Are you wondering how to market an eCommerce store? Take a look at our eCommerce marketing tips. Every eCommerce store has to face some challenges in start and has to design a marketing strategy in order to grow its sales. High-quality products and well-designed marketing strategy can help to grow the sales of an eCommerce business. If a strategy is designed with focus, there is no hurdle in the growth of your eCommerce business.

How to Market eCommerce Store

eCommerce marketing is the set of actions and strategies that are designed in order to promote awareness of your brand, thus increasing traffic and conversion rates. Increasing online sales is the primary purpose of an online store and it can be done by successfully implementing the eCommerce marketing strategy.

I’ve broken out 23 of my favorite eCommerce marketing tips below that should help you on your quest to figuring out how to market an eCommerce store.

How to Market an eCommerce Store

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website:

    1. The first step towards growing your online sales is the creation of a mobile-friendly website. Your website must be all devices’ friendly so that everyone can open and visit it at their ease. User experience matters a lot in this online world. You must focus on the mobile-friendliness of your site.
  2. Focus on the brand:

    1. In your marketing strategy, you must focus on your brand. Here, the brand means that your messages on every platform must be the same. Every brand has a single message which it wants to promote. You must know about what message you are delivering. If the message on your different platforms is different then it is not beneficial for your brand. You must hire a professional content creator who is able to design different kinds of ads for different platforms but with a single message.
  3. Make your sales copy honestly:

    1. Stay honest in your dealings. While making your sales copy, you must stay honest. Don’t add such details and qualities that you can’t fulfill at the moment. Many online shopping stores show the perfect qualities in their ad copies while delivering low-quality products on purchase. Don’t do dishonesty while delivering the product. Honest dealings will automatically boost up your sales.
  4. Easy navigation:

    1. The customers who are tech-savvy are always in search of easy search bar and navigation. They want to find the exact material at the exact place. If you haven’t managed your inventory in the right way, it will become difficult for them to stay on your website. This will result in increasing the bounce rate. The websites that have high bounce rates are not ranked by the search engines in search engine result pages. Try to lower your bounce rate as much as possible.
  5. Showcase your products properly:

    1. It’s up to you, how you want to showcase your products. The management of your inventory is your own responsibility but arrange it properly so that the customers can find them easily. Moreover, upload the bigger images of your products so that every feature of it can be seen clearly. If the showcase is good then it will automatically affect the rate of your sales positively.
  6. Clear descriptions:

    1. Product descriptions are of much importance as they are describing your product. The clear and easy to understand description is likely to get more sales, which is the ultimate purpose of every eCommerce store. Describe your products concisely and use keywords in it as people want to know each and every detail of the products. Try to provide them with easy to understand details. Writing product descriptions is a separate field that is done by a professional so that customers don’t face difficulty while understanding the product.
  7. Offer deals:

    1. Offers are a great way to entice visitors to turn into customers. You can engage your customers by giving offers from time to time. The visitors are always interested in getting deals and offers. You have to create a sense of urgency by offering different deals like Sunday sale or sale for today. The visitors will try to buy the products at the moment and it will result in increased sales. This is perfect for incentivizing customers when you’re figuring out how to market an eCommerce store.
  8. Referral discounts:

    1. Referral discounts is an online marketing tactic that helps to reach out to new customers through your regular customers. Provide your customers with discounts whenever they refer a new one to buy something from your online store. This kind of discounts will entice your regular customers to refer new ones and increase sales, which is the ultimate purpose of your business.
  9. Free shipping:

    1. When you provide your customers with free shipping or free delivery, they become happy at the moment. There are more chances of selling your product by offering free delivery than on normal days. It is also a good marketing strategy. Many online shops provide customers with free delivery but include the cost within the price of the products. Free delivery is just used as a marketing tactic.
  10. Easy order tracking:

    1. Try to make the tracking of your customers’ orders easy as it gives them a sense of ease and make your brand credible in their eyes. Customers should not face any hurdle in the tracking process. The process from ordering the product to its delivery should be easily trackable for the customers.
  11. Email marketing:

    1. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies. You can send emails to your visitors about your new products and other updates related to your brand. You can also send personalized emails to those who have something in their cart but didn’t purchase yet. This is called remarketing, which is to remind the customers about their wishlist.
  12. Provide customer feedback:

    1. In this era of online shopping, feedback of customers matters a lot. When customers provide you with positive feedback, it increases your credibility and hence increases the chances of your sales. You can provide the option of rating and feedback on your website so as to engage the customers and assure them that their voice matters a lot for them.
  13. Provide different payment options:

    1. Provide your customers with as many payment options as you can. This will give them a sense of ease. You can provide them with many payment options like debit cards, master card and cash on delivery. Many customers prefer to pay cash on delivery rather than with ATM cards. The more easiness will help your visitors to turn into customers and thus increasing sales of your eCommerce business.
  14. Create quality content:

    1. Content is considered as the king of the online world. Your content makes your brand unique and creative. If you are producing the quality content, your business will stand out of the ceilings. Quality content can help your business to grow sales. Without content, there is no scope of growing up your business. Every business works on the basis of the content. Create quality content for increasing your sales.
  15. Social media content:

    1. It is the era of social media and technology. People are spending their days and nights on social media. Your unique social media content can increase sales of your business. Try to focus on your social media content. Social media demands unique, creative and engaging content. Your content should be good and appealing so that customers can pay attention to your ads while ignoring other brands’ content.
  16. Search Engine Optimization:

    1. Search engine optimization is a useful eCommerce marketing strategy. If you don’t optimize your content for search engines then it will not appear in search engine result pages. Search engine optimization is actually the creation of content by following the algorithms of the search engines so that your website can appear in search engine result pages and can get better sales. This is a way of increasing organic sales.
  17. Blogging:

    1. Blogging is the free online marketing tool by which you can market your business successfully. Every successful online business has put together a blog when taking into consideration how to market an eCommerce store. You can easily promote your online store through blogging. You can establish a business blog easily and can write content related to your brand. Blogging is the easiest form of marketing your content.
  18. User-generated content:

    1. Always welcome the user-generated content. User-generated content is considered as gold when it comes to online marketing. You can give awards to those users who produce quality content for your website. This is a tactic to get quality content from your users. Every user will try to write unique content in order to get the reward from your brand.
  19. Affiliate marketing:

    1. You will need bloggers and influencers who can write about your products or services. When they write about your online store on their platforms, it will surely help your business to grow sales. People have emotions that are also associated with celebrities and influencers. You can use these emotions for selling your products. The voice of influencers will hit people a lot.
  20. Pinpoint your conversion paths:

    1. You can analyze your marketing strategy and pinpoint the conversion paths so that you can modify your strategy in order to improve it. Analyze your marketing strategy from time to time like on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to make changes in your strategy for getting the desired results.
  21. Loyalty program:

    1. You can create a loyalty program for your online store by giving rewards to your loyal customers. Loyal customers are those who make a lot of purchases from your online store. Design your loyalty program with ultimate care so that the users can make more and more purchases in order to beat the competition and winning the rewards.
  22. Communicate with your customers:

    1. You must be communicative with your customers in order to grow sales of your business. Communication is everything for increasing sales. When you are available every time for communication with the customers and providing answers for their queries, the customers feel a sense of personalization and it gives a positive impression.
  23. Analyze the data:

    1. You can use google analytics for acquiring important data about your customers and analyze the data. Google Analytics can provide you with the impressions, bounce rate, device analytics and demographics of the customers. These factors can help you in designing your next marketing strategy and modifications in the existing one.

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These eCommerce marketing tips can help you to grow up the sales of your business. These tips are not the only factors to increase your sales but these are the basic ones. One business can improve its sales by following these tips.

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