What is pay per click (PPC) advertising?

Google AdWords advertising Denver ColoradoPay-per-click advertising (also referred to as PPC advertising or Google PPC advertising) is essentially a type of paid advertising strategy that will result in directing traffic to your website from an ad you paid to be placed on a search engine or website.

In a nutshell, it is basically the money you spend to get your listing (the paid advertisement) placed on a search engine like Google so that it can be clicked to gain you leads.

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Is a PPC or paid advertising campaign right for you?

Typically small to medium-sized businesses will use an effective PPC campaign to improve their online presence on Google. It will show their products or services to an audience who is searching for them. By using an effective PPC campaign, you are quickly improving your online presence with Google as it immediately increases your chance for an online, targeted audience to see your company at the right time.

However, PPC is a good short-term strategy for internet marketing. If you’re searching for a good long-term solution, we highly recommend implementing an SEO campaign.

Getting results with our Google PPC Agency

Just like any other form of advertising, sales are never guaranteed for the fact that it is simply impossible to control the decision of your potential customer. However, a good campaign will target you demographic audience, combine these analytics with high converting keywords, and place your ad where it will be displayed in front of the right people, at the right time.

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People who click on Google PPC ads are more likely to convert if they are directed to a landing page that is targeted to meet their expectations and optimized for your particular campaign. In each of our pay-per-click campaigns, we are happy to offer a free landing page analysis, website audit, and tailored strategy to meet your business goals while exceeding your expectations.

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