An SEO content checker or SEO readability tool is essential when a person’s ability to read your work can make or break a content marketing project. It doesn’t matter how well you think you wrote it. You’re quite literally at the mercy of your readers. There are many factors that play into having a high ranking spot in the coveted Google search results, so let’s talk about SEO readability tools and SEO content checkers.

seo content checker seo readability tool

Strategizing the way you craft your content is an art form that is incredibly detail-oriented. Things like word count, format, keywords, keyword phrases, sentence structure, and punctuation are heavy hitters in the sense that they can be the defining factor in a high ranking placement and being shoved under the proverbial jailhouse.

Top SEO Content Checker Tools

Below is a short list compiled from some of the best SEO readability tools as well as SEO content checkers.

Text Optimizer

If you’re just starting out with SEO this would be a nice starting point for you, it’s called Text Optimizer, this tool can check on the ‘health’ of your written content. Not only will it count your words and other possible grammar issues but it will also give you suggestions that you can choose to incorporate into your content as well as letting you know if it thinks certain words, phrases or sentences should be removed in order to increase your chances at attaining a higher rank.

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Another good one is Grammarly, now I personally use this one and I must say that it helps more than I initially gave it credit for. Not only does it check my sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling but it also checks the tone in which I write. This is something I do struggle with on occasion as I am a rather blunt person.

It is also an extension that can be added to the extension tab on your Google bar. It will alert you of excessively complex sentences as well. Grammarly can practically be used in almost any setting. I highly recommend this one myself.

Cliche Finder

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand cliches and I really dislike the idea of using them. Let’s face it, no one likes cliches which is why Cliché Finder was created. It will highlight the cliche in your writing so that you can either remove it or leave it, though leaving it could damage your overall readability score and in turn cause your SEO to fall pretty far down on the totem of SEO ratings. Originality is best.


This amazing piece of technology known as Yoast is a free WordPress plugin. Much like the Grammarly extension, Yoast can detect the tone of voice in which you write paragraph length to let you know if the paragraph is too short or too long. It can help with sentence length and structure along with your readability score. A lot of digital marketing individuals use this plug-in to check the basics.

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SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

SEMrush is one of the only SEO content and readability tools that allows you to pick the reading level you would like your project to be. It also allows you to choose the tone of voice. A unique feature, I think, that makes it stand out a little more than the others is that it will generate questions based upon related content that you could ask and/or answer within your content.

Another helpful feature SEMrush has is the ability to go through and see if anything is plagiarized. Nothing worse than someone copying your work, right? Or someone accusing you of copying theirs.

Much like the others in this list, your score is based on some of the following;

  • Amount of complex sentences
  • Word count
  • Tone
  • Readability

Those are just a few and seem to be common in the theme to other tools but the fact that it will give you so much to work with definitely makes it worthwhile for someone to try. Especially if you like the idea of your tool giving you recommended keywords that show an x-amount of phrases used in some of the highest-ranking projects.

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Readability Analyzer

The Readability Analyzer is a simple enough tool that is best suited for content readability. Its sole focus is to grade your reading level and give you a score based upon these reading scales;

  • Flesch Reading Ease
  • SMOG Grade
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and several more.

SEO Content Checker + SEO Readability Tools

This was just a short list of SEO content checkers and SEO readability tools. There are many more that aren’t listed but these I feel would give you the best chance at learning how to effectively create good SEO content even if you’re a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere and this place seems like it would be just as good as any.

So take a moment when you have the time and check out the above SEO content checker and SEO readability tools. You won’t be sorry you did, you can only go up from here.