Learn how to select a PPC agency that not only achieves results but also provides strategic guidance and data-driven insights, maximizing the impact of your budget.

Businesses can delegate tasks by collaborating with industry professionals. Entrust specific responsibilities to a specialized team, such as managing paid media campaigns.

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Qualities to Seek in a Reliable PPC and Marketing Agency

Clicta Digital offers paid media services across diverse industries. However, you may discover advantages in collaborating with a specialized agency that has experience in your specific industry.

Expertise in market-specific knowledge is just one of the qualities that define a reputable PPC company. Consider the following characteristics of an exceptional PPC marketing agency as you navigate your search:

Industry Expertise

Specialized knowledge in the industry or category is crucial. Collaborating with novices is possible, but working with experienced professionals yields optimal results due to their expertise.

Account Management Transparency

Customers must have full access to their advertising accounts for performance reporting, metrics monitoring, and timely contact updates or modifications as needed. Maintaining visibility and control over account activities and details is paramount for our customers.

Continuous Learning

Mastery of evolving digital techniques has become indispensable for professionals striving to support clients effectively. Dedication to lifelong learning is also essential as marketing landscapes grow at unprecedented speeds.

PPC advertising agencies entrusted with developing pay-per-click strategies must demonstrate current certification. They must continuously commit to acquiring new skills and knowledge to stay relevant in technology-transformed industries.

Partners can only hope to provide guidance reflective of modern best practices through dedication to mastery of emerging trends. This dedication empowers clients to navigate dynamic environments and seize new opportunities.

Positive “Personality Fit”

Ensure that you genuinely enjoy working with the team. The discovery call provides an excellent opportunity to meet the team, ask questions, and gauge compatibility.

Understand KPIs

When exploring goals with potential PPC ads agency partners, inquire about their views on key performance indicators. It will help evaluate their comprehension of attribution modeling, reporting capabilities, and how data analysis informs campaign optimizations.

Ask them to describe their approach to tracking the metrics most critical to the success of your campaigns and business objectives. Understanding their methodology and expertise with KPIs is integral to identifying a partner well-equipped to deliver insights that drive results.

Selecting a PPC Agency in Four Simple Steps

Once you identify an agency that meets your initial criteria, extend your due diligence through exploratory interviews with prospective organizations.

Throughout this process, observe the critical qualities of a reputable PPC firm. These qualities include a willingness to listen, ask questions, and tailor their services to meet your specific needs.

Remember, a PPC company serves as an extension of your team — prospective partners should demonstrate the ability to solve problems and alleviate your workload.

1. Set Goals and Determine the Budget

Before selecting an agency, ensure your internal team agrees regarding goals and budget. PPC experts will likely seek details on these aspects. An eCommerce PPC agency should assist in identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate success.

If they recommend a budget increase based on your target audience, inquire about its reasoning. Engaging in these discussions during the discovery phase allows the agency to formulate the most effective strategy to support its campaign goals.

2. Conduct Thorough Research

Take the time to delve into information about potential PPC partners. While many agencies may promise “first page results” or “top-of-SERP ad placements,” looking beyond these assurances is crucial. Explore their strengths, past clients, and areas of expertise.

Initiate the research phase by leveraging your professional network. Examine each SEO PPC agency individually, compiling a list of their strengths and weaknesses.

Consider these key elements when reviewing a company’s website:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Industry experience
  • PPC case studies showcasing performance data
  • Reporting capabilities

3. Be Inquisitive: Questions to Pose to Your PPC Candidates

Digital marketing agencies vary widely, reflecting the diverse needs of their clients. To find your ideal match, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The nuances can significantly impact whether a company is your best PPC agency — approach initial discussions armed with a list of questions to address before committing to a contract.

Here’s a set of fundamental questions to consider, with room to add your specific queries:

  • What level of support do they provide for ad management and optimization?
  • Will they conduct weekly or monthly calls with you to review performance and strategy?
  • How frequently can they deliver reports, and what does the reporting process entail?
  • Who will be your point of contact and the members of your project team? Who will participate in meetings?
  • Which industries do they typically work with, and what is their specialty?
  • What is their PPC ads agency’s fee structure? Is it solely retainer-based, or is it calculated as a percentage of media spend?
  • Do they possess extensive experience in the paid media channels relevant to your target audience?
  • What recourse is available if you’re unsatisfied with the service? Is there a termination period, such as 30 or 60 days, if you change agencies or bring efforts in-house?

4. Set Clear Expectations

Ensure both teams are on the same page regarding workflows and responsibilities for specific assets or tasks. It’s crucial to have a detailed conversation with your chosen SEO PPC agency about data.

Set a sole reference point to guarantee goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and discussions based on precise information.

Decide whether to measure Google Analytics or Salesforce leads and report “real” revenue in GA4 or Shopify. Clarifying these decisions early in your collaborative efforts will enhance the efficiency of reporting calls.

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Elevate Your Paid Media Success with Clicta Digital

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