If you intend to gather organic customer reviews for your business, a QR code generator for increasing Google My Business reviews can help you achieve this. These codes direct the user to the reviews and insert their opinions. Google reviews are an incredible option to enhance the SEO for your site. If the reviews include a good ranking and a genuine judgment regarding your business, the prospects of your organizations will improve.

qr code generator for google my business reviews

You should provide an accessible review option, and you can do so with the help of a QR code generator for Google. So do not miss or evade the opportunity of acquiring positive feedback and intently provide a platform to the voices of your customers.

QR Code Generator for Google – Step by Step Guide

Here’s a step by step guide that you can use to generate a QR code for your Google My Business. But first, you’ll need to open up the following QR Code tools:

  1. Google Place Finder Tool
  2. Google QR Code Generator

Step by Step Guide for Generating a QR Code:

The initial step requires you to access the Google Place Finder Tool. Through the site, find the location id of your business. By inserting the address, you can locate the place. Afterward, the site helps you to allocate a market for that location. You can customize the marker according to your business. There are multiple marker icons available. This tag allows you to point to the site on google maps. You can get the company on google maps by simply following these steps.

  • The address should include your business name, and the title should be similar to one provided to you by Google My Business Name.
    After the step, you have to copy the address id of your business. You can do so from the mass tooltip option, and the id is present under your business name.
  • You have to modify the business place id. Add the review URL to it. Afterward, place it in the search bar to access it.
  • The following steps involve the google QR generator. Access the site and insert your latest and modified URL. Multiple options are available for customizing your QR and selecting the dynamic option to make the QR code pattern random.
  • The google QR generator creates an appropriate QR code for you. You can access it in multiple ways. You can paste it, download it, or add it to your sites through the options. Afterward, your customers can instantly access it and provide you the reviews.

These simple steps allow you to get the QR code. There are various platforms for QR code generators, and however, the google QR code generator is the most simple, reliable, and accessible option available.

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Benefits of a QR code Generator

Following are the benefits you can procure through a QR code.

Instant Approach to Reviews

The QR code can instantly take you to the review. This code contains the link that you have converted. Your audience does not have to go through the hassle to access the review options, and they can scan the code through their smartphones and reach the review site. Therefore, if you want to validify your customers provide a platform for their opinions. Furthermore, ensure that these platforms are within reach of your audience, and to do so, use the QR codes.

Ease of Usage

The use of these codes is quite simple. All you need is a smartphone, and you will gain access to reviews.


You can add these QR codes anywhere. These can be included in the packaging of your products, on your websites, and on brochures. Any form of advertisement that you employ for your business can have a QR code. Assure that any interaction between you and the customer results in the provision of the reviews. To do so, you have to insert the QR codes on all the things associated with your company within the customer’s reach.

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Impact of Google Reviews

There is a significant impact of google reviews on your business. So let us understand the necessity of these reviews for your site.

Enhancing the Brand Knowledge

The customers that access the reviews through your QR code have an intention in mind. Those that access them provide assessments to the business. These reviews are informational and provide details regarding the necessary aspects of the company. These genuine opinions are essential for companies to assess themselves and enhance their progress. Furthermore, these provide the details on the working and uses of the particular company’s products. They also include the quality of services and the recommendations.

Increase the SEO

If your business has positive and consistent reviews, your Google ranking will increase. The more people talk about your business, the higher its probability of reaching the top searches. Google optimizes the search results constantly. So if your business is gaining momentum and your service protocol is efficient, you will acquire a place on the top results. When people review your business, they use your tags and QR codes. These include the links you have converted. So increased traffic of these links elevates the SEO for your business.

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Firm Customer Base

The new users acting as potential customers for your business have to do their research first. When they search about your company, they tend to read the reviews of the other customers. By thoroughly going through these options, they develop their judgment. If these reviews are positive, you will acquire more customers. As a result, your business prospects will enhance, and they will eventually boost your sales. Therefore, the business reviews can strengthen your current and latest customer base, ensuring prosperity.

Cherish and Value the Market Segments

The reviews enable people to provide their opinions regarding your business. The step enhances the interaction and your empathy towards the customer. By providing a platform to the customers, you value their existence. When businesses impart strength and power to their customers, they do not fret about marketing and their genuine and reliable customers will do so.


Using the step-by-step guide, generate the QR code for your Google My Business review. Provide a voice to your customers and witness the progress in your company by leaps and bounds. Do you need to take your internet marketing to the next level? Contact Clicta Digital today for a free consultation!