Wondering if there is a better alternative to Yelp for your doctors’ office? Word-of-mouth marketing is an easy way to spread the word about your business. With the evolution of technology, the Internet has made it substantially easier to amplify your voice, both as a consumer and a business.

Is there a Better Alternative to Yelp for Doctors?

Having an online presence also serves to meet consumer needs and build trust before you even establish a direct relationship with clients. Yelp is one of the ways doctors connect with potential clients, but with the number of platforms out there, is there a better alternative to Yelp for doctors?

How Doctors Use Yelp

Yelp offers healthcare practitioners the ability to grow their business by providing a free listing for their business. A free Yelp listing gives doctors the ability to connect with their community, respond to reviews, showcase their services, and track analytics. With consumers turning to social media for reviews, Yelp ratings of hospitals have been shown to correspond with what a consumer can expect in terms of the quality of service they receive. 

Top Alternative to Yelp for Doctors Offices:

Google My Business as a Yelp Alternative

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses and organizations to control and manage their online presence on Google. With Google being one of the most popular search engines used today, it makes sense to want to rank on Google and use Google My Business as an alternative to Yelp for doctors. 

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Facebook as a Yelp Alternative

This social media giant is the first social network to reach over 1 billion registered accounts, which makes it no surprise that businesses take the time to create a Facebook page. Facebook users spend an average of 38 minutes on the site a day, which means that for many people, the site is one of the go-to places for doing research on a service. 

Healthgrades as a Yelp Alternative

Healthgrades is a site dedicated solely to reviewing healthcare professionals with information on over 3 million U.S. healthcare providers, making it a top alternative Yelp for doctors. The site allows users to search for doctors by specialty, procedure, or condition, as well as leave reviews. As with other review sites, you can claim your free profile

CareDash as a Yelp Alternative

Like Healthgrades, CareDash is a website dedicated to making healthcare provider information accessible. CareDash makes it easy for both doctors to claim their profiles and for patients to leave reviews. Additionally, CareDash approves every review on the site to ensure that the feedback is informative and trustworthy. Prospective patients can use this site with the confidence that reviews are left by real people, making CareDash a strong competitor as a better alternative to Yelp for doctors.

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U.S. News as a Yelp Alternative

This site does more than report on the latest news; it also serves as a directory that patients can use to search for doctors by name, location, specialty, and years of experience. In addition to the usual information such as hours of operation and location, healthcare providers can also include what type of insurance they accept as well as hospital affiliations for doctors who work with several locations.

Zocdoc as a Yelp Alternative

Websites dedicated to sharing healthcare provider information have a common structure. This includes the ability to search for doctors by location and specialty. What makes Zocdoc unique is the ability to book with the doctor on the site. You can also book video calls! Zocdoc has both a mobile application that makes booking a breeze.

WebMD as a Yelp Alternative

Late-night Google searches of your symptoms often point you to a dedicated page about a disease on WebMD, but the same site can help you locate an actual doctor who can tell you what’s really going on. The WebMD directory has over 100 million visitors each month, making it a leading publisher of health information and a top resource for people to find healthcare providers in their areas. Patients can rate their doctors on WebMD based on the service they received and how well the doctor explained conditions and treatments.

Vitals as a Yelp Alternative

Vitals claims to be “the largest online database of patient reviews for doctors and facilities.” While searching for an alternative to Yelp for doctors, prospective patients are likely to stumble upon Vitals, which allows users to search for practices based on name, location, specialty, and insurance accepted. Vitals receives about 3.4 million visitors a month and is a popular Yelp alternative for doctors.

Doctor as a Yelp Alternative

Doctor.com is a service that allows healthcare practitioners to bring their practice to the virtual world. With doctors across the nation signed up for the site, its audience of about 30 million people can navigate through its directories in search of the perfect practitioner. Doctor.com is a top choice as a better Yelp alternative for doctors who also practice online. Each profile on Doctor.com includes information about the provider’s training, certifications, hours, accepted insurance plans, and payment options. 

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RealPatientRatings as a Yelp Alternative

RealPatientRatings holds a database of over 240,000 verified patient reviews generated by patients who have completed a qualified visit to a doctor’s office. In addition to owning one of the largest databases of verified plastic surgery reviews, RealPatientRatings is an endorsed program of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Healthcare providers who specialize in cosmetic surgery might find RealPatientRatings as a better Yelp alternative for their practice.

RealSelf as a Yelp Alternative

RealSelf is another site that specializes in cosmetic surgery. With over 20,000 physician listings and 9.9 million visitors a month, RealSelf is a top resource for consumers looking to invest in plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. The site also allows users to book 1-on-1 video calls to get personalized answers from the privacy of their own homes. Practitioners who specialize in cosmetic surgery and are not finding Yelp to be useful in gaining prospective patients might have better luck with RealSelf.

Better Alternative to Yelp for Doctors Offices

There is no shortage of resources for prospective patients, from sites like Google My Business and Facebook where users can leave reviews on a variety of businesses to healthcare-specific sites like Zocdoc and WebMD. Even healthcare-specific sites branch out into niches such as cosmetic surgery that practitioners might find useful for their own business. This means that there are a variety of Yelp alternatives for doctors that work.

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