Searching for the basics of quality link building? Whenever you are writing content and keeping SEO in mind, you must have to focus on quality link building in order to get high ranking in search engine result pages. The need to understand and implement high-quality links is a mist if you want to compete in the online market.

Basics of Quality Link Building for SEO

Link building (or the art of getting high quality links pointing to your website) is a difficult task. Many people try to do it well but can’t. In this sense, if you master the art of link building then you will stay high in SEO and also in the competition. High-quality links are important as the search engines discover new web pages through it and also see it as the standard for ranking in the search engine result pages.

In short, if your website content has quality links, there are chances that your site will get ranked in search engines. Links are considered as a ranking factor for Google. A link is seen as a vote of confidence for a certain web page. It is obvious that when someone links its website to others, they are saying that the other website is a credible and a good resource. Google also penalizes those websites which try to manipulate the system of link building.

Basics of quality link building for SEO

A Link is a Connection

A link is a connection from A to B. In this case, A and B are two websites that have interacted with each other in order to give a vote of confidence to each other in the eye of the search engine. The page from where the backlink is originating is called the referring page or source page. A website can give backlinks to more than one website. A is a website and it gives a link to 3 websites namely B, C and D. So websites B, C, and D have got a vote of confidence from A website.

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Simple Link Building Strategies

There have been a number of link building strategies but some are most important like content creation. Without content, you can’t get links. As the lion is the king of the jungle, content is the king of the online world, the same is the link building for SEO. You must create appealing, unique and quality content for your website so that the large websites can give links to your website or web page. You can also get links from your friends’ websites if they have any, in order to develop high-quality links.

Advance Link Building

Discovering backlinks of your competitors and getting links from those websites comes under advance link building strategy. You have to analyze those backlinks and try to get for your site as well. You can select a list of your competitors and then analyze it. Make a report of their backlinks, compare with yours and distinguish those which you haven’t in similar to them. After making such a report, you can start trying to get those links in a natural way. You can also get backlinks from your competitor in a strategic way.

Internal Link Building Tools

You have to do keyword research for internal link building. For research, you can use keyword research tools like keyword planner. Use those keywords that are popular and relevant. The next step is to assign a group of keywords to a certain page. Don’t use the same keywords on different pages as the search engines can consider it as a duplicate content. The final step is to apply the keyword research to your content by linking those keywords to the relevant content. This is an internal link building strategy.

SEO Link Building Architecture

A link building architecture is essential for the ease of search engines like Google to crawl your website or eCommerce store. An architecture is the organized form of your website from an internal linking point of view. Same is the case of an architecture for your content writers. Create a chart in which you have to clearly mention, which keywords have been assigned to which pages. Each page is associated with a group of keywords and everyone who is writing for your website must be aware of it. In this way, the writers will have a clear-cut idea about writing the content and link building.

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Do-Follow and No-Follow Links

There are two types of links that you can get from any other website. These are namely do-follow and no-follow links. Do-follow links are of much importance while no-follow links are of no use. No-follow links mean that this link will not be crawled by the search engine. On the other hand, do-follow links gives the search engine, a message of crawling the particular link. This kind of links is used in blogs, comments, guest posts and wiki pages where there is no control over the addition of links. These are the sites where you can easily ass link without the owner’s permission. So, to control the spammers, this kind of attribute is used. So, try to get more do-follow links to establish high-quality links.

Google Rules for Link Building

Google has defined some rules for link building in the form of algorithms. According to those rules, you must create natural links with relevant content, targeted keywords, and relevant audience. Otherwise, Google will consider your links as the manipulation of its algorithm and also can penalize you for doing such action.

A website cannot rank without quality link building as link building is the number one ranking factor in Google algorithm. You can get quality links only when you are famous enough to have the links. You must have a good, quality, unique, desirable and readable content in order to get more traffic on your website. After getting maximum traffic, it will become easy to get links from quality websites. Content creation and link building always go hand in hand. Without content, there could not be any link building. Develop unique content and get high-quality links.

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