You can find information about various aspects of beginning a lead generation agency — keeping clients, generating leads, and selecting channels. However, when it comes to lead generation pricing details, people tend to be less open.

It could be because established firms want to keep a key part of their competitive edge hidden. Alternatively, discussing money might still be uncomfortable for some. In any case, we’re revealing the pricing secrets.

lead generation pricing

The Top Benefit of Lead Generation: Cost Efficiency

Lead generation is a smart way to market directly without breaking the bank. It gives better returns on investment (ROI) compared to traditional methods like print, TV, or billboards.

Leads don’t magically appear. They come from advertising. This fact is the reason why you should make the review of lead generation management pricing fees a part of your strategy. B2B marketers strive to find the best, most cost-effective method. Online lead generation often fits the bill.

Lead quality depends on your channel strategy and how appealing your content is to potential customers.

Lead costs vary by source. Easier-to-get leads are cheaper. So, the harder it is to get, the more it costs. Leads usually range from $5 to $500, but remember, better leads mean better chances of turning them into customers. Check out the lead generation company pricing schemes to anticipate the costs.

Building the right mix of channels and creating engaging content might be best handled by experts, whether they’re your in-house team or a specialized agency.

Usual Ways to Price Lead Generation Services

The biggest takeaway is that most agencies stick to similar pricing approaches. Even though copying your competitors might seem unoriginal, there’s a reason for it:

  • Clients understand what they’ll pay (and clarity matters to them).
  • You avoid long explanations about your pricing.
  • Agency owners can compare profits with other agencies easily.
  • Your management and finance teams find it simpler, too.

Paying for Each Lead

Charging per lead is a smart lead generation pricing model. Clients only pay when they get real leads which they like. Especially new clients find this easy to understand and accept.

Here’s the deal:

  • You figure out what it costs to get a lead.
  • You add some profit and set a price for each lead. It’s usually between $30 and $400 per lead, depending on the industry.
  • You make a deal with the client.
  • You give them leads.
  • The client pays you for those leads.

Paying for Set Appointments

This lead generation service pricing method is for agencies arranging demos or sales meetings for clients, sometimes alongside cost-per-lead services.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You figure out the cost for each appointment.
  • You add some profit to set an appointment price.
  • You make a deal with the client.
  • You provide the appointments, and the client pays for each, no matter the result.

Appointment prices are usually higher than lead prices since appointments come from more serious leads lower in the sales process.

Buying Bulk Data

It is for agencies offering clients leads from an existing database.

Here’s how this lead generation pricing model works:

  • You gather contact info from many possible customers.
  • You work out the cost and add profit, let’s say it’s $1,830,000.
  • You divide this total ($1,830,000) by the expected clients (say, 450). That’s $4067.
  • Clients pay $4067 for a bunch of leads.

These deals are usually cheaper as the leads are lower quality, making conversion harder.

Retainer Fee

It is the most popular pricing method. It’s for agencies doing ongoing lead generation work. Usually, the contracts last from 3 months to 2 years.

Here’s how this B2B lead generation pricing model goes:

  • You figure out a month’s cost plus profit.
  • You make a deal with the client.
  • You finish a month’s work.
  • They pay you at the end or start of the month.

Agencies using this offer various services like SEO, driving traffic, building sales funnels, monitoring results, and managing leads. The monthly fee is typically $3000 to $20,000.

Average Cost Per Appointment and Per Lead

On average, the cost per lead is $198, according to data from the DeTorres Group. This lead generation services pricing varies based on factors like industry, company size, company revenue, and marketing channel.

Here’s the average cost per lead breakdown by industry according to the DeTorres Group:

  • Consumer products: $182
  • Education: $66
  • Financial services: $272
  • Healthcare and medical: $286
  • Industrial and manufacturing: $235
  • IT and services: $370
  • Marketing agencies: $173
  • Media and publishing: $191
  • Non-profit: $43

By Company Size (Number of Employees):

  • 2—50: $147
  • 51—200: $180
  • 201—1000: $212
  • 1000+: $349

By Company Revenue:

  • Under $1 million: $166
  • $1 million — $10 million: $185
  • $10 million — $500 million: $179
  • $500 million+: $429

The usual lead generation marketing pricing per appointment falls between $150 and $250. But remember, the “average” might not suit you perfectly. Consider your agency’s reputation, lead quality, and client needs when setting your price.

What Should You Consider When Setting the Price for Your Services?

When deciding your agency’s prices, you have most of the necessary info. But there’s one big part left — the costs. Ignoring these expenses can cut into your profits.

What is included in most lead generation pricing models? Think about these expenses when setting your prices:

  • Overhead — office rent, electricity, printing, water, and business insurance.
  • Staff — covering hiring, training, managing, keeping employees, and your own CEO salary.
  • Campaign — including costs for outreach, SEO, cold calling, PPC, content, and social media to get leads.
  • Client upkeep — like CRM, analytics tools, prospecting tools, customer support, and marketing expenses.

Don’t forget your profit too. According to NYU data (as of January 2022), the average profit margin for all industries is 7.71%. A low profit is around 5%, a good margin is 10%, and a high profit is 20%.

Deciding on your lead generation company pricing schemes involves four main models:

  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per appointment
  • Bulk data pricing
  • Retainer-based pricing

The best choice depends on your services, clients, and aims. Our suggestion for all agency owners? Be creative in picking lead generation strategies.

lead generation pricing

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