Are you wondering how to start an SEO campaign for your website but are unsure where to start? As much as search engine optimization is a must for every website, without it, you can’t get the traffic on your website and the result will be no revenue generation. You can’t generate the leads if people are not visiting your website.

Without proper SEO, your site will not appear in the search engine result pages. But here is a fact that mastering the art of SEO is not so easy to learn. You will have to struggle a lot to master SEO. By keeping in view the importance of SEO for your website, you people always find an SEO campaign a good thing for the growth of your website. For the beginners, there have been explained 5 steps in order to make them understand about an SEO campaign. As a beginner, these 5 steps will surely help you a lot.

Start an SEO Campaign

how to start an seo campaign

1) Analyzing Current Website (Goals & Strategies):

Before you begin, you need to have basic statistics approximately your online site. Here are the things you want to search for while studying your setup:

What is your internet site platform? – You need to recognize in case your website online is based on a modern-day or old platform. A present-day platform, including HubSpot, is fast, secure, and much simpler to optimize. It is also extra bendy while it comes to design and making small adjustments to your internet site. If your platform is previous, I might strongly recommend switching over to HubSpot, or another more modern-day platform like WordPress or Marketo. It is every so often inexpensive to migrate platforms than to pay a person to optimize an old, puzzling platform.

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Do you want to alternate your modern design? – It may be a tough selection deciding whether or not or now not you need to change your website design. You may be completely connected to your cutting-edge layout, but it may now not be the maximum user-friendly, well-designed internet site for search engine marketing purposes. If you are changing to a brand new platform, this can be a clean technique because you may normally just alternate it to a brand new subject matter and personalize it how you want it.

If both of these problems exist, it is vital that they’re taken care of earlier than the optimization stage. If your website is poor, out-of-date, or now not user-friendly, and search engine marketing marketing campaign goes to have a completely little effect. You need much greater than just a good key-word and optimization strategy to succeed.

2) Keyword Research (Competitor Analysis):

Keyword research is an SEO exercise of finding, studying and the use of the phrases human beings use to search for facts on the internet. In other words, it’s far about getting to know the language of your potential traffic and the usage of this know-how to optimize your content. Because it is one of the most essential SEO responsibilities and a splendid manner to reach more people together with your content. Well, this is something this guide will assist you with.

You don’t have to worry, keyword studies aren’t rocketed science. Once you understand the fundamentals and learn some tested strategies (as well as some beneficial tips & tricks), you’re right to go! Most often, it’s far wanted whilst you are searching out for optimizing your current content

3) Establishing Content Strategy:

Content is the core of a website and in case you do not execute a content material strategy correctly, you can be missing out on some severe search engine rankings. Much like Google’s Algorithm, the way we create content for SEO is distinctive than it became before.

Once you have your topics and keywords chosen, it is critical to perform long-tail key-word research in order to shape the content material approach. These kinds of key phrases are going to be used as either blog article titles or for, what we call pillar content material pieces. Both of those portions of content are going to paintings hand-in-hand to achieve higher traffic and keyword rankings.

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Pillar content material (also known as 10x content material) is a long-form piece of content around every of our specified topics. These pages can be ungated eBooks or courses and can be constituted of the already-current content material or newly created content pieces all to assist us to rank higher. The concept is if we create this long-shape piece of content material, customers are much more likely to be engaged, stay at the web site longer, and could receive extra of what they are looking for.

4) SEO Audit:

An SEO audit is the beginning of the campaign, and as such, it is essential to understand how to perform a search engine marketing audit. A web site audit will assist to identify regions that need improvement regarding on-web page search engine marketing, but can also assist decide to strengths and weaknesses of your off-page SEO. With SEMRush, we’ve got all we need to perform a search engine marketing audit. However, you may also use tools like Moz or ahrefs.

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5) Tracking the Goals:

Your first concept is that this is an easy answer, just song key-word rankings. This is defective and should no longer be how you measure success. Every unmarried search end result on every single user’s browser is different. This is because anyone is searching for a different component on a day by day basis. Google keeps track of their search history and gives them the best results based totally off of what their searches inform them. This is going back to our in advance discussion approximately RankBrain.

The excellent sorts of things to a degree are what people are doing once they reach your website. Tracking user behavior will inform you whether or not or now not human beings are traveling your internet site and whether or not or not they revel in your content. You will interpret this by looking at visits to your website, bounce rate, and engagement level. A tracking device like Google Analytics will assist you to understand what all of this means.

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