How to Get More Patients in Your Medical Clinic

“Build it and they will come” – if only! Business is littered with companies – and medical clinics – which failed because they didn’t advertise correctly. After all, how do people come if they don’t know what you’ve built? Indeed, it’s common to wonder how to get more patients in your clinic or how to advertise your medical clinic.

how to get more patients in your clinic, how to advertise medical clinic

It’s not like clinics are lacking in options. You can advertise on the radio and in the local news. You can use pay-per-click ads to raise awareness or just hope that satisfied patients spread the word. However, you’re likely to need a broader approach to truly increase awareness and bring a sizable number of patients through your clinic’s doors.

How to Get More Patients in Your Clinic

What’s the solution to how to get more patients in your clinic? The answer is SEO – or search engine optimization.

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According to Pew Research, 59% of US adults looked online for specific health information – including their local hospital, nursing home, or medical clinic. Ranking in a search engine is, therefore, fast becoming the best way to reach a new audience.

Here’s how to get more patients in your medical clinic using SEO.

What is medical practice SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a method of altering your site to appear higher in search results. The higher your site appears the more likely potential patients will find it. In short – boosting your online visibility also increases your organic traffic.

You can expect numerous benefits:

Increased reputation.

More people hearing about your site’s excellent information will improve your reputation. Medical clinics already have a boost compared to their competition. Clinics are already seen as an authoritative source, meaning people who find your content will keep coming back.

Brand awareness.

Half the battle is simply getting patients to know your clinic exists. Improving your rank in Google is one solution. Occupying the top few spots in Google will lead to more organic traffic and more people aware of your clinic.

Targeted marketing.

If you put an ad on TV, you reach everyone – whether they need to hear it or not. In contrast, by improving your SEO, only patients actively searching for an answer or medical clinic will find your site and content. In a nutshell, you’re getting better results for less money.

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How to get more patients in your clinic

SEO works – there’s no need to keep asking how to advertise your clinic. But how does it work – and what strategies can your clinic adopt to see more people walking through the doors.

Follows these tips, and you’ll never ask how to advertise your clinic again:

1. Find the right keywords

All too often, businesses and medical clinics use poor keywords. They select basic strings like “heart disease” or “cancer”. First, no one searches for those keywords alone; second, those will be some of the most competitive keywords on the market. You’re not going to beat the big boys – don’t try.

Instead, you want to search for less competitive but high (or medium) volume keywords – for example, “treatments for bowel cancer” or “healthy diets for heart disease”. By using these keywords, you’ve increased your relevancy to the searcher and reduced your competition, making it easier to rank.

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2. Tailor content to keywords

Keywords should be sprinkled throughout your site’s content. For instance, “medical clinics in [city’s name]” should appear throughout your site. However, keywords really work wonders when you start producing blog content.

This is an opportunity to provide a valuable service to patients, build your reputation and patient trust, and increase the likelihood that you’ll rank. When constructing your content, try to write eye-catching titles and get people to click. A top tip is to use a list title or include a piece of information that searchers want to know more about. For example:

  • 6 Healthy Diet Tips for Heart Disease
  • Avocados are the Secret to Reducing Heart Disease. Here’s How.

It’s all about hooking people in and getting them to click.

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3. Use Google My Business

Google My Business is a directory of all the businesses registered with Google. Not being on Google My Business is like not being in the phonebook in the ‘50s – you may as well be invisible. Nor do you want potential patients reading incorrect information about your practice.

Claim your profile; update the information; link it to your website.

It’s also a critical source of reviews. Patients will almost always read prior reviews, and the better they are, the more likely it is to create more business. It’s like a modern-day form of word of mouth.

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4. Build reliable backlinks

Backlinks are “inbound” links from another site to your website. It’s perhaps the #1 factor determining how your page ranks on Google – after keywords. But backlinks don’t work if they’re merely from Facebook or Instagram. Rather, backlinks should come from reputable sources, like WebMD. In fact, a WebMD backlink – referencing a doctor at your practice – would be significantly more valuable than any local backlinks you could acquire.

Warning – do not buy backlinks. This rarely works and can backfire, leading to your website being demoted by Google. Backlinks should be organic and come from reputable sources – when possible.

5. Get on social media

Facebook pages and Instagram accounts are often the #1 ranked page for a medical practice. It’s not surprising. Facebook, in particular, skews towards an older demographic, meaning that’s where your target market is located.

It’s also a fantastic location to promote your blog posts and other aspects of your business. If you’ve not already got a page – make one now. If you have a Facebook page, make sure it’s up-to-date, and start using it.

It’s also helpful to engage with anyone who comments on your page – as this creates a positive cycle of further engagement.

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How to advertise your medical clinic – Use SEO

There’s no mystery about how to get more patients in your medical clinic. The secret is the internet – and, by extension, SEO. Use the tips listed above to improve your ranking and, when executed correctly, you’ll begin to see your patient numbers soar. It’s all about being consistent – SEO is a journey, not a destination.

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