Facebook Marketing Agency

Once upon a time, Facebook was just where you want to check up on a few people, play some games, maybe check out a fan page or two, and occasionally the possible group chats but in recent years Facebook has become a well-loved platform for many small and large businesses alike. With the introduction of Facebook ads, the possibilities became endless, it was just unfortunate that most people didn’t know just how much they were missing out on because they weren’t using the Facebook ads to their full potential. That’s where teaming up with the Facebook advertising agency could come in handy. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, marketing, you want someone who knows how to create the best experience for your brand.

One such Facebook advertising agency known as Clicta Digital has a professional team of creative social media experts and designers who want nothing more than to help you succeed beyond the goals you have set forth for your brand. Between researching and the information, you provide us we can create a plan specifically tailored to your brand’s needs.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ad Analytics and Audience Targeting

As you know your analytics track everything from traffic flow to sales and even information about your brand’s followers. This can include information such as interests, behaviors, and even demographics. Small details like that will come in handy when you’re trying to make certain you’re reaching the ideal audiences otherwise you’re possibly throwing away your company’s money and time.

With Clicta Digital being a Facebook advertising agency it means that they are knowledgeable and highly skilled at creating the perfect Facebook ad for your ideal audience. Studying analytics will also tell you which one of your campaigns did the best which brings us to the next service that a Facebook marketing and advertising agency can offer.

Facebook Ad and Testing A/B Landing Pages

A/B testing is a strategic move that a Facebook advertising agency such as Clicta Digital would use to assess and enhance the performance of your Facebook advertising campaign. Our team creatively designs your A/B landing pages with different variables here and there in order to collect the data on which landing page attracted the most traffic, after analyzing the information we would then be able to help you make strategic decisions about your Facebook ad campaign such as what can be improved upon or if you’ve reached optimal performance.

Clicta Digital works hard to closely track your conversions for your brand, then we go the extra mile by using the information we’ve gathered through your analytics in order to run complex simulations on the overall profit margin and repeat clients that the Facebook ad campaign can offer.

Our mission at Clicta Digital is to assist each of our clients in the full optimization of their Facebook ad campaigns utilizing the information attained through the analytics and other tools to make sound advertising decisions for our clients and their brand so that they may not only achieve their goals but surpass them.