eCommerce content marketing is defined as the creation of the content for your website in different formats like videos, infographics, written articles and sharing content to the targeted audience in order to generate more leads, giving awareness about your brand, driving traffic to your website and increasing sales. Essentially, your blog!

The mobile applications and social media content has a lot of importance but the content on the website that generate the traditional organic traffic to your website on search engines like Google should have the primary importance for a business website.

How to Get Content Marketing Right in eCommerce

eCommerce content marketing has become much more important than before. Many brands have only online business with no offline store. This can give you an idea about the importance of content marketing. Many business owners don’t know about this importance. Many know about this but can’t do it well on their websites. It is obvious that site owners have a lot of work to do like designing products, managing inventory and hiring staff but SEO and content marketing are those areas of a website that need a lot of attention and helps the business to grow. There are some ways of how to get content marketing in eCommerce which have been described below.

eCommerce Content Marketing Plan

It’s very important to have a plan. The first step towards content marketing is to make a plan for your eCommerce business. Content is the king. Without content, no site can appear in the search results. You must have to create the content for your website to sell your products or services. You must think about what type of content can best showcase your brand and relevant to your product. For example, if you have a shopping website, quality images can do better than the simple text. Create a well thought plan for the representation of your brand.

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Create an eCommerce Content Marketing Calendar

A good marketing strategy always includes a content calendar as you need to figure out what type of content you are going to post on which day. A calendar must be there in order to remind you about posting the content. You must keep your content in line with the goals of your business. A goal may be to increase sales or subscriptions of your website. The content should clearly represent the products, services and goals of your eCommerce business. In addition to these, an effective content calendar not only help you cover topics related to your campaigns and promotions but also helps you to understand your customers’ needs.

Use Multiple Types of Content

Content is in different forms. It’s better to use one type of content for one platform but create multiple types of content for different platforms in order to reach a large amount of audience and delivering your message to every person having different interests. Every platform connected with your website has different types of content like Instagram and Facebook are used for photos and short videos, large videos on YouTube and articles for blog sites.

Create Interactive Content

The content created must be interactive in order to get feedback from your customers and can answer all their queries. You may create less content but share it well on your website and all other social media platforms. Produce less but share more. On average, you should spend twenty percent of your time on creating the content and other eighty percent on the sharing or distribution of that content. Your content is useless if it does not reach the targeted audience. The interactive content is always memorable.

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eCommerce Content for Emails

Many eCommerce businesses has the purpose of converting the users into email leads and customers. Email content is often created for the retention of customers as every business has the goal of retaining the customers. An email field must be there in order to give a special discount for those customers who get subscriptions. Special deals should be designed for such customers.

Share Customer Stories

Sharing the feedback of your customers about your product matters a lot. You can share their stories on your blogs and social media platforms in order to boost up the confidence and trust level of your customers. The positive response of your customers will help you to get more clients, more sales and thus more revenue generation. The positive feedback makes your eCommerce business credible and a good way of content marketing.

Customize your CTAs

CTA is the call to action button. You must customize your CTAs according to your own business goals. Personalized or customized CTAs convert 2x more than the normal ones. You may have more than one call to action button like call us, slider CTA and message box as it increases the engagement.

Cause Based Content for Social Media

For social media, you must create a cause-based content. You must know about what you want your visitors to do. This will help you to achieve your goal in a perfect manner. People buy from those brands on whom they trust. Therefore, you can produce the stories in such a way that the visitors can trust you and convert into customers. You can also produce such content with which the emotions of your audience are associated. This will impact a lot on your eCommerce business.

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Attract Buyers with Influencers

People always take an interest in the famous personalities like celebrities. If your message is delivered through the mouth of influencers, it will have a huge impact on the persons whose emotions are already associated with them. It is a good method for content marketing in your eCommerce business.

eCommerce Content Marketing Take Away

eCommerce content marketing is valuable for your business in raising awareness about your brand. When you are competing with the highest brands, you must use every tool that you have in order to be successful. Try to publish your content in various formats to appeal to every kind of person. Follow all these steps and watch your business to grow out of the ceilings.

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