Is your business struggling to gain footing outside of its primary city? Do you need to learn how to rank for multiple cities with SEO? Many businesses experience frustration when they serve multiple regions, but don’t know how to appear in multiple city searches with one website.

Worse, some businesses don’t have a physical storefront and their headquarters are solely remote. These situations make it difficult for businesses without a physical address to serve more than one area. It can feel hopeless for companies that don’t know how to rank in multiple cities.

How to Rank in Multiple Cities

Rank in Multiple Cities with SEO on Google

There are several ways to optimize your SEO and improve your local rankings on Google. However, be sure to exercise caution when learning how to use local SEO. Google will penalize websites they think are using spam tactics to garner traffic.

Luckily, there are several ways to target multiple cities in one website without spamming Google. Keep reading to learn some actionable tips on how to appear in multiple city searches with one website and get more business in the cities you serve.

Write Original Content on Multiple Cities

In order to rank in multiple cities with one website, optimize your content with local SEO keywords. One way to do this is by using bullet points to list the cities you serve on a webpage that outlines your services.

Another option for how to rank in multiple cities is to create several pages that contain content personalized to each of the individual cities you serve. This is often the preferred method for how to appear in multiple city searches with one website. Since you’ll able to load up the content with localized SEO, the more quality webpages you create will better your chances of ranking locally.

When learning about how to appear in multiple city searches with one website, creating quality web content personalized to your clients’ area will help them feel more confident in your business. Some examples of this are the various city pages we’ve created on our Locations page. While we place our primary focus on our local office in Denver, Colorado we also rank for several keywords related to the surrounding geographic locations.

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Create Areas of Service

Some great advice on how to rank in multiple cities is to create an ‘areas of service’ section on your webpage. More than a single webpage, areas of service contain multiple pages outlining your available services in a particular city.

These pages are great for businesses trying to figure out how to rank in multiple cities. They can include FAQs about the city, a list of your services offered that are specific to the region, reviews and testimonials from previous customers served in the area, and anything else you can think of.

Don’t copy and paste the same webpage over and over— this is not how to rank in multiple cities. When you spam the same information over multiple pages, Google penalizes your webpage by dropping it from the search engine result rankings.

Provide an Interactive Map

A great approach for how to appear in multiple city searches with one website is to provide an interactive map for potential customers. This will help your local SEO by giving you an opportunity to write out short descriptions of each area on your homepage.

Load up these descriptions with local SEO for each area, and your business will be well on its way to ranking in the local search results for all of the areas you serve.

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Featuring an interactive map is a great way to give your clients a visual representation of the areas your business serves, even if you don’t have a physical address in the city.

Use Google My Business

Google My Business is Google’s way of verifying your business. By providing Google with your company’s basic information, including the name, address, contact information and hours of operation, you’ll have a higher chance of ranking on page one of Google’s search results.

Let Google do the work for you while you learn how to appear in multiple city searches with one website. While you’re fine-tuning your local SEO tactics, Google My Business works for you to promote your businesses locally.

Provide Easy-to-Find Contact Information

Don’t bury your business’ address and contact information in a remote section of your webpage. Place it where web users will intuitively search for it— typically at the bottom of every webpage on your business website.

Taking advantage of the services offered by online data aggregators is another great way to drive more traffic to your business. Online data aggregators spread business information across a wide range of search engines and webpages, including pages like Yelp and Trip Advisor.

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Be sure that your contact information is correct every time you post it on your website or provide it to online data aggregators. If there are inconsistencies in your business’ information, Google will lose confidence in your website’s value and lessen your chances of ranking in local web searches. Being extra careful will help you on your way to learning how to appear in multiple city searches with one website.

Optimize Your Website for Mobiles

While you’re figuring out how to rank in multiple cities, don’t let mobile capabilities fall to the wayside. Due to the wide use of mobile phones over laptops and desktop computers, Google now uses what’s called mobile-first indexing. This means that Google prioritizes mobile versions of webpage content when ranking search results.

If your webpage is not optimized for mobile viewing, it can hurt your chances of being ranked in local search results. A few ways to improve your website’s mobile capabilities include enlarging your webpage fonts, tweaking your page properties so it fits onto different screen sizes, and making sure that all of your information is front and center on your homepage.

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There are several resources that allow you to test out your webpage on a variety of different formats, including mobile. If you want to find how to rank in multiple cities, invest the time into making sure your content is accessible to everyone no matter where they are accessing it from.

How To Rank in Multiple City  – Final Thoughts

If your business is struggling to branch out from its local area, try these tips to learn more about how to appear in multiple city searches with one website.

Serving multiple cities can be a struggle for businesses. One way to combat this is to never stop learning about how to rank in multiple cities. Google comes out with new features all the time, and knowing how to use them will be key to staying highly ranked in all of the cities you serve.