QR codes are one of the most underrated technologies. It’s available, but not everyone exhausts its potential. Generating leads through online channels is straightforward. You can generate leads by bringing users to your website or landing page when they provide their information. The challenge arises when you aim to turn offline users into qualified leads.

For instance, imagine you’re set to launch a new retail store in a month and are considering placing an advertisement in the local newspaper. Although it’s a powerful strategy, lead generation from a print ad relies on someone calling to express interest. The same holds for traditional ads like billboards, brochures, and TV ads.

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Creating QR Codes For Lead Generation

Imagine if you could seamlessly transition people from offline channels to online ones, like a website or a landing page. It is where these codes play a crucial role. These codes link offline and online channels, streamlining lead generation to be quicker, simpler, and more efficient.

Using these codes for lead generation is easy. With their flexibility, you can employ them in different ways to generate leads. Here are some real-life examples of how these codes can drive lead generation.

For Landing Pages or Websites

Google QR code generator can help create codes for landing pages or websites. Landing pages serve as the core of lead generation. By generating a QR code for your landing page and distributing it, users can effortlessly access it to provide their details.

Likewise, if you possess a page dedicated to email signups, crafting a QR code for it can help expand your email list. Beyond landing pages, it can also guide users to your website, generating valuable leads.

For Online Forms

Online forms are a powerful and efficient means of lead generation. These exciting and creative ways to use QR codes for marketing can direct users to an online form by utilizing the Feedback Forms QR code. This approach enhances the accessibility of your online form, leading to increased submissions and, consequently, more leads.

Using gamification is an impactful method for engagement and can also effectively fuel lead generation. As reported by Webinar Care, gamification can amplify trial usage by as much as 54% and 15% buy clicks.

There exists a variety of gamification approaches, including:

  • Badges
  • Leaderboards
  • Points
  • Quizzes
  • Scratch and win
  • Surveys

QR codes play a role in sharing all these gamified experiences. For example, you can utilize a QR code to guide users to a webpage where they can spin a wheel and bag a prize. Collecting users’ email addresses for participation can convert the gamification page into a valuable resource for obtaining qualified leads.

For Contact Information

You’ve probably used your business card to generate leads before. Hand out your card; if someone contacts you, they’re a potential lead. A digital business card can elevate this concept.

Craft a digital business card and add its QR codes for marketing to your regular business card. People can access your digital card and contact you when they scan the QR code.

Furthermore, you can incorporate your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics ID in your digital business card. It allows you to retarget users who explore your page.

For Informational Content

Valuable content serves as a powerful lead magnet. You’ve likely encountered businesses offering free courses, guides, research reports, and eBooks in exchange for your email. QR codes for marketing campaigns can facilitate user access to these lead magnets.

For instance, design one for an informative resource and place it on your ads, product packaging, and more to generate quality leads.

For Event Registration

Free events are an excellent means of lead generation, fostering a direct connection with potential customers. Webinars, live video sessions, and virtual events are rising in popularity, drawing active participants from diverse backgrounds.

Numerous brands host free virtual events, requiring attendees to provide their email addresses for registration, thus expanding their outreach and building valuable customer relationships.

QR code for lead generation can direct individuals to the event registration page, enabling them to sign up. This approach generates quality leads while enhancing event participation.

For Promotional Offers and Discounts

These codes are a powerful tool for providing discounts and coupons to consumers, enhancing the appeal of your marketing campaigns. You can craft a QR code for a dedicated page containing offers or discounts and share it with potential customers, making it a convenient and interactive way to engage with your brand’s promotions.

When users scan the QR code online, they can access details about coupon validity, terms and conditions and proceed to claim the discount.

You can request users’ email addresses when they wish to redeem the coupon. This approach enables lead generation.

Evaluate and Measure Your QR Campaigns

The effectiveness of a QR code depends on the number of scans it receives. To increase scans, your QR code must capture people’s interest.

Creating visually appealing codes enhances the likelihood of attracting attention and scans. Therefore, strengthen your codes with logos, colors, shapes, and other design elements to make them visually striking.

The positioning of the QR codes for marketing also holds significant influence over the scans it receives. Ensure that you place your QR code in a location where it’s easily visible and scannable by a larger audience. It encompasses high-traffic spots such as hoardings, billboards, and newspapers.

Be sure to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and monitor their progress. QRCodeChimp’s analytics dashboard offers comprehensive insights into the performance of your QR code campaigns. Utilize this data to evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness and make any necessary optimizations.

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Let Clicta Digital Lead the Way

Generating leads involves exploring various methods, and a marketer’s role is consistently discovering fresh avenues for lead generation. Using QR codes for marketing stands out as a potent yet often underestimated lead generation technology.

When employed strategically, your QR code can significantly elevate user engagement and yield valuable, qualified leads and sales, ultimately boosting your ROI. However, the versatility of these codes means their application will vary based on your brand, product, target audience, and marketing approach, requiring a tailored and thoughtful strategy for optimal results.

Should you wish to integrate QR codes into your marketing strategy, ensure that Clicta Digital supports you. We have the right resources to help you leverage this technology for your business. Call us today for a free consultation.