Content marketers and SEOs often prioritize high-volume search queries. While this is right, a successful content marketing strategy should cater to all sales funnel stages, including the bottom. Invest in the bottom of funnel content, too. Why?

Some of your most effective organic traffic and valuable content may revolve around keywords with no search volume or ones that still need to be created.

High-volume searches usually match with top of the funnel (TOFU) buying intent. These searchers seek general information or are in the early stages of product/topic research, so many need to be closer to making a purchase decision.

bottom of funnel content

BOFU Content — What Is It?

Bottom of the funnel content is the last step in a buyer’s journey, where they consume information to decide on a purchase. BOFU content encourages sales while providing value, like content in earlier stages of the funnel.

BOFU content isn’t limited to sales letters or product pages — it should match search intent for B2C audiences or address objections for B2B.

For instance, someone buying SaaS might compare features, while consumer product shoppers might read affiliate content or watch YouTube recommendations. Local service seekers often rely on reviews.

The key is to build trust and show why your product or service is the best choice, even if it’s pricier.

How Can You Spot the Bottom of the Funnel Content Ideas?

As a marketer, you often use keyword research tools for content ideas. You use metrics like search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty to gauge demand and validate assumptions. More searches mean more potential traffic, right?

However, your approach should be different when it comes to BOFU content. To optimize it, you must truly understand what your prospects need. You need to empathize with their concerns when they’re ready to purchase.

Can the product or service be delivered as promised? Are there satisfied customers? Is customer support robust? Is pricing transparent? Does the content for top to bottom of funnel suit their industry?

While keyword tools are helpful, they can’t be your sole method. Sometimes, relevant terms may show low or no search volume. Relying solely on such data might cause you to pay attention to content that could lead to higher conversions.

Formats of BOFU Content

The content you seek at this stage should address these questions and assist you in making a decision, even if that decision involves purchasing a competitor’s product.

Case Studies

Some consider case studies MOFU material, but viewing them as the bottom of the funnel content is worth trying. When someone clicks on a case study, they’re likely actively considering a buying decision for your product.

Case studies offer a unique opportunity to showcase a customer’s success story and gain profound insights into why they chose your product and how it improved their life.

Here’s how to create a successful case study:

  1. Identify your ideal customers.
  2. Find a successful customer who matches your ideal customer profile.
  3. Interview this customer to gather essential information, including their success story, the problem they faced, how they solved it with your product, and the results.
  4. Before creating the best bottom of funnel content, understand what they thought before becoming a customer.
  5. Explore how their life has changed with your product.
  6. Compile this information into a compelling case study.
  7. Craft an attention-grabbing headline that highlights your customer’s type and the outstanding results they achieved with your product. For example, “How a Real Estate Agent Achieved +235% ROI with [Your Product]” or “How a Freelancer Transitioned to an Agency Model After Doubling Their Client Count Using [Your Solution].”

“[Brand Name] Alternatives” Pages

It is one of the best examples of content marketing bottom of the funnel. Your goal here is to show your target customers why your product can fulfill their needs better. Emphasize the features your competitor lacks but your product excels in. It makes it easier for people considering a product switch to try your brand.

For example, instead of reviewing alternatives, take it further by examining the product you’re replacing. Their page includes sections like pros and cons, features, and “why people use Slack?”

It explains why the tool isn’t perfect, and as you read further their bottom of the funnel content page, you’ll find the actual alternatives, including their product as one of the Slack alternatives.

Competitor Versus Product Comparisons

People often search for keywords like “Burger King or McDonald’s” or “Lyft vs.Uber.” To meet this search intent, you can distinguish your product from others and help your ideal customer decide if your product is the best choice for them. The aim here is to convey your unique value proposition (UVP).

Once readers grasp your UVP, they can determine if your product aligns with their needs and take the desired action. This bottom-of-the-funnel content marketing strategy also positions your brand as a specialist rather than a generalist, increasing your product’s perceived value.

Here’s how to create a product comparison page:

  1. Choose a popular competitor’s product.
  2. Select comparison points (features, performance, and use cases) based on your ideal customer’s priorities.
  3. Provide an unbiased review of the competitor’s product.
  4. Create a comparison table for easy reference, and use the rest of the post to discuss each point in detail.
  5. Conclude the comparison. Your content marketing bottom of the funnel content should be on top if your product is superior and you’ve chosen the right comparison points.

For example, ClickUp often compares its products to competitors, highlighting their best features compared to Trello, which offers more limited free options than ClickUp.

bottom of funnel content

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