Do you need some out of the box ideas to increase sales? Let’s be honest – all of your out of the box marketing efforts – your social media posts, SEO strategies, and content creation is about one thing: increased sales.

You want customers to visit your site or your store, buy your product, and boost your profits. Why pretend?

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Except, knowing how to increase sales is easier said than done. If there were a foolproof approach, everyone would do it. Indeed, thinking up out of the box ideas to increase sales often leaves business owners scratching their heads.

After all, you’re trying to stay ahead of your competitors. That’s the whole point of thinking out of the box! Not to worry; we’ve got you covered.

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Top 20 of the Box Ideas to Increase Sales

We’re letting you in on our top twenty out of the box ideas to increase sales. So, you’ll never ask how to increase sales again. Just don’t go telling anybody else! Let’s dive in.

Increase Sales with Content Marketing

1. Go visual

Spice up your SEO content with a picture, GIF, or video to spark their interest. It’s all about keeping your content visually engaging. In fact, Facebook posts with photos receive an average 37% increase in engagement.

2. Embrace video

Video is the future of content. Stay ahead of the curve by creating video tutorials, interviews, advice, and more. Visual information has a retention rate of 65% compared to 10% for text-based info.

3. Play with your data

Infographics. Pictorial graphs and charts. Endlessly listing statistics is fine, but nothing builds engagement better than a visual representation of the data.

4. Develop your voice

Finding your brand’s voice is critical. You want to stand out from the crowd. Are you fun, eccentric, informative, educational, or professional? Developing your voice is a critical part of learning how to increase sales.

5. Focus on value

Ditch the idea of content for content’s sake. Content should add value – otherwise, what’s the point? Think about ideas that’ll keep your customers coming back. Tutorials. How-to guides. Interviews with industry experts. Whatever you’re creating, consider how it’s useful.

6. Quote the experts

Invite industry experts to pen an article about your product. Interview renowned people in their field. It’ll allow you to use their fame and reputation to boost your brands. Try this out of the box idea to increase sales – it works every time.

7. Reel off some stats

Endlessly creating content is a struggle. If in doubt, research critical stats about your industry. Customers are always looking for critical data points (and it’s a brilliant way to build backlinks).

8. Compare products

Whatever you sell, you’ll have competitors. How about a guide exploring the pros and cons of different products? It’s a subtle way to increase sales and build your authority. Whenever we’re asked how to increase sales – this is our go-to tactic.

9. Write killer headlines

Your headlines are half the article. You can write the best copy imaginable; no one will click if the headline is bland. Writing killer headlines – using power words – will boost your CTR and drive-up sales.

10. Piggyback on controversy

Ever notice a string of videos about a controversy after the fact? Why? Because it works – controversy is a fantastic tool for sparking engagement. You could report on an industry scandal or write provocative headlines for your articles. (Just don’t tarnish your brand.)

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Increase Sales with Social Media Marketing

11. Make it move

Static social media posts were so last decade. Using Canva and other tools, try to include animations in your Instagram posts or gifs on Twitter. Movement catches your customers’ eye, driving them towards your site and content.

12. Use Instagram stories

Pin an Instagram story describing your services and your company. It’s a simple way to explain who and what you are.
More generally, Instagram stories are a low effort way to generate sales in next to no time.

13. Feature your social media links

Got a social media account? Put that link everywhere: on your site, content, and business cards. Self-promotion is critical. It’s an out of the box idea to increase sales we’re always using.

14. Peek at your competitors

It’s not cheating – we promise! Seeing what your competitors are doing (and other businesses) can help spark your own creativity. Finding out what works from what doesn’t is the key to how to increase sales. We won’t tell.

15. Spark engagement with a contest

Passive engagement is fine; active engagement is better. Caption contests. Video contests. Votes. Photo contents. And more. Keep your customers engaged with fun contest marketing ideas. It’s also a fantastic way to sample your customer base’s interests.

16. Engage influencers

Influencers are the new models. Using their existing followers, you showcase your products to millions without the hard sell. Trust is the bedrock of selling. If an influencer recommends a product, their followers are sure to try it out.

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Increase Sales with Real-world Marketing

17. Consider experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is about…the experience. Think pop-up events, in-store promotions, roadshows, tradeshows, and more. It’s an ingenious way to get noticed on social media, and it’ll generate content for months to come.

18. Launch an app

Apps hook a customer into your orbit. You can make it easier for customers to buy your products, leave reviews, and keep engaged through your app.

19. Sponsor something!

There’s a reason why Formula 1 drivers are kitted out in logos. Why is every sports team sponsored – because it works. Find an appropriate event or team to sponsor to build brand awareness. After all, customers can’t buy a product they don’t know about.

20. IRL Marketing

Post fliers. Chalk the sidewalk. Interview customers for viral videos. Gone are the days of boring marketing strategies. You need out of the box marketing ideas. Be different and creative with content and marketing that brings the real world into the digital age.

Trust us – there’s no better way to get people talking.

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