Are you looking for a quality Google keyword search tool? When you go to type a search into Google, you’re no stranger to search suggestions popping up. For SEO, you aim to focus on terms that amplify your traffic results. There are many resources, so what is the best Google Keyword Search Tool, and which is most advantageous for your marketing plan?

How to Choose the Best Google Keyword Search Tool

How to Choose the Best Google Keyword Search Tool for SEO

Well-known tools like Google Keyword Planner may work well for the big fish, but don’t forget about the little guy. Many sites offer free tools that help you kick up your SEO keyword game a few notches.

Shorttail keywords get results, but longtail keywords are a fantastic SEO tactic to utilize, too. While they generate less traffic, they lead to more conversion because the person searching is looking for something concrete.

These sites show you how to find both short and longtail keywords in your content so those searching can get direct results. They also show you how to use a combination of other keyword tactics to drive specific responses.

Comparison keywords can benefit content greatly because most people who search these terms are already at a selling point. They’re invested enough to seek an in-depth analysis of both products and services. Your content could be what sways them in one direction, leading to results.

Below are four Google keyword search tools that can do a lot of hard work for you. Each site has something unique to offer, catering to slightly different marketing needs.

Übersuggest Keyword Search Tool

Übersuggest is a free SEO tool that generates keywords that are useful to your mission. Originally by Google, Neil Patel bought Übersuggest and changed things up, expanding on the already-existing features.

How to Choose the Best Google Keyword Search Tool Ubersuggest Neil Patel

The concept is the same, though the interface is a bit different. You can type in a keyword, and Übersuggest will populate several longtail keywords relating to the original.

There are some outstanding features that Übersuggest offers. Some you will use, and some you may never—but the vast options increase possibilities to find keywords for every purpose.

Übersuggest will populate related search terms following your primary keyword. The related keywords complement another angle to the topic, covering additional bases.

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Übersuggest offers keyword suggestions based on questions. For example, if your main keyword is “wedding planner,” a keyword question sequence could be, “How much does it cost to hire a wedding planner?”

This site has comparison keyword suggestions that take two components and compare or link them. If your main keyword is “essential oils,” you may see “essential oils vs. modern medicine” as a suggestion.

That is highly useful because it shows someone is pretty far into the search process already. Your content could very well be what finalizes the decision.

The main features of Übersuggest include:

  • Domain overview
  • Top SEO pages
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Backlink data
  • Content ideas

Übersuggest offers these tools freely, but you can use paid services, too. This platform is convenient and straightforward to navigate, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

KeywordTool.Io Keyword Search Tool

This next one is quite literally called Keyword Tool, and it’s a fabulous resource. The site uses Google Autocomplete to do searches for the keywords you type in.

Keyword Tool Best Google Keyword Search Tool

There are eight tabs to choose from in the search bar:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Play Store
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

This tool pulls from all of these sites so you can really customize your search. There are filter features and negative keyword tabs to sift through, too. You can use this keyword search tool for content creation, SEO, international SEO, and advertising.

Keyword Tool is entirely free to use, but there is a Keyword Tool Pro version and API Access tool that you can pay to use. Keyword Tool advertises that the free search feature can generate over 750 results, and the pro version should generate double that.

Most marketing on the website focuses on being just as good as Google Keyword Planner, but without constant hassling for paid advertising.

SEO Scout Keyword Search Tool

When it comes to organization and optional features, SEO Scout is a great site to check out. You can start a free trial that lasts for 14 days. During that time, you can check out all of the bells and whistles SEO Scout has to offer.

How to Choose the Best Google Keyword Search Tool seo scout

Using Google’s People Also Ask, you will get keyword and content analysis. There’s a feature called  NPL topic + entity research tool where you can compare to your competitors. It offers a grouping tool as well where you can round up topics and ideas for content.

SEO Scout offers an SEO testing tool that finds snippets of best performing content to produce more successful results. You can also test your performance in Google unlimited when you use the paid version.

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This site scans your content to see if your pages are competing with one another. Once it pinpoints an issue, it will suggest ways to avoid content cannibalization.

In addition to Google’s People Also Ask, SEO Scout pulls information from Quora and Google Suggest. If you find that this site delivers the exact results you seek, the paid pricing starts at 29 dollars.

SEO Scout Free Features:

  • Scout Suggest: Free Keyword Research Tool
  • Googler SERP Simulator
  • Schema Generator
  • Keyword Combiner
  • Keyword Grouping Tool
  • Keyword Intent Organzier
  • Text Analyzer

If you find that this site delivers the exact results you seek, the paid pricing starts at 29 dollars.

Answer the Public Keyword Search Tool

Answer the Public has keyword search tools with a modern, sleek website layout with a convincing copy. You can type in a few keywords to the search bar, just like the others on our list.

How to Choose the Best Google Keyword Search Tool answer the public

Answer the Public offers its own creative spin on the search results. All search results display in an eye-catching circular design. Each phrase in the circle suggests a different string of keyword combinations to use to your advantage. For example, we plugged the broad keyword “jewelry” in the tool and the image above represents the long-tail keywords provided. This is a great start for putting together a content marketing strategy.

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The site pulls from YouTube and Google to give you comprehensive looks into what people are searching for. You can better aim to snag readers, giving them valuable content that answers their questions right off the bat.

They have taken a creative approach to deliver keyword ideas to grow your business organically. In addition to keyword ideas, the website offers:

  • An affiliate program
  • Masterclass videos
  • Webinars
  • Consulting

Answer the Public has free keyword research options, but they also have paid plans if you need one.

So, What Google Keyword Search Tool Catches Your Attention?

While many of these tools offer the same free resources, one site will better acclimate to what you need in a Google keyword search tool. These excellent sites provide ideal insights to your SEO plan in place, targeting your audience in a more precise manner.

Plenty more exist, with options becoming more readily available as the need arises.

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