Twitch is known as the king of live video streaming. You must take advantage of this relatively new streaming platform. How? Leverage Twitch’s newness and use it for your influencer marketing campaigns. Establish your dominance on the platform before your competitors take it over.

This app is the answer to broadening your social media audience’s reach. Twitch may look the same as YouTube, but they are not 100% alike. One of their most significant differences is the way they treat sponsored links. While these links are welcome on YouTube, they’re not allowed on this platform.

Read on if you need clarification on whether this is the way to go. This post will discuss Twitch and what it takes to advertise on the app.

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Getting to Know Twitch

Twitch is one of the most powerful influencer marketing tools. It’s a unique platform that allows users to live-stream videos for their audiences to watch. Anyone with a phone, gaming console, or computer access can start a live-streaming session on the app.

The platform started with most of its content revolving around gaming. When Amazon acquired it in 2014, Twitch began to expand. Influencers utilize the platform to upload everyday videos. You can find all kinds of videos on Twitch, from podcasts and camping to painting and cooking.

It has approximately 140 million active users. According to TwitchTracker, the platform has accumulated 579 billion minutes of views. This app may have started as an underground playground, but now, it’s becoming one of the mainstream social media platforms.

You may now wonder how to market on Twitch or how businesses can leverage the app to gain leads.

Apart from disallowing sponsored links, another unique feature of the platform is that it does not have an algorithm to promote specific content to its users. The app notifies users about new videos only when they follow a particular content creator.

Apart from that, Twitch welcomes broadcast advertisements. These ads fit more naturally on Twitch than on YouTube. Take note of this feature when planning your influencer marketing campaigns.

Its users stream videos and engage with followers through the app’s live chat feature. Each channel has a chatroom where fans can easily interact with each other. With the engagement volume on Twitch increasing, influencers and brands are giving the platform the attention it deserves.

The Mechanism Behind Twitch

Broadcasts of Twitch gaming usually happen on a split-screen display where followers can see the streamer’s monitor. The users can also hear and view what the creator on the opposite side of the screen says and does.

This influencer marketing platform also displays the chatbox feature on the screen’s right-hand side for users to interact with the creator and each other. Unlike YouTube Gaming, Twitch capitalizes on the community experience.

Even without sponsored links and algorithms, Twitch allows the purchase of games through stream links. These links work like affiliate links where creators can earn sales commissions.

Influencer Marketing on Twitch

This marketing strategy on the Twitch platform is similar to marketing on other social media platforms. The only difference is the type of videos marketed on the platform. You can’t pre-record videos on it since the app only allows live streams.

The medium’s nature makes shoutouts, product unboxings, and giveaways famous among influencers on the platform. Getting in touch with streamers is also similar to other apps. If a brand is interested in collaborating with a streamer, they contact them by email.

Once done discussing the promotion details, both parties sign a contract. The said agreement provides that the influencers must promote the partner brand’s products and services to their followers.

It would help if you found the right Twitch streamer for your marketing efforts to work. Choose influencers who are relevant to your brand and amenable to working with you.

Influencer marketing agencies know that an unforced collaboration premised on mutual trust and belief in each other will appear more credible and natural to the audience.

If you need help finding Twitch influencers who fit your audience demographic, values, product, and brand, use platforms like Fourstarzz Media. It has an extensive list of verified Twitch influencers who can help you with brand affinity and engagement rates.

Soon after onboarding the right influencers, think of different ways to collaborate. The good news is that Twitch is more open to ads than Facebook and Instagram. Over 80% of users of this influencer marketing platform agree that brands should sponsor specific teams or individual gamers.

Marketers can be reassured if their content appears too salesy or advertorial since these are all permitted on the app. If the Twitch community finds your product valuable, you’ll likely get a positive response.

Who is Your Twitch Audience?

According to Twitch’s advertiser marketing vice president, Andrea Garabean, the platform’s demographic is elusive. Why? Since you can’t find them on other platforms like Instagram or YouTube.

It means this platform is for you if you’re targeting a specific audience. Data suggests that the platform’s users are 65% male, and 73% belong to the 16–34 age bracket. A user has to be 13 years old to be able to create a Twitch account. It is another Twitch marketing essential you should take note of.

Twenty-one point-three percent of these Twitch users watch eSports, spending at least 95 minutes daily watching such content on the platform. You can observe that the time these users spend on Twitch is higher than on other platforms.

Instagram users spend 12 hours per month on the app. On the other hand, Facebook users spend roughly 19.7 hours a month browsing through their feeds. TikTok users only spend a little over 22.9 hours per month watching videos on the app.

Therefore, if you want more engagement, Twitch is the answer.

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