Google My Business Marketing Agency

Do you remember when you needed to find the number to that place you liked to eat at or maybe that flower shop you saw on the way home and you had to dig out your big thick phone book then proceed to thumb through hundreds of pages until you found what you were looking for? Us too, though nowadays over half of the consumers can’t be bothered to even open the phone books, let alone use them to search for something. No one has the time for that, everyone is in a hurry. That and almost everything nowadays is done electronically via computer, cell phone, or tablet. With the internet at our fingertips, there’s really no need for that dinosaur of a book.

Google My Business, also known as GMB, was once known as Google Places, it was and is an internet directory full of local businesses and other establishment listings. Just like the papered phone book, it works much in the same way with addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation but it also includes some nifty informational tidbits like the most popular or busy times, customer ratings and reviews, and even how long the typical customer spends there. The GMB listing can show up in a wide variety of places.

When you want your business shown on Google Maps or in the Google listing you use Google My Business. In order to increase your local business‘s exposure, you should think about hiring a Google My Business Marketing agency that can provide you with a professional team of dedicated people who want nothing more than to help you succeed. It’s not like one of those other platforms or channels where you might be able to get away with just doing it on your own as a poorly optimized listing isn’t going to increase your ranking on the actual search results.

Although it is quite easy to create an account and create a listing, it’s not so simple when it comes to running it to its fullest capability. Not only does Google have an intricate algorithm that decides the ranking for the GMB listing that could cause more harm than good if not done correctly, managing your own listing means you have to deal with customer reviews and we all know how that can go. Potential customers aren’t going to be happy if they struggle to find you and are more likely to leave you a less than a positive message.

Using a Google My Business advertising agency such as Clicta Digital can assist you in creating your logos, content, and even arrange the perfect color palette that shows you and your employees in the best lighting. You’re going to want those potential clients and customers to remember that friendly smile and the amazing services you offer. We can also use KPI to track your business’s GMB listing and also information like how many calls are generated, potential customers asking for directions and so much more.