The strategy is the foundation of any business. You build a strong and beautiful building of your business on the base of a strong foundation that tells you about executing different plans to make it a big success. This is how important advertising is for any business. It supports your business as a backbone and uplifts it to the heights.

It’s difficult to create and run ads on Google but it’s very difficult to have a maximum conversion rate of those Google Ads but this article would help you a lot in simplifying both tasks. The improvement of the conversion rate or to get the maximum conversion rate is the ultimate task of every Google Ads expert, digital marketer, or advertiser. You must know about the basic terms like conversion rate and Google Ads conversion rate to improve the Google Ads conversion rate.

How to Improve Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

What is conversion rate?

The percentage of the users, taking the desired action is called conversion rate. The answer to the question, “What is conversion rate?” is very simple. Let’s suppose, you have a commerce website then the percentage of people who are making a purchase on your website would be called conversion rate.

How to Improve Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

According to Google, the average number of conversions per each Google Ad interaction, is shown as a percentage. This percentage of the users is called as Google Ads conversion rate.

Now the question arises, how to calculate the conversion rate. The answer is just as simple as these terms. The Conversion rate is calculated by taking the number of conversions and dividing them by the number of total ad interactions that can be tracked to a conversion.

The good conversion rate for Google differs from website to website. Like the top 10% of Google Ad advertisers have 11.45% of conversion rate and top 25% have 5.31% or greater.

Tips for improving Google Ads Conversion Rate

There are some tips which can help you a lot in improving the rate of Google Ads conversion. These include stay focused on your goal, optimize the landing page, focus on improving your quality score, use right long tail and short tail keyword, clearly state the benefits of the product or service and pay careful attention to the headlines. These are general elements that should be kept in mind while focusing on the improvement of conversion rate.

The specific elements that should be considered while improving Google Ads conversion rate are explained below:

How to improve Google Ads?

Firstly, you must know about how to improve Google Ads. Google Ads can only be improved by improving its quality. The quality can be improved by making the ads more relevant. The best performing Google Ads are those that are most relevant. You must focus on the interests of the users who are surfing your website. Make the ads, keywords and landing pages, more relevant. This will tempt the users to click on your ads.

Create Enticing Ads

You must think out of the box. What makes your product or service unique? That uniqueness will help you to improve ads conversion rate. The enticing ads will help you a lot. Your ads must be appealing and best describe your service or product. It will help you to improve your Google Ads conversion rate.

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Optimize Google Ads for Conversion

Optimizing your Google Ads is essential for long-term success. Optimization plays an important role in generating traffic to your website. As more people visit your website, there will be more chances of conversion. Optimized ads work much better in improving conversion rate than the unoptimized ads. While creating Google Ads, use the keywords carefully.

Choose your keywords carefully

The keywords of your ad must be relevant and specific to your theme. It’s more effective to use long tail keywords than the short tail keywords. To get the best and relevant keywords, use the Google keyword planner tool as it helps a lot and better than any other tool.

Clear Description of Product or Service

You must describe your product or service clearly so that only those people visit your site who are interested in buying your service or product. This is a useful strategy to improve the conversion rate of your website.

Improve AdWords Conversion Rate

Most smart AdWords advertisers are conscious about improving their ads conversion rate. Everything else is of secondary importance to them. It is the main goal of the advertisers.

It may seem difficult to get the proper keyword grouping in Google AdWords campaigns but if you want to improve conversion rate, you must do this. The keyword grouping for AdWords provides you with many benefits like high CTR (Click Through Rate), more conversions and low CPA (Cost Per Action).

If you are able to understand how your users are shopping or using your services then it will provide you with an edge in your AdWords campaigns. For example, when a user visits your website, have you provided them with a clear path to purchase your service or product? If not, then make the path easy for them. Customer buying cycle should be very simple and easy to understand.

Third, align ads with the landing page. If you want your Google Ads to generate more clicks then you must align it with the landing page. It will help to improve your conversion rate.

Review your Campaign Performance

It’s very important to review and analyses your campaign performance on a regular basis. The analysis will help you to improve your ads. It’s important to know about how your ad is performing. This will lead you towards the right path and your next strategy must be based on the review or analysis of your campaign performance.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tool

If you are not getting enough conversion rate, you can use Google Ads conversion tracking tool for free, to measure how many people are actually converting out of total visitors of your website. Through this tool, you will be able to make your campaigns more effective and to make adjustments in your ads at any time.

There is no hard and fast rule to get maximum conversion rate but these are some tips for improving the Google Ads conversion rate.  Mainly, the keywords and optimization of ads are those elements which can improve the quality and conversion rate of any Google Ad. Not getting traction with your Google Ads campaign? Call the Google Ad professionals at Clicta Digital! Our digital marketing services will uplift your website to place you where you need to be…in front of customers!