Are you asking yourself, “Is Google My Business worth it”? We already know that having an online presence is important for staying competitive in today’s market. With how time-consuming it is to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking high on search engine page results, it can feel like managing a Google My Business(GMB) listing is just adding on to an already long list of things to optimize.

Is taking the time to optimize Google My Business worth the effort for local SEO, or is it just another task to keep you busy?

Is Google My Business Worth It?

Is Google My Business Worth It?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your online presence to local customers in order to promote your services and products. Search engines rely on information from local content, links, social media, and citations to relay relevant information to users. Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing is a cornerstone of your local SEO strategy.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool by Google that allows businesses and organizations to control and manage their online presence on Google, including how their brand appears on Google Search, Local Finder, and Maps. With GMB, you can verify and edit your company’s information as it appears on Google. It also complements your existing website with a listing on Google, the most popular search engine in the world.

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Since Google already pulls information about your business from various sources across the internet, your business might already have a listing. In that case, you can easily claim and verify your business listing and work from there. If your business does not have a GMB listing, creating one is quick and can be done on the Google My Business page.

How Google My Business Helps Local SEO

GMB Helps Ensure Your Audience Gets the Right Information

Because Google pulls its information from a variety of sources online, the information it has might not always be accurate, especially during holidays and events where your business might operate outside of its normal hours. Google My Business is the solution for keeping your information accurate on Google’s search engine result pages.

Google My Business Listings are a Key Google Ranking Factor

Search engines treat search queries related to local businesses a little differently than search queries that are not tied to a location. This is because there are additional elements to consider, such as how far a business is from the user conducting the search. Google determines local ranking based on relevance, distance, and prominence.

  • Relevance refers to how well a GMB listing matches what a user is looking for.
  • Distance is how far each result is from the user.
  • Prominence is how well-known the business is.

Google My Business helps you with these three elements in different ways. By keeping your listing up to date, Google can relay your business information to users searching for services or products you provide in your local area. Additionally, GMB allows users to leave reviews, which can help build your brand’s prominence.

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You Can Build Your Authority with GMB

Because search engines take a brand’s authority into account, they need a way to measure authority. One way is by considering how a brand’s customers interact with the business. While search engines can’t evaluate in-person interactions, they can assess online reviews.

GMB Can Be More Powerful than Social Media for Local SEO

Social media is a great way for users to get a better understanding of a brand and its values. But what happens if a user has never heard of your brand? In this case, a GMB listing can be more powerful than social media for local SEO.

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If a user has never purchased from you or heard of you before, the chances they will search specifically for your brand is not very likely. However, if you are utilizing a local SEO strategy and taking advantage of services like Google My Business, you can drive traffic from search engines when a user in your area searches for queries related to what your business offers.

Google My Business is Essential for Local SEO

With Google being the most widely used search engine worldwide, it makes sense to utilize a tool developed by the company itself to boost your local SEO efforts. Google My Business sets you up for success by making it easy for you to update your business’ information and for Google to utilize that data for search engine result pages.

Your GMB listing could be the first thing a potential customer sees after searching for a certain product or service in their area. Making sure that your listing reflects both your brand positively and accurately not only boosts your local SEO but converts traffic into revenue. While keeping your GMB listing updated can be time-consuming, its return on investment is worth the effort.

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