Are you stuck asking yourself, “How to get traffic to a new Shopify store? Launching your eCommerce business on Shopify is a huge success – especially if it’s a newly launched online store. It’s always a big question that how can one generate more traffic to its Shopify clothing store.

It does not matter whether you are trying to attract your first customer or the thousand one, generating more traffic is a very important part of any business. Your clothing store must be properly optimized for getting traffic and conversions in order to grow your online store. More traffic is likely to bring more sales to your online store.

How to get Traffic on Newly Launched Shopify Clothing Store?

Generating more traffic on your store can be challenging but not impossible. Business platforms such as Shopify and amazon do not need anything to stand your business, not even serious coding skills and web design. There are some ways through which you can get more traffic to your new Shopify clothing store. These ways have been briefly described below.

How to Get Traffic to a New Shopify Store

1. Optimize your Online Store

Your store must be optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization is the basic thing that you need to get more traffic. Traffic will be there on your online store in case, your store appears in the search engine result pages, in front of the users. Your store will only appear in SERPs if it has properly search engine optimized.

Search engines give a quality score to every online store and on the basis of these scores, the stores appear in the results of people queries. You should use the best performing keywords in order to get high ranking in search engines. Keywords are the terms or phrases for which people search in search engines.

2. Content Marketing

No business can become successful without marketing their content. The descriptions of your clothes will help people to search for your Shopify store. The content should not be in-depth. It should just be descriptive and according to the right keywords.

To search proper keywords for your clothing store, you can use a tool like a keyword finder. The keywords with a lot of competition should be avoided. The keywords are there to target the audience. Search engines will bring you a high ranking after crawling.

3. Guest Posts

You can write guest posts for getting backlinks from different quality websites or shopping stores. Guest posts should be written but only those that are relevant to your business. Relevancy is everything.

In the case of a clothing store, you should only write guest posts for the other clothing or shopping stores, not for electronic stores. Guest posts generate backlinks and help to improve SEO.

Backlinks are helpful in generating a lot of traffic to your web store. Occasionally, you can link to relevant niche stores – but they need to be closely related in terms of niches.

4. Google Adwords

Use a Google Adwords agency to draw more people to your online store. It is a PPC (Pay Per Click) method in which you have to pay only for those people who have clicked on your ad.

This method works efficiently for generating a large amount of traffic to your website. Ads can be seen by a lot of people but you are not paying Google for impressions. In fact, you are paying for the clicks or traffic. It is a paid method of increasing traffic on your online store.

These ads will be shown in Google search engine, in google mail, YouTube, and also on play stores or IOS.

5. Organic and paid Ad Campaigns

For targeting the right audience who is interested in clothing, you have to run ad campaigns on social media. These campaigns can be paid or organic.

Organic campaigns don’t get maximum reach while in paid campaigns, there is an option to target the right audience. You can select the demographics. Paid campaigns can get more traffic to your Shopify clothing store than organic campaigns.

6. Integrate Social Media with Website

Integration is necessary in every case. You must focus on the integration of your website with all social media platforms. The sole purpose of social media platforms is to generate traffic to your website.

Instagram is much valuable as it can generate the highest amount of traffic to your online clothing store. Shopify has partnered with Instagram in order to make the shopping process easier on Instagram for customers.

The website should also have integration to your Facebook business page so that it’s easier for Facebook users to search for your Shopify clothing store.

7. Influencer Marketing

The influencers can boost up the traffic of your business in a great way. People love to hear from those who they like. Celebrities are of much importance in influencer marketing.

A person who has millions of likes and followers on their Facebook and Instagram accounts can increase the traffic of your website if they upload a message about your Shopify clothing store. Some bloggers are also influencers.

You can pay them for writing positively about your store in order to generate more traffic but don’t invest more than the revenue. Always keep your budget in mind.

8. Offer Sales

The word Sale leads to a sense of urgency among the people. Sales and offers create enticement in the people. The visitors are more likely to buy the clothes during the sale than in the normal routine.

You can also offer free shipping or free delivery in order to create a sense of comfort. Free shipping, sale, and vouchers are just a tactic used by the business owners to sell their products at a fast pace. You can also give rewards to those who refer to your online store. These are actually your loyal customers.

This kind of viral sales will drive more traffic to your Shopify clothing store.

More Traffic Leads to More Sales

One can easily generate a large amount of traffic by implementing the above described eight techniques. These techniques can easily help out not only a Shopify clothing store but also any online store that needs to get more and more traffic. More traffic ultimately leads to more customers and more sales. The sales are actually the revenue generation, that is the goal of every online and offline store.

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