Are you wondering how to promote your online store? As a multi-billion dollar industry, using eCommerce marketing to boost online sales is more popular than ever. You can focus on SEO, organic traffic, paid ads (whether that’s on social media or Google) for marketing purposes. It can be a costly decision to execute this on your own, however, if you’re able to “crack the code” you’ll be able to grow your online store at an exponential rate. This is where an experienced eCommerce marketing agency can really help you.

You can also mix organic and paid traffic methods in order to observe which method suits your business and then go in that direction. But it is worth noting that all marketing strategies should be dynamic in nature. You have to evolve your marketing strategies from time to time in order to stay competitive. In order to grow your eCommerce business, you must have a well-defined eCommerce marketing strategy. Take a look at our tips below to help you design your online marketing strategy.

how to promote your online store in 2020

How to Promote Your Online Store:

  1. eCommerce Marketing Plan

    1. Firstly, you have to design your eCommerce marketing plan. It will include your goals or objectives of your brand and the message you are going to deliver on different platforms. It will also include the answers to the questions like which platforms you will use for marketing and which marketing tactics you are going to apply for your business. Your mission statement matters a lot for designing the message of your brand. Your target audience and budget will also be defined while making this plan.
  2. Content Marketing

    1. Content marketing comes first in eCommerce marketing strategy. Content is considered as the king of online world. If there is no content, there is no online business. In content, blogging is the cost-effective way to promote your eCommerce business online. Many business owners don’t count blogging in their promotional activity but it’s not a bad idea to use blogging for reaching maximum of people for promoting your business. It’s a kind of B2C (Business to Customer) activity.
  3. Video Content

    1. Video content do best for conversion in comparison with the pictures and text ads. Today’s generation love to watch videos than the still images. Try to create videos related to your products. You can describe the instructions of your products in the videos. Videos can increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce business.
  4. Interactive Content

    1. The content that you are creating for the promotion of your business must be interactive as the people love to comment and share that content which they like. Interaction also comes in the form of the feedback. You must keep in mind that your content should be public and shareable. Anyone can share it. When your users share your content, it can reach to the maximum number of audience and thus people will get awareness about your e-shop.
  5. User Generated Content

    1. User generated content is always trustworthy. Customers make a lot of purchases by seeing user generated content. Sharing such content can be helpful for your business. Reposting the content, shared by your users about your products can become a reason for your increased sales.
  6. Social Media Marketing

    1. In this era, social media marketing can’t be ignored. You have to create content for all social media platforms in order to connect with the customers. Put the ads on social media at the time when your users are active. A lot of active customers are social media users. Therefore, marketing on social media is much more necessary than ever before.
  7. Email Marketing

    1. Email marketing is an important eCommerce marketing strategy. It helps to convert visitors into customers. The emails are sent to the visitors in order to keep them updated about the new products. The emails are also to remind your visitors to purchase those items that are in their cart. Emails are still read by people if they are written professionally. Email marketing should not be ignored while marketing your eShop.
  8. Marketing through Unboxing

    1. You can also do marketing by making the videos of unboxing. It will have a huge impact on the visitors. You can also encourage your customers to purchase more products by providing them with their product within the same day, they placed their order. Existing customers need your more focus than the newer ones. Focus on them by giving them extra offers and they will surely refer others to buy from your e-shop.
  9. Never Neglect SEO

    1. SEO – or search engine optimization – is not something to be neglected for your e-shop promotion. SEO optimized content of your website will surely appear in search engine results and automatically increase the traffic of your website. Follow the algorithms of the search engines in order to get a high ranking in SERPs. Otherwise, your content will be of no use.
  10. PPC Campaign Optimization for your E-shop:

    1. Clicks are of no use if they didn’t convert into sales. Many people just click on your ads but they don’t purchase anything, you have to pay for it but you get nothing in return. ROI goes down and it brings your business to loss. High performing keywords can help your business to get maximum benefit through PPC campaigns. Google analytics tool is the one that can provide you with the results of your keywords like which keywords are getting more conversions. In this way, you can use maximum high performing keywords in your content which can drive better ROI.
  11. Product Listing Ads (PLA):

    1. Product listing ads are very powerful which one use in eCommerce marketing strategy. Product listing ads include the picture of the product, its reviews and the price. Every successful eCommerce business is using this type of ads. You need a Google merchant account and Google ads account for using Google shopping ads.
  12. Retargeting:

    1. Retargeting is one of the important techniques, not be forgotten by eCommerce business owner. Retargeting is the process of displaying your ads to those people who showed an interest in your products before. Retargeting process can double the rate of your conversions. You must not ignore this factor of retargeting. It comes with a very low CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and is always worth the small investment.

These are the twelve tips for designing an eCommerce marketing strategy that answers the questions of how to promote your online store. These tips will help you a lot in designing an effective marketing strategy.

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