Pinterest Marketing Agency

When the release of Pinterest’s first advertising platform happened in 2013 it was a game-changer. Pinterest uses these cute pins known as ‘Promotion Pins’ as their basis of advertising, the platform has made progress in leaps and bounds when it comes to their ad products and in turn, creating more effective marketing campaigns.

With a turn out of over 2 billion searches being made on Pinterest monthly, did you know that 91% of those that are buyers actually prefer the visual stimulating content over the simple text content? It seems humans truly are visual creatures. Not only are we visual but more often than not we aren’t too hard to please, Pinterest consumers are spending a whopping 3x more on this platform than they are on Facebook!

This is why partnering with the right Pinterest advertising agency is important. You want a dedicated team to run your campaign successfully increasing the profit margin and in turn your ROI.

Pinterest Advertising Agency

The first thing you’re going to want to do if you want to get started with advertising on Pinterest is to create a business account. The only pins that can be promoted are the ones that you post, after you have them picked out you would then go about setting up your target audience, your funding. Pinterest offers a lot of tools to assist you when picking the pins you want to advertise but just in case this isn’t something you want to attempt to tackle on your own, Clicta Digital is here for you. Clicta Digital has the knowledge and experience to help your brand not only reach your goals but we can help you soar past them. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Now using a Pinterest marketing agency there tends to be some perks along the way that you wouldn’t be able to get if you tried to do it on your own. The dedicated team of social media experts can help increase awareness, assess and identify your audience, and help you target the ideal consumers for what you have to offer. We can use the most relevant or trending keywords as this is very important when trying to attract the ideal potential client. Using specific demographics targeting has proven to be one of the most prominent strategies.

We use the best data tracking tools to study your analytics in order to gain a deeper insight as to the differences between your best and worst campaigns in order to improve your content and expand your audiences. Our Pinterest advertising team believes that honesty and experience are just two of the things that a dedicated team needs in order to lead a successful Pinterest campaign and bring the most positive attention to branded accounts such as yours. Being upfront about how we increase your following and engagements while also being honest about the data we analyze, what plans worked and what plans didn’t is a serious component within the learning process for both ourselves and our clients both current and future.