It’s tough to grow your Shopify store just from a scratch. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible to learn how to get more sales on your Shopify store. It takes time and investment to be successful with Shopify. It’s easy to get traffic than to make sales. You will have to possess a well-defined marketing strategy in order to make a large number of sales.

The ultimate purpose of every business is to make sales or in other terms, revenue generation. No one wants to invest without getting revenue. After creating your online store, the next step is to get customers on your Shopify store. This can be achieved by following some tips that have been described below:

How to Get Sales on Shopify Store

Targeted Traffic

In the first days of your business, you must focus on the targeted traffic in order to know whether people are taking an interest in your business or not. Without traffic, there is no other option to be successful. Only a small ratio of traffic converts into customers so the main target of every business is to get the maximum amount of traffic. Those people who are interested in your brand are actually the targeted ones. Set up Google Analytics in advance in order to keep a check on the traffic and other main factors like bounce rate and demographics.

Focus on Low Hanging Fruit

You must focus on the free sources which can provide your Shopify store with a large amount of traffic. Low hanging fruits are those which are easy to approach. In eCommerce, the low hanging fruits are the free sources for getting traffic. You can create a discount on purchasing two products in order to entice the customers.

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Free coupons, free delivery, and sales are also included to entice visitors to make a purchase. Add the URL of your online store to your social media profiles for driving traffic to your website. More traffic will result in making more sales. Don’t send spam messages to your customers because it usually irritates them. Share the links on your personal profiles. Many online store owners make their first sale through their personal connections.

Online Communities

Joining online communities is the best source for getting traffic. Don’t hesitate to put the URLs of your store in the right place. Join Facebook groups like Shopify store and other online communities. Share your links on these groups for getting maximum reach. In the starting days of the business, these tactics work a lot in increasing traffic and making sales.

User Experience

The user experience of Shopify puts the customers first and they also get back to your store for purchase. Your Shopify store website must be mobile-friendly in order to provide the users with the best experience, making more chances of them to return back to you for other products’ purchases. It’s a fact that people don’t refer to a website that is not mobile-friendly. Focus on your website’s device optimization to appear in SERPs and will help to increase sales.

Paid Advertising/Marketing

Paid advertising is for the growth of your business. If you want to make money from your online business then you also have to pay for it. Without investment, no business is possible. Paid advertising campaigns are fully targeted ones and they can bring a large amount of traffic to your website and thus making sales. Paid advertising is the best way to get targeted traffic within a short duration of time.

You have to manage and analyze your campaigns in order to modify it every time in order to get the desired results. Before doing advertising on social media, you must create content for every social media platform so that your feed must not be empty when visitors check for it. For websites, you can also use paid advertising in Google to get an appearance in search engine result pages. Google Adwords is best for paid advertising.

Social Media Advertising/Marketing

You can also advertise organically on social media. You have to create unique content for social media platforms in order to bring traffic from social media to your online store. Your Shopify store will start making sales in short days if you are focusing on social media marketing. On social media, there are both options either market organically or use the paid methods of advertising and marketing. Ecommerce stores can find a lot of customers on social media like clothing and shopping stores. If you pay for social media marketing then it will be a form of paid advertising through which you can get targeted traffic.


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Blogging is a useful and cost-effective tool to get maximum traffic. The more traffic will lead to more sales. You can also make your own blogging platform for your business or you can reach other bloggers for writing about your products and share it with their community. This will help you to bring maximum traffic and maximum sales. When bloggers or influencers write or talk about your product, this form of marketing is called influencer marketing. In this type of marketing, it becomes easy to get more visitors to be turned into customers as they trust the credibility of those influencers. You can also write guest posts for getting backlinks and improving your SEO. One other way is to ask your customers to write product reviews in order to increase your business’ credibility.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is useful for targeting new visitors and retargeting customers. In retargeting, you send emails to those visitors who have some products in their cart. Its purpose is to remind them about their Wishlist. You can also send automated emails to your visitors about the updates of your Shopify store and products. Unlike, you can also send personalized emails as it leads to the sense of the personalized relationship of your business with the customers. People still read emails if the emails are written professionally and properly. This method can also help your business to increase sales.

These tips will help your Shopify store to grow and making sales. Sales are actually the ultimate purpose of every business. Have a question about increase sales in your Shopify store? Contact the Shopify SEO experts at Clicta Digital today for a free consultation!