Should Healthcare Businesses Use PPC Advertising?

Should Healthcare Businesses Use PPC Advertising?

Should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising? Few industries are as competitive as the healthcare business. With new products, new clinics, and new doctors all trying to make a living, you’ve got to get noticed. That’s easier said than done.

Should Healthcare Businesses Use PPC Advertising? Healthcare PPC Advertising

For many, it means turning to what they know – the tried and tested advertising methods. Think adverts on TV, radio, and in the local papers.

It may have worked twenty years ago; the world has moved on since then. It’s why you’re reading this article – you need to stand out online. You’ve got a few options from which to pick. You can invest in SEO, social media accounts, and… healthcare PPC advertising.

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Should Healthcare Businesses Use PPC Advertising?

But does healthcare PPC advertising work? And should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising?

In this article, we’ll discuss the question, should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising. We’ll also explore what it is and how it can be used to generate increased income.

What is healthcare PPC advertising?

Healthcare PPC advertising can be a little confusing. The PPC part stands for pay-per-click. It refers to a model of advertising, where rather than paying to show your ad, you pay for every click your ad gets. You’ll typically find this model used by search engines (e.g., Google) and social networks (e.g., Facebook).

With Google – the most relevant for healthcare PPC advertising – you’ll be going after keywords. These are the words searchers use to find a business, for example, the “best medical clinic”. The greater the number of searches a keyword gets, the more you’ll spend per click.

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However, you’ll also be bidding against other competitors for that keyword. Google uses a complex algorithm to determine who gets shown (known as an ‘auction’). If you win the bid, you’ll then appear at the top of the search results.

Should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising?

Healthcare is competitive. It’s a trust-based industry, meaning higher search rankings are likely to be seen as more trustworthy than lower rankings. And there’s a significant benefit to hooking every customer in – as, over their lifetime, they can be worth thousands.

When healthcare businesses, like clinics, ask, should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising, they often think they’re comparing it to traditional or non-digital forms of advertising. They’re not (or they shouldn’t be.)

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One in twenty searches on Google is health-related. It makes sense; when we have a health complaint, the first place we often turn is the colossal search engine. We’re looking for an article to explain what’s going on. The question isn’t whether you should focus on Google – you SHOULD. The question is how you do so.

The alternative to PPC advertising is SEO – or search engine optimization. Here you’ll focus on producing optimized content to rank for certain queries. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t use paid techniques to improve your SEO. (As Google explains, “If businesses were able to use paid SEO methods for higher rankings in search results, users wouldn’t be getting the information they’re looking for.”)

What’s better – SEO or PPC ads?

The answer: it depends.

PPC produces more immediate results. You can organize a campaign rapidly, bidding for keywords to filter customers into your healthcare business. You can also adjust your campaign as you go – adding negative keywords you don’t want to appear for. And constantly tweaking your keywords to best optimize your money earned per click (the metric you’re monitoring).

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On the other hand, SEO is slower yet arguably more effective in the long term. Here, you build up a catalog of content, and gradually become the authority in your topic. It does not yield immediate results – and so it can seem like a money sink at first.

Nevertheless, you can be in the top search across thousands of different keywords – if SEO is done right.

There is no right answer, and indeed, many businesses do a little of both – which is a solid approach.

So should healthcare businesses use PPC advertising – yes, just don’t rely on it exclusively. Healthcare PPC advertising is one tool in your arsenal. But like a hammer, it treats everything as a nail. You need other tools too.

Which healthcare businesses should use PPC advertising?

The healthcare industry isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s vast. Saying healthcare businesses should or shouldn’t use PPC advertising ignores the complexity in the sector. Some will benefit more than others.

1. Local businesses

Go back five years, and a half-hearted attempt at SEO would rank you in Google. How times have changed. For local (and smaller) businesses, that’s getting harder and harder.

Local businesses, therefore, can benefit immensely from investing in PPC advertising. After all, if someone searches for “healthcare clinic in Denver”, – you’re not wasting money on keywords that don’t matter. It’s clear what they’re after.

To put that into numbers – 32% of location-based ads led to consumers visiting stores or making purchases. That translates to healthcare businesses too.

2. High customer lifetime value (CLV)

We touched on this earlier. Businesses whose customers can be worth thousands in the long-term want to prioritize hooking them in – otherwise, it’s thousands in a competitor’s pocket. Customers tend to stick with such companies long-term, like:

  • Doctors and other healthcare businesses
  • Colleges
  • Service providers, e.g., cable, internet, cell phone

3. High margins

Like businesses with a high CLV, high margins on, say, luxury goods incentivize going after interested customers. What you spend on each click is easily made up for by the high margin at the end sale. Nor do you need as many clicks for the strategy to be worthwhile.

You might consider PPC advertising to maximize your sales if you’re selling high-end medical equipment.

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Conclusion on Healthcare PPC Advertising

Doing PPC advertising alone? You’re sure to make a few costly errors – we’ve all been there at first. However, using a PPC and SEO company can significantly reduce your ad spend. Too often, companies pay far too much for too little results.

After all, you want to maximize your profit for every cent you spend.

Need a Healthcare PPC Advertising Company?

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