YouTube influencer marketing is not a new strategy. Endorsements by celebrities and A-list stars have long been utilized to sell different products and services. Then again, celebrity endorsements aren’t the same as influencer marketing. Influencers nowadays are ordinary people who stumbled upon internet fame and ventured into selling products and services.

Unlike celebrities, these influencers create unique content and authentically engage with their followers. One of the first platforms to start this trend was YouTube. Since then, influencer marketing has become a buzzword among businesses wanting to reach their target audiences.

youtube influencer marketing

How Does Influencer Marketing Work on YouTube?

Influencers can convince their followers to jump on a particular product bandwagon. They can build solid connections with a brand, which can last a long time. On the other hand, celebrities try to sell a brand by making it trendy. When that brand goes out of fashion, people tend to stop buying it.

Some marketing principles remain the same, whether you’re doing it on YouTube or other platforms. For example, you need to find the right influencer to use them as brand ambassadors for the first time. Next, you must get your chosen influencer excited about your brand. These strategies are shared on social media platforms.

However, when launching influencer marketing on YouTube, you must have a more in-depth knowledge of how the platform works to make compelling videos. While finding someone with a loyal following is essential, you also need someone with that creative flair you can positively associate with your brand.

After that, you must develop a strategy. You need specific goals, too. You can sell your products immediately or start by building brand awareness. Know that the strength of any YouTube campaign is building brand awareness.

If you’re delving into influencer YouTube marketing, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the prevailing rates for sponsorship fixed payments and payments for results. Given the typically extended duration of YouTube campaigns, planning is essential.

You also need to remember that the platform’s unique features include the fact that it’s both a search engine and a social media platform simultaneously. YouTube is next to Google in size, with at least one-third of internet users on the platform. Its sheer size offers enough growth opportunities for businesses of any size.

9 YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Try

If you’re eager to leverage YouTube for your marketing campaigns, here are the best strategies to try with YouTubers.

1. Brand Awareness

This campaign differs from traditional marketing campaigns because the goal is awareness instead of sales. While the content you’ll publish with brand awareness campaigns has exact product placement, the goal is to set you apart from the rest of the competition.

You can implement a successful YouTube influencer marketing strategy by harnessing the extensive reach of influencers on the platform through compelling video content and paid ads. These influencers’ followers can watch the ad and learn more about your brand.

2. Product Unboxing

Lifestyle and niche influencers often conduct product unboxings and reviews. In an unboxing video, the influencer will open a box and offer a sneak peek of the sponsor’s products, packaging, and services.

While reviews may come after the unboxing, the influencer may choose to do an independent product review. The review’s purpose is similar to unboxing, but its goal is to introduce the product and the company to its target audience. It also aims to show why the product is valuable to the campaign’s lead influencer.

Work with a YouTube influencer marketing agency and try this strategy.

3. Sponsored Videos

The good thing about sponsored videos is that they have unlimited applications. You can use it to do a quick service or product overview or create a deeper look into a brand’s offerings. The influencer may receive a set of rules from the company or be granted creative control by the brand.

These videos can come in various forms, and the company could pay for them. These companies may also be overt in their service or product offerings or only be featured in the video. Either way, leveraging these videos is an example of a YouTube influencer marketing strategy.

Being featured is the most common type of sponsored video since it’s more natural and offers more freedom to the content creators in their approach.

4. Product Placement

It is arguably the most recognizable ad type since it can be splashed across movies and major television shows. They may come in the form of people wearing a particular brand, using a specific computer, or eating a well-known snack brand.

These product placements are helpful since they feature a brand’s services or products efficiently and casually, essentially normalizing their usage.

5. Tutorial Videos

If you’re looking for one of the most successful YouTube influencer marketing examples, tutorials or how-to videos are the answer. These types of content offer immense value to the audience. It doesn’t matter if micro-influencers or celebrities do it; videos add value to your target audience by helping them get acquainted with your brand, product, or service.

6. Vlogs

Vlogs showing how a specific influencer’s day goes are among the best ways to let your audience know about your existence. It’s more natural than most marketing campaigns that appear to be staunch sales pitches.

With vlogs as your YouTube influencer marketing strategy, you can inconspicuously introduce your brand or product to millions of people, quickly creating a marketing funnel.

7. Giveaway Campaigns

Giveaway campaigns, like contests, introduce the brand while teasing your audience with the possibility of giving freebies. People are usually hesitant to pay for something they’re not convinced about. Hence, it’s easier to introduce a new product by giving it away for free. Once they’ve tried the product and are convinced they need it, they can press the “purchase” button.

8. Behind-the-Scene (BTS)

If you want your audience to understand your company’s environment, practices, and mission, use BTS content as a YouTube influencer marketing strategy.

Many people get hooked on a brand because of modern advertising practices’ direct reach and personality. You can establish an even closer relationship between your brand and customers with BTS photos and videos.

9. YouTube Live

YouTube is versatile, and it’s best for marketing videos. As such, there are plenty of options for brands going down the influencer marketing path. With creativity and the right person to represent your brand, you can start building the best approach.

You can go for product placements and let the influencer partly discuss the product without making it the center of the whole video.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

Turn Your Business Around With the Right YouTube Marketing Techniques

YouTube influencer marketing is more than just an industry practice. It’s a business strategy that allows brands to get in touch with their target markets without being too pushy or hungry for attention. You can make your brand relevant and relatable with the right content and product placement.

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