way that is in line with the goals of the business. It’s a good point that the eCommerce field has crossed the geographic constraints but it gave rise to limitless competitors.

online store and ecommerce marketing tips

To stay in the competition, one must design a unique digital marketing strategy. In order to help you in growing your business and outrank your competitors, we have compiled the top 50 eCommerce marketing tips below.

Top 50 eCommerce Marketing Tips

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  1. Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. You must start with the very first step, which is the creation of a digital marketing strategy. To grow your e-commerce business online, you must have an effective online marketing strategy. Planning is always the key to success. This strategy includes the goals and objectives of your brand. After this, you have to design a message that should be in line with the goals of your brand.
  2. Create Unique Content

    1. Creating unique content always makes your brand credible. Copying other content is an immoral act. Create content in your own way and the content must be aligned with your business goals. The unique and quality content always attracts the users and inspire them to purchase from your online store. Your quality content will always bring you, potential customers.
  3. Say Welcome to User-generated Content

    1. It’s important to engage the customers with your brand. Design a strategy like rewarding those users who provide your business with quality content. The loyal customers are those, which make a lot of purchases from your online store. If you provide them with gifts then they will try to compete with each other to get the reward by making a maximum number of purchases.
  4. Give Credits

    1. Give credits to those who make an effort to write content for your business for free. Crediting is always good in the online world. Always credit those who are doing something good for you. Crediting will entice them to write more content for your business and it’s good for your business as free content is always beneficial.
  5. Concise Content

    1. Nowadays, people want to read concise content, which clearly depicts the message of the brand. Even the young generation doesn’t have time to see the videos that are of long duration. People want to get more knowledge by just reading a small piece of content. Focus on the quality, not on the quantity.
  6. Free Marketing Options

    1. Another of the great eCommerce marketing tips, you can find free marketing options for your e-commerce business such as blogs. Blogging is a cost-effective tool for any online business. You can establish your own business blog within no time and no technical knowledge. You can share content related to your products and updates of your business on this platform and can reach a maximum number of audiences.
  7. Hire Staff for Writing

    1. There are two ways of writing content, either you can write it at your own or you can hire staff for writing. To write long blogs for your products, you can hire staff. This will improve the quality of your content. Professional writers always provide you with the best pieces of writing. Quality content should be your main concern either self-writing or get it done from others.
  8. Reddit

    1. Reddit is considered as an important platform for marketing and advertising your online business. Subreddits that are related to your business can provide you with a lot of advertising opportunities. Create unique content for the Reddit platform and post it in order to get the maximum reach of your message or content.
  9. Email Marketing Campaign

    1. Email marketing campaign is a good step to retain your customers. You can make an option of email subscription on your website and social media platforms so that the customers can have a long-term connection with you. Send those emails that are related to your new products or involving updates. People still read emails if these are written properly and professionally. Don’t send spam emails to your customers.
  10. Automated Emails

    1. Automated emails are a good option if you don’t want a personalized connection with your customers. You will send emails about the updates, new products, and services to your customers. When you schedule an automated email, it will be sent to all your list of emails. This will be just an informational email, not a personalized one.
  11. Don’t Think Emails as a Wastage

    1. People still read emails. They consider emails as the professional way of delivering the message. Don’t ignore email marketing as a tool for reaching the audience. They will read the emails about your business and will get back to you if interested. Nothing is a wastage of time in this online world. Your time investment will prove beneficial if used properly and wisely.
  12. Engage your Audience

    1. If you are selling products like electronic devices then you must provide the instructions on it so that they can use the machines in a better way. To engage the audience, you can give the instruction in video forms. People are more engaged in the content that is in video and pictures format. Text content is not appealing to the audience these days. Try to create video content for customers’ engagement.
  13. FAQ

    1. The page of FAQs is an important page of your website. People have many queries about your business and it’s your responsibility to answer them if you want to grow your business. The users always ask a question if they don’t understand but there are some general questions that should be already answered so that everyone can find the answer there.
  14. Create Social Media Platforms

    1. You should have your own social media platforms for publishing your content and to look unique. After establishing your website, you must establish your business pages on all social media platforms. Integrate these platforms with your website and share the links in order to get more traffic on your online store.
  15. Social Media Content

    1. Social media platforms are a must for digital marketing as people are mostly busy on social media and reaching to this audience and delivering your message is easy in comparison with the website audience. No online business can ignore the importance of social media in this online world. You can create unique, creative, engaging and quality content for all social media platforms.
  16. Social Media Automation

    1. It’s a good digital media marketing strategy to automate your social media platforms. It can save time if you schedule the posts of a month on Facebook. Facebook provides you with the option of automation. Create your content for Facebook and schedule it for any time. Automation saves you time and improves focus on one platform at a time.
  17. Pictures are better than Text

    1. Photos describe the products faster than text. Focus on the fact that the creation of pictures is more important than writing text. If you have an online commerce store then you should display the products in your social media ads copy. The text will bring you nothing. Pictures and videos will help you a lot in getting clicks and traffic.
  18. Use Instagram

    1. Instagram is widely used for an e-commerce business. Make an Instagram account for your business and place pictures on it to showcase your brand. For Instagram, you should create unique and quality pictures with the best pixels in order to get the attention of the users and turn them into customers.
  19. Use Native Languages

    1. If you are running an international business then you must try to talk with the people in their native languages. It will help your customers to understand your business easily. When you talk in the native language, the customers will feel a sense of personalization and it’s good for improving your business and its growth.
  20. Talk about Anything

    1. Many a times, your customers want to talk about controversial topics. It doesn’t cost you anything to talk about a controversial topic to engage your audience. You should be open to your customers to talk about any topic but carefully. Don’t exaggerate anything or don’t be partial while giving an opinion.
  21. Device Optimization

    1. A digital marketing strategy includes device optimization. Optimize your website for different types of devices like mobile, desktop and tablet. People are using different types of devices nowadays. If your website does not have optimization with the devices then people will not stay at your site. Optimize your website for providing the best user experience.
  22. Mobile Phone Advertising

    1. In this age of smartphones, you must advertise on mobile for reaching the target audience. You can send messages on the sims for involving the users and provide them with the details of your deals. If your business has launched a sale then you can text your customers about this update in order to get their attention and improving sales.
  23. Enable Rating Option

    1. If the option of rating is available in the discussion section, you can get true feedback from your customers. Feedback is everything in the world of online shopping. We don’t purchase a thing that does not have a good rating. Provide the customers with an option of giving feedback so that the new customers can see the rating and purchase it. Similar to product reviews (see below), you can never go wrong with increasing your products reviews with our other eCommerce marketing tips.
  24. Donate Products

    1. You can generate reviews by giving your product to influencers and bloggers. You can send your products to the influencers for free. They will use these products and provide you with positive rating on their own platforms. This will help your business website to get maximum traffic within short duration of time. But this needs investment.
  25. Product Reviews

    1. Encourage people to give product reviews after purchasing their content. Whenever someone buys your product, you can send them a message to give their feedback. You can get the feedback in person and share it as many Instagram business pages are doing. Individual feedback is considered as a great thing in e-commerce businesses.
  26. Upsell your Products

    1. Moderate upselling is good but don’t exceed the limit. Many online e-commerce stores upsell their products but exceed the limit. They can enjoy traffic for a shorter period but don’t last for long. Upselling is the quality of online selling but don’t use it to harm the customers by getting extra money from them.
  27. Easy Checkout Process

    1. Don’t make the process of online shopping difficult for the customers. You should make the process of checkout easy so that the user gets a good experience with your business. You should arrange your inventory in a way that is searchable for your visitors.
  28. Easy Delivery

    1. Make your delivery options as easy as you can for customer ease. You can provide the customers with as many payment options as possible like ATM cards and cash on delivery. You must deliver the products within 2 to 3 working days. The delivery process must be easy for customers.
  29. Check Carts

    1. Keep a check on the carts of your customers. You should find out the reason, why they are not purchasing. You should reach out to them and remind about the products in their wishlist. You can send a personalized message to everyone in order to bring them at ease with your business.
  30. Wearable Technology

    1. With the advent of new technology and its adoption, you must think in terms of optimizing your content and website for that particular devices. Be technical enough to understand the customers and provide them with what they want from your business.
  31. Site Structure

    1. Your site should be designed in such a way that it can provide the customer with the best user experience. User experience matters a lot in e-commerce websites, otherwise, people will not stay at your site and return. This will increase the bounce rate of your website.
  32. Search Engine Rankings

    1. You must produce quality content in order to get high rankings in search engine result pages. Quality score is given to each website and on the basis of this score, your website is ranked in the search engine. If your quality score is high, your website will appear at the top in search engine result pages.
  33. SEO

    1. Extremely important when implementing eCommerce marketing tips, SEO is an important factor in digital marketing as, without SEO, your site will not appear in the search engine result pages. Search engine optimization is actually writing the content by following the rules provided by the search engines like proper keywords, targeting the audience and the backlinking. Try to create SEO optimized content for your website.
  34. Pay Per Click Method

    1. Pay per click method is a good one in which you only pay for those visitors that click on your ad. Your ad is shown in the feed of so many people but not everyone clicks on it. PPC is a method of advertising in which you will pay for clicks on your ad to the search engines. PPC is a good marketing strategy if used wisely and properly.
  35. Target Local Audience

    1. Local audience pays well in comparison with the national or international audience as people mostly want to get from those stores that are near to them. Local audience always comes first whenever you are going to start an online business. People prefer to buy from the shops that are nearest to them when they put their own location on the map in searching for an online shop.
  36. Branding

    1. Branding means that your content must deliver a single message. Every ad should be designed in such a way that it must be aligned with your business’ goals and is delivering the same message on every platform. Don’t confuse the readers with different messages. Branding is everything. People prefer to use things of a particular brand that is providing them with unique and creative content.
  37. Single Message

    1. All of your content whether it is on a website or on social media should be in line with the objectives of your business. It should deliver a single message and should be according to your brand. The single message creates a unique sense in the minds of the readers. The writer or content creator should be creative enough to design different ads with a single message.
  38. Industry News

    1. A digital marketer must stay up to date with the industry news. Industry news provides you with technical knowledge and the ideas of how to engage the customers with your brand and increase your sales. You must stay up to date with the latest trends in marketing. You can subscribe to Google for hourly or daily industry news in order to remain up to date.
  39. Personalization

    1. Your customers will appreciate personalization. When you give focus to each and every customer, it will create a sense of personalization. Customers become happy when they are requested to provide feedback individually.  Whenever your customer gets an email or message including their names, they will read it in a better way than the spam messages.
  40. Contextual Marketing – eCommerce Marketing Tips

    1. While creating a message, keeping in view the demographics. Message should be at the right place and at the right time. If there is a special event, then design your message according to that particular event. The context must be kept in mind. Don’t deliver a message that is not according to the situation.
  41. Personal Experiences

    1. You can include the names of your customers while writing the emails. It is a good marketing tactic. Your customers must feel a sense of personalization while receiving emails and messages from your business. Try to ask about the personal experience of your customers and improve it. Posting the stories of customers’ personal experiences comes under a good marketing tactic. Get your customers’ personal stories and post them on websites and other social media platforms for assuring your business’ credibility.
  42. Automated Marketing

    1. Spend less time and effort on marketing by working smartly. Use automated marketing techniques for personalization. You can use automation techniques while sending emails and posting on social media platforms like Facebook. The automation can save time and improves your focus on a single platform.
  43. Talk with Visitors

    1. Talk to your website visitors in order to help them. They will always appreciate that you made an effort to reach out to them. You can talk to them about many topics like asking their feedback, informing them about your sales and updating them every time. Talking will engage your customers and engagement leads to more sales.
  44. Loyalty Scheme

    1. You can design a loyalty strategy in which you will reward your loyal customers and as a result, will generate revenue from them. Loyal customers are those that are your regular customers and making purchases every time. The system of rewarding will creates a sense of competition among the customers and they will try to buy more in comparison with regular days.
  45. Generate Reports

    1. You can generate a report for modification in the digital marketing strategy for better results. The report will elaborate on all those points that need your attention. Focus on the modification of your strategy in a way to get desired results. Highlight all those points which need to be corrected at the moment. The report should contain all the important factors related to your marketing strategy.
  46. Market Research

    1. Do market research for getting to know what type of products, the people are using and what is their feedback? Every business needs to research your competitors and the overall market. If you want your business to stay in the competition then you must focus on the research. Research about the needs of the people and make products according to their choice. Try to get feedback of the people about the content of other businesses and design your content by keeping in view your research.
  47. Sales

    1. Sales are the enticing material for your visitors to make a purchase. When people hear the word ‘sale’, it gives them a feeling of getting something free. If a person is not busying anything from your store, there are chances that it will make a purchase if you offer a 50% sale on the products of their choice. You can launch sales like ‘buy one, get one free’ and ‘20 or 30% discount on each product’.
  48. Gifts

    1. An eCommerce marketing tips creative solution, you can give vouchers to your customers in order to retain them. When a person buys something from your online store, you can provide them with the voucher for a free gift. Giving a ballpoint or keyring of your brand with the purchased product is a good marketing tactic. People become excited about gifts and in this excitement, they will make purchases from your online store.
  49. Join the Market

    1. Even if you have your own website, you can still sell your products on other platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you have started your e-commerce store recently, you can join the other online stores for selling your products. You can improve the sales of your own e-commerce store with time. You can join hands with other online e-commerce stores till that time.
  50. Analyze

    1. Analyze your digital media marketing strategy in order to improve it and get better results. Analyzing is the most important factor in any marketing campaign or strategy. You can use Google Analytics for getting the important factors related to your websites like bounce rate, impressions, traffic, and demographics. These factors can help you a lot in improving your marketing strategy and bring your business to the desired results. Try to improve your strategy on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our list of eCommerce marketing tips will help you a lot in designing your digital marketing strategy and will help you in better understanding of marketing strategy in the eCommerce business. There are many more tips for designing your marketing strategy but these are the top fifty that can help your business to improve the marketing strategy and resulting in increased traffic and increased sales.

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