Because there are hundreds of factors at play when it comes to SEO, not many website owners feel ready to do it themselves. If you find SEO daunting, you’re not alone. If you run a business in Denver and thinking about improving your SEO results, you came to the right place.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency in Denver

Read on to learn what questions to ask an SEO agency before hiring them.

1. When Will We See Results?

If you decide to hire an SEO agency in Denver, one of your main questions will be to know when you will see results. The short answer is that SEO takes time, and you won’t see any results for at least three months, but it can take up to six to see significant changes.

Although many experienced companies have all the tools to achieve strong SEO results, there are a lot of steps and metrics that play an important role.

When you’re in the process of finding the right agency to handle your SEO, be careful of those that promise instant results. Even if you see an immediate jump in your rankings, those techniques are not sustainable long-term.

Rather than choosing an SEO company that promises instant results, hire a company that gives you a well-thought explanation.

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For example, an experienced agency will want to check how competitive your niche is before putting together a plan. Based on their findings, they will put together a list of deliverables:

  • Keyword-mapping
  • Strategy document
  • List of technical improvements
  • List of links
  • Monthly report sample

Although you might want to see fast results, choose an SEO company that can explain how they plan on delivering results.

Stay away from companies that promise guaranteed results.

2. How Will You Improve My Website’s Rankings?

Once you have an idea of how long it will take to see SEO results, you need to know how the agency plans on improving your rankings. Don’t settle for an SEO company in Denver that will give you a generic answer.

A reputable company will want to know more about your website before they give you a tailored answer. Look for a company that gives you a detailed list of how they plan to improve their rankings.

Look for a website that gives you specific examples of how they will improve your SEO rankings.

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  • Website Audit: Most reputable agencies will start by conducting an audit of your site. An audit will help them identify where you are as far as rankings and places that need improvements.
  • Keywords: Before officially launching a new SEO campaign, they will perform a keyword search to find the best words for your campaign. After they conduct their keyword research, they will provide you with a list of potential keywords.
  • Website Optimization: Reputable SEO agencies in Denver will most likely find issues with your website, such as broken links and fix them.
  • Link-Building: Speaking of links, SEO agencies will also work on finding quality external links to use on your website. If you want to improve your SEO rankings, your website needs internal and external links.

3. Do You Guarantee Rankings?

In reality, there’s no way for an SEO agency to guarantee your rankings will improve. There are too many factors to consider for any SEO formula to be 100 percent effective.

If you hear an SEO agency say that they guarantee your rankings will improve, you should take this a red flag.

Do not hire a company that guarantees results instantly. Instead, settle for a company that is honest with you.

4. Will I Need to Change the Layout of My Website?

As part of the SEO algorithm, Google favors websites that are easy to use, are fast, and have few technical difficulties.

Because each website is different, you might want to ask if there have to be any changes done to your website. If your website is over five years old, they might recommend you give your site a facelift.

Also, make sure you let them know if you’re ready to take their web design suggestions.

5. Have You Ever Worked With a Niche Similar to Mine?

When you ask this question to an SEO agency in Denver, you need to make sure you get their honesty. If they have worked with a niche similar to yours, expect them to share their experience optimizing a similar business.

However, if they have never worked with a niche like yours, you should expect them to have a plan in place.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they never worked with a website like yours. For example, they might have worked optimizing websites with the same target audience or content similar to yours.

It’s also a good thing if they have never worked with a niche similar to yours because it will give them a challenge and the chance to learn new things.

6. How Will You Choose the Keywords to Use?

When an SEO company researches keywords, they use a combination of tools such as traffic volumes, competition, relevance, and searcher intent.

They will start by researching keywords based on relevance and importance. Although they want to choose keywords relevant to your niche, they also have to ensure your competition is not using them.

They have to make sure they follow the SEO trends and choose words that people will use realistically.

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7. How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost?

Because increasing your SEO rankings will likely bring more visitors to your site, you will see more revenue. Hiring an SEO agency is an investment and can set you back a few thousand depending on the type of plan you need.

Before you hire an SEO agency in Denver, make sure you get a breakdown of the costs to decide if it fits your budget.

Questions to Ask a Denver SEO Agency Before Hiring Them

Now that you know the questions to ask a Denver SEO Agency before hiring them, you’re ready to take the next step.

Remember to ask how long it will take to see results, what keywords they will use, and how they plan on improving your rankings.

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