Explaining the value of SEO to executives is like making a persuasive pitch. To succeed, you must understand the perspective of the people you’re trying to convince. These high-ranking officials are primarily concerned with revenue, market share, and growth.

Everything else, such as hiring, subject matter expertise, and leadership, serves these core goals. Executives operate in a world where attention is scarce, but information is abundant.

They’re often swamped with meetings, face intense performance pressure, and constantly deal with urgent matters. It means they must quickly scan incoming information for potential problems and opportunities.

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Explaining the Value of SEO

Search Engine Optimization may have been first heard in 1997, but until now, some marketers still need to convince higher management that the term is more than just “some extra options.” It’s like teaching old dogs new tricks, except that the dog is now the business while the trick is “ranking high on search engines.”

It’s not the company’s problem, though. Most of the time, the company’s decision-makers know what optimization means. However, they’re still unsure of its value. If this is the case, you must try to educate company executives on this matter.

What Should You Include in Your Explanation?

You must emphasize that Search Engine Optimization could make or break the business. If done correctly, you will not only have a steady flow of traffic to your website, but you can also establish a massive following that looks at you as a niche expert.

Unfortunately, it could only be another wasted advertising and marketing effort if not done right.

You have to be honest with your bosses. If you’re inexperienced in running an optimization campaign, explain the need to hire an SEO agency with relevant experience and a proven track record. Explain how these people can cater to your branding and content optimization needs.

Elaborate on the Services the Company Will Be Paying For

This step is necessary because it ensures that your executives know what the company will pay for. Knowing these services could justify the resources your company will allocate for them. So, what are included in the package that will give the value of SEO services?

  • Website Optimization

Start the service enumeration with website optimization. Emphasize the need to have a highly intuitive website. Apart from that, stress that with optimization, you can ensure that a highly responsive and informative page will greet them regardless of where your audience lands after clicking a backlink.

Traditional marketing is not only expensive but also primarily hit-and-miss. Even if you know who your target market is, sans a suitable medium, there’s a high chance that your message will get lost in a vacuum.

On top of that, explain to your company executives the likelihood of reaching a market segment that isn’t interested in what you sell at all.

  • Blogs and Website Content

Part of search engine optimization marketing is curating content, blogs, and guest posts that link to your website. Besides using the researched keywords to make your content more palatable to your target market, you can establish yourself as a niche expert. If your audience sees you as one, it will be easy to sway them to purchase.

  • Professional Service by the Optimization Pros

As you persuade your company executive officer to say yes to optimization, explain the need to work with the pros. The best way to do this is to elaborate on how companies work.

Before they suggest any strategy, agencies will analyze and assess your needs. They do this to avoid replicating already-implemented optimization strategies. Aside from that, they also want to come up with campaigns that will address real and present challenges.

After establishing these keywords, agencies providing SEO services will start curating viral content that will reach as many prospective clients as possible. They will use practical, proven, and tested optimization strategies, eventually earning you an expert reputation in your niche.

Discuss Progress and Timeline of Projected Results

CEOs must see results, so you must provide a timeframe for your progress. Increased website traffic is one of the most noticeable changes you are expected to see in the first three months after you intensify your optimization efforts.

Emphasize to your company executives that since you deployed different keyword-enriched content across various mediums, you can expect your target market to access these contents. The backlinks you inserted in those contents will help you achieve this goal.

Your efforts shouldn’t end when you see a significant increase in customers patronizing your brand. Instead, you should intensify your campaign to encourage repeat customers to buy again. Apart from that, you should also enhance your lead generation strategy.

Seek out new customers while building your profile as an industry expert. Over time, you’ll see your bottom line improve.

Presenting to a Company Executive: Choosing Between Strategic Narratives and 12-Slide Decks

Pitching executives effectively often involves choosing the proper format, which can vary depending on your company culture. Some prefer slide decks, while others opt for written documents, like Google Docs, especially in tech companies.

Strategic Narratives

Strategic Narratives, popularized by Amazon’s “Six Pagers,” are gaining traction over slide decks. These written narratives offer more context, allow for comments from meeting participants, and don’t require the presenter to rehearse a deck. Importantly, they compel presenters to be clear and concise, which can be challenging in slide decks.

Suppose you intend to discuss the value of SEO services. In that case, a recommended structure for Strategic Narratives is derived from Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle:

  • Situation

Explain where the company or site stands and where it could be, with clear goals (e.g., “achieving $X incremental revenue from SEO with increased funding”). Clarify why the company still needs to be in that desired state and what factors led to its current situation.

  • Complication

Identify the obstacles that must be overcome (e.g., “lack of resources for content creation”) to reach the desired future outcome. These obstacles should be logically grounded and well-reasoned.

  • Solution

Outline the steps needed to reach the goals (e.g., “investing $X” or “hiring an SEO agency”). Provide a clear roadmap for implementation.

  • Questions

Include an FAQ section to address critical questions during the narrative. Generating and answering questions can lead to valuable insights. While Amazon Six Pagers start with a press release, they’re typically suitable for pitching new products or features. These may not be necessary in our case.

12-Slide Decks

In the startup world, investor pitches usually follow the 12-slide deck format. Depending on your company culture, you can use this format to pitch strategies to your executives. Here’s the typical structure of a 12-slide deck:

  1. Introduction (Situation)
  2. Problem
  3. Solution (Discuss the value of SEO marketing)
  4. Why Now
  5. Offering (How the strategy fits the company)
  6. Market (Who and How Many)
  7. Competition
  8. Traction (Proof of Concept)
  9. Business Model (Impact on the Bottom Line)
  10. Team (Current Resources and Resource Requirements)
  11. Financials (Current Budget and Budget Requirements)
  12. Ask (Include Resource)

Effective strategic slide decks start with a compelling opening statement that addresses potential revenue, market share, or growth. Each slide should focus on one key point, and graphics should be kept simple.

Avoid cluttered slides with excessive information. Use color coding, annotations, and straightforward data points to make slides easy for your company executives to understand.

Don’t hesitate to use the appendix for additional information. While the challenge in a 12-slide Deck is to keep it concise and to the point in the initial 12 slides, you can include supplementary details in the appendix as needed.

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Pitch Meetings: What to Prepare

You have limited opportunities to convey SEO’s value effectively. Once executives form their opinions, it can be challenging to alter their perspectives. Hence, it’s crucial to make your pitches highly engaging.

Before the meeting:

  • Share the narrative or deck beforehand as a pre-read (at least 24 hours in advance).
  • Include an agenda within the calendar invitation.
  • Rehearse the meeting and take notes.
  • Be ready to address potential questions.

During the meeting:

Record notes (or designate someone as the note-taker).

  • Maintain meeting focus and structure.
  • Clearly define the specific decisions your company executive needs to make during the meeting and work towards establishing clear next steps.

After the meeting:

  • Send a summary email or create a Slack thread outlining the meeting’s key points, next steps, and action items.
  • Follow up a few weeks after the meeting to ensure all participants stay informed about progress.

Being well-prepared for potential questions is crucial. Anticipate likely inquiries, be ready for interruptions during the meeting, and include answers in the appendix or FAQ section.

Common questions from executives may include:

  • If we increase our investment, what can we expect in return?
  • Are we missing out on significant opportunities?
  • Does the value of SEO surpass that of other channels?
  • How do our efforts compare to our competitors, and should we be concerned?
  • Do we have a clear strategy in place to achieve our objectives?
  • What obstacles are impeding our progress?
  • Why can’t we accelerate our progress?
  • What are the potential risks and drawbacks?
  • And the most pivotal question to address is: “How can I contribute?”

Prepare thorough responses to these questions to ensure you can manage them effectively during the meeting.

There’s no shortcut to success. You need to be patient and persistent in your efforts until you see profitable changes happen. You may be paying an SEO company for their services, but this is nothing compared to the profits and ROIs you’ll earn after that.

Partner With the Optimization Pro and Watch Your Business Grow

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