Like the jungle for which it was named, Amazon is a goliath. Delve beneath its canopy, and you’ll find almost any product you can imagine. Today, we will give some tips for using SEO on an Amazon Associate Store.

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Building a successful Amazon affiliate store is a lot like those towering rainforest trees – it’s all about standing tall and reaching for the light (or customers, in this case). Where trees try to shade out their competitors, we use search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve the same goal. The strategy is to appear in the top search results, then monetize your audience by showcasing some of the Amazon products they may be interested in.

It’s quite a challenge!

Get it right, however, and you could see a steady stream of income as you earn commission based on the sales of the products you recommend.

We’re answering some key questions about the process (and providing a few insider tips):

  • How to do Amazon affiliate marketing
  • How to create a website for Amazon Associates
  • Does affiliate marketing hurt SEO Amazon?

Let’s get started!

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How to do Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program lets you earn commissions based on the sales of the products you recommend. Website owners can feature these products in guides, blog posts, videos, and more. When a reader clicks the links and buys the product, you’ll receive your commission within 24 hours.

However, you’ll only receive a payment if a reader buys something; visits aren’t worth a dime.

The program is available for websites, blog posts, YouTube, social network channels, and even mobile apps. Most marketers tend to be bloggers and website owners, however.

Getting started means signing up for an Amazon Associates account. But you’ll also need a website with high-quality content and a reasonably sized audience.

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Remember, while your core aim is to sell the products to your readers, you must also deliver value. Giving the hard sell is likely to turn readers off – defeating the point of the process.

Think about combining the two – for example, a website tailored toward the great outdoors could feature blog posts and reviews about walking boots, tents, and other camping equipment. By focusing on a key target market, you can ensure you generate a substantial readership and create the potential to sell the products.

If your website is deemed low-quality, Amazon will reject your application. So, avoid the poorly written, low-quality reviews that seem to plague the internet. Deliver something you’d want to read!

How to create a website for Amazon Associates Store

Building a website for Amazon Associates is a tricky business. You’ll need enough traffic and interest to warrant the effort and a substantial number of products you can discuss.

Here are our six steps to creating a website for Amazon Associates:

  1. Find a niche. You need a website topic that (a) people are interested in, (b) has products you can promote, and (c) has keywords you can rank for in Google. Common topics include fitness and sport; health and beauty; books; and food, drink, and cooking. Avoid being too broad or too narrow – try to strike a balance, targeting a core target audience who’ll keep coming back.
  2. Perform keyword research. Before you start churning out blog posts and review pieces, you’ll want to do some keyword research. Keywords are the search terms you need to rank for in Google (and other search engines). Tailor your keywords around the product you’re trying to sell. Identify products you want to include and consider whether the keyword will get the necessary traction. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to discover each keyword’s search volume and competition.
  3. Spy on your competition. Take the product names and type them into Google. You’ll soon see other sites attempting to rank as part of Amazon’s affiliate program. Identify what these sites do well and how you can improve.
  4. Select a domain name. It’s said most rock bands split up before they could settle on a name. Indeed, naming a website is an equally challenging prospect. Your website name needs to capture the essence of your brand – but it also needs to be available.
  5. Build your website. You can use website builders like SquareSpace or WordPress to help build your site. Their stunning templates make the process an absolute breeze.
  6. Start producing content. Content is the lifeblood of your Amazon affiliate site. It must be interesting, value-adding, educational, and geared towards the products. Not so easy, right? Create a content strategy listing the keywords, the topic ideas, and when you’re going to publish. Most of all, be consistent. If you can publish two posts a week, do so; if it’s too much, drop down to one.

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Does Amazon affiliate marketing hurt SEO?

No! At least, not if you use them right.

Here’s what Google engineer John Mueller had to say on the topic in 2015:

“… it’s not something where we per se say that an affiliate site is bad, we just see a lot of bad affiliate sites because they are people who try to find the fast way to publish content on their web, which sometimes being fast is good is also good, but you really also need to make sure you have a really great website where people want to go to your website to get the information that they can’t find anything else.”

Affiliate links should, therefore, be used sparingly, appropriately, and where they add value. For example, it’s better to review a single pair of running shoes, including just one affiliate link on the page, than to review 50 running shoes and include 50 links. The former is far more valuable to the consumer than the latter.

That’s all there is to it – always focus on adding value.

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