No matter what novel digital marketing trends and tools may come, the content will always reign supreme. However, how companies make, test, and use the effectiveness of their digital assets still undergoes drastic changes.

From how digital marketing channels are utilized to building prospective customer relationships, today’s content marketing is ever-evolving. These changes aim to satisfy new customer expectations and shopping habits.

You must keep up the pace to make it big in the industry. Here are the top five digital marketing techniques we’ve compiled to help you navigate this tough yet feasible task.

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1. Increase the Use of Nano Influencers

One of the latest marketing trends in 2023 is the rise of nano influencers.

There are four main types of influencers, and nano influencers have the least following, with less than 10,000 followers. Brands prefer these influencers because they engage more authentically with their audience. Since most of their followers are family, friends, and acquaintances, it’s easy for nano influencers to persuade them to buy a product.

It’s also easier for nano influencers to reply to a follower’s comment or message. Suppose they’re promoting a certain brand — the nano influencer can easily answer questions or reinforce their positive experience with such a brand.

You need advertising trends like this for your business. Why? Because this kind of engagement fosters trust between the brand and its prospective clientele.

This kind of influencer also tends to be more niche-specific. As such, you can customize your ads to capture the needs and address the pain points of your specific target market.

Since the influencer and audience have a close relationship, giving and receiving feedback is also easier. You can use this feedback to improve your product or service offerings.

2. Reliance on Chatbots

Brands can better connect with their customers with the help of chatbots. Future marketing trends suggest a reliance on these bots. They are not only accessible to users but are also more responsive when answering customer concerns and problems. You can also use these bots to gather customer information and preferences.

Experts believe chatbots will expand along with artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. Since the basis of these bots has become more effective and smarter, you can also expect more efficient and advanced chatbots.

Study this marketing trend and how your business can integrate chatbots into its operations. Train your people on how to maximize the capabilities of these bots. A classic example would be using chatbots to deliver quicker customer service. If your customers hear from you right after complaining or asking questions, they’ll feel special. They’ll think that you truly care about them.

If you believe chatbots can help your business, it’s best to research more about AI. Include in your research how companies like yours used chatbots to transform their digital presence.

3. SEO Will Be a Must for Businesses

Another essential marketing trend is the use of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has long been crucial to digital marketers. However, this year, experts believe that it will play an even more critical role in designing digital marketing strategies.

It is essential for making web copies. This year, there will be more emphasis on video and photo optimization. The goal is to reach as many Internet users as possible. AI SEO tools and backlinks will also be more prominent this year.

But new marketing trends don’t stop there. Besides SEO’s prominence, integrating these practices into influencer marketing will be essential. With this, influencers can provide digital authority and social proof.

Meet with your influencers and ask them to link their content back to your site as often as possible. Also, it’s best to embed anchor text links. With this, you’re passing on their authority to your business.

4. Niche Content Will be Preferred

Niche is a term used to refer to a narrowed-down, brand-specific audience. Your niche defines what your brand does and the people who resonate with it and buy your products and services. This year, you can expect niche content to be more in-demand. It will even get more specific as algorithms are fine-tuned to offer people engaging content.

This marketing trend emphasizes the need for more niche-specific keywords. Furthermore, this means that the community will be an integral aspect of marketing. There will be an increased focus on creating digital communities that support specific interests.

To continue providing value to your niche, you must curate content that answers the audiences’ questions and speaks directly to them. If you stick to this practice, you can establish yourself as a niche authority. Soon, you’ll be on par with household brands.

5. Social Media Creativity Will Gain Momentum

People have short attention spans. It is precisely why digital marketers also have a limited chance to get their attention. New trends in marketing show a shift toward storytelling and short-form videos to capture and keep audiences’ attention. With this, creativity will be more crucial this year.

Industry experts expect more videos to be incorporated with hooks and movements so people will keep watching them. For marketers, this means capitalizing on creativity when creating content and strategies to continuously engage customers.

Since social media content is diverse. Hence, it’s best to use strategies to catch people’s attention and keep them wanting more. An excellent example of current digital advertising trends would be utilizing YouTube shorts, vertical videos that only run for 60 seconds or less.

Additionally, you can leverage Instagram reels and TikToks to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

If you’re using any social media platform, explore the data and insights the app provides. This relevant information can establish facts like how long your followers watched your videos and what content they interacted with the most. These metrics can help you adjust your content strategy accordingly.

marketing trends

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