Are you wondering how to acquire new patients with Google AdWords? Every smartphone has a person attached to it. Yes, you read that right. And ironically, if we look closely this phrase has a strong meaning. Scrolling, chatting, reading, writing, audio-video calling, official meetings, shopping, and whatnot. Everything is available in a few taps on your smart screen. This is exactly how businesses are generating quality leads.

How to acquire new patients with google ads

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to show you ads based on your interests or the words you talk, converse near your phone. Yes, many of us have experienced that the thing we talked about social platforms in no time starts to show us relevant ads of the relevant products or services. This is exactly how many medical and healthcare practices acquire new patients with Google AdWords.

Acquire New Patients With Google AdWords

In the field of medicine where you know a little about social platforms and digital ads. Though the idea of getting leads from the web is attractive. Here is a smart guide of getting new patients and building your trust in your audience through Google AdWords.

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising tool for your online presence or business. Here you can easily advertise your business, services, products, offers, and applications for web users. This tool works wonder for a business with its amazing features like:

  • Keyword Planner
  • AdWords Express
  • IP Address Exclusion
  • Ads Manager Account
  • Ad Extension
  • Remarketing
  • Reach Planner

Keyword Planner allows you to look for well-searched words or phrases with good search volume for optimization. It helps you getting long-tail, short-tail keywords to optimize your website, web-pages, and social accounts.

Online Advertising

The advertisement has an important role in generating leads for a business. It is the primary display of your products, service, or offer to your audience. As people are shifting to online streaming, chatting, calling apps for official meetings other than entertainment purposes. This digital conversion has massive reach with the ability to viral any content in seconds.

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Thus, Google AdWords has made online advertising easy, you can now select the area, people with certain demographics; age group, gender, or location you want to target. It will display your ad developed by google to the selected audience which might have an interest in your product. It will boost the conversion rate and bring more traffic to your website.

How to Acquire New Patients with Google AdWords?

Healthcare is the primary service you can provide the people online with the help of websites and applications. If you use the online tools properly you can acquire more leads. Due to pandemic Covid-19, people are scared to visit clinics, hospitals, pharmacies to catch coronavirus and this is the best time to update your official page or website with useful precautions and information.

Healthcare professionals can play their role in the war against this virus through social forums. It is the time when people are staying at home for safety purposes and if you work smartly you can get to your targeted audience in no time. There are some tips and tricks you can get patients with the help of Google AdWords:

Create a Campaign

There are various types of campaigns for different goals like sales, leads, website traffic, product promotion, brand awareness, and many others. You have to select the options related to the healthcare niche to create a campaign for online advertisements. If your goal is to get new patients you should display your services and offers to your online community. It will give you an instant reach to the targeted audience.

Setup the Demographics

Set the area, location, age group, gender, and other demographics to target a certain audience. This setting will show your ad to a selective audience online. It has more chances to get you, new patients, with the help of Google AdWords.

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Ads Display

Display after selecting an ad format related to your service. Demographics will help you in selecting a perfect format for online ads. Ads get the attention of the users which bring more clicks to your landing page through the link.

Call to Action

Once you started getting leads from your ads, it is the time when your call to action button works wonder for your business. The accurate placement of CTA highers your conversion rate. It means the user has clicked the button of the goal.

Add Keywords and Key Phrases

Keyword Planner allows you to look for well-searched words or phrases with good search volume for optimization. It helps you getting long-tail, short-tail keywords to optimize your website, web-pages, and social accounts. You can add medical-related keywords and key phrases to optimize your content. This optimization will show your ad developed by Google on the first page in the search engines which will get more clicks. This is how you will get more leads and can convert them into new patients willing to visit you or your clinic/ hospital.

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Search Volume

How many times a word, phrase or sentence has been searched through a search engine, this figure can be obtained by the feature of keywords search volume. It is very important to check the search volume of the keywords or key phrases you are adding for optimization. It gives the figures about exact searches, real-time searches, etc.


Trends tell us more about what is happening and what is going to get more clicks. If you try to infuse some trending keywords, phrases (if they somehow show relevance to your niche) in your ad creative. You will definitely get new patients or retrieve your previous patients. For Example: If you display ads with and add the idea of preventions from COVID-19 it will attract more people and your ad will get more clicks on it.

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