Digital PR costs can vary significantly. It could be as low as $5,000 per month for brands with captivating stories they want to be told generically. It could also be as high as over $15,000 per month when unique content is required to target high-quality media outlets.

At the forefront of PR in the digital space is Clicta Digital, an SEO-focused content marketing agency with over six years of experience. We excel at generating impressive pieces for esteemed clients in various niches.

This post aims to help you identify the most suitable type of PR for your company and provide insights into the expected costs of such campaigns, regardless of your industry.

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Digital PR Strategies and PR Agencies

These agencies collaborated with bloggers, influencers, and online journalists to disseminate online press releases and compelling articles. These strategic partnerships target well-established digital magazines to secure valuable backlinks, social media shares, and brand mentions.

Simultaneously, this approach enhances the business’s search engine rankings, contributing to its online visibility and reputation.

The latest go-to marketing strategy, PR in the digital landscape, has gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional PR and its ability to deliver superior results. One of the digital PR strategy key advantages is measuring and tracking all PR tactics, ensuring a higher return on investment.

Here’s a quick peek at our pricing:


Small and Medium Businesses

$500 - 10,000monthly


$5,000 - 25,000monthly

What Goes Into Digital Press Releases?

Before exploring the costs of digital PR, it’s crucial to understand that this strategy comprises several elements. The measuring and reporting capabilities inherent in these tactics transform PR into a valuable business asset rather than just an expenditure for the business.

  • Content Creation

Your team will craft high-quality, informative, and industry-specific content that will be featured on reputable online publications or websites.

  • Quality Backlinks

Content generated through digital PR service strategically includes backlinks that lead readers to your business website. It helps you generate valuable leads and establishes your business as a trusted and authoritative source in the industry.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Your business establishes itself as a trusted industry leader by leveraging top-notch content and quality backlinks. As a result, you gain higher visibility on search engine result pages, climbing up the rankings.

  • Lead Generation

A digital PR agency employs a strategic approach to reach your target audience, ensuring your content is featured on websites catering to your demographic and buyer persona. This focused effort results in enhanced lead generation and acquisition.

  • Greater Customer Service

Utilizing Digital PR tactics enables you to actively engage with your target audience actively, gaining valuable insights into their preferences and expectations of your business. This deeper understanding empowers you to deliver exceptional customer service and earn more positive online reviews.

  • Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with industry influencers as part of a digital PR campaign allows your business to garner mentions and shares across influential social media accounts, boosting brand awareness and fostering trust in your brand.

PR relies on content creation, backlinks, and effective distribution as its pillars. The costs associated with these services may differ based on your industry and online competition. Nevertheless, the crucial question to consider is not the price of PR but the return on investment and the value you’ll gain by engaging a company offering PR services.

Full-Service vs. Outreach Campaigns

Standalone digital PR services take existing brand stories, even in their nascent form, and enhance their impact significantly through strategic amplification.

In this scenario, PR would be fine without creating new content to achieve substantial backlinks. Instead, it could result in many pickups, and the cost might range between $5,000 and $10,000.

Cost Per Placement

In PR, the possibility of viral content exists, and such occurrences can significantly reduce expected costs. However, viral success should be a different outcome than the desired outcome.

Typically, a digital PR campaign securing a high-quality placement in a news outlet would cost around $800 to $1,200 on average. Nevertheless, if a particular piece of content approaches viral status within a specific industry, the costs might occasionally reduce to as low as $250 to $500. However, this isn’t always the case, so it’s still best to plan your budget ahead.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Adding “digital” to PR means aiming for SEO benefits and regular PR advantages. This PR digital marketing approach offers multiple uses beyond just exposure in various publications. However, remember that a link’s value in your industry may be low.

In simple terms, links are most valuable in industries that are difficult to get, like finance. On the other hand, they could be more useful in sectors that are easy to obtain, like fashion. It doesn’t mean links aren’t necessary. There may be better strategies than just generating many links.

However, employing a solid digital PR approach with multiple goals (Key Performance Indicators) can yield a positive return on investment for your business. We recommend combining high-quality digital PR with top-funnel content marketing for specific industries. This approach allows you to add extra value while still generating many links.

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Clicta Digital Helps You Decide Better With Data-Driven Assessment

Online Public Relations often faces challenges when a PR firm attempts to generate one-off coverage for a brand with an uninteresting or non-compelling story and a lack of engaging content.

While it’s not impossible to achieve success occasionally in such cases, scalability becomes highly unlikely. These situations sometimes tarnish PR firms’ reputations since the content is crucial for effective promotion, whether directly from the brand story or created alongside it.

If you’re wondering whether digital PR suits your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Clicta Digital offers online PR services and a free ROI assessment to help you make an informed decision.