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The term, reputation marketing is evolved from the combination of reputation management and brand marketing. It is a specialized version of brand marketing. It involves the brand reputation by getting positive online reviews and providing good experiences on social media platforms. Online reviews have a much impact on the purchases of consumers. Reputation marketing refers to the real-time brand identity that businesses capture from online comments, reviews, complaints, and critiques that come from their customers. The online reputation of a business can has a serious impact on its success and failure. Negative reviews may affect the ability of a business to secure its financial assistance. Your business could be affected in a way by what people say about it. The online platforms also have an impact on the economy. Word of mouth is more powerful and it is present in the form of online reviews and comments on social media platforms.

Reputation marketing is the active management of your customer’s comments and criticisms to create the brand image that you desire. Customers are always eager to post the reviews on your website so it’s your duty to manage them online. Some of the most effective ways to gather feedback on your brand are through online surveys, contests for users on your Facebook page or from your email list, opening your blog posts up for comments, or tweeting questions for your followers to answer. Waiting around for a good reputation to “happen” to you isn’t an effective marketing strategy. If you want to have your customers say positive things about your products and services, you need to put the time and energy into making that happen. To do this, you need to open yourself up to what’s going on around you. Read the comments, search relevant hashtags, or scan the internet for reviews of your business. Once you’re aware of what people are saying, you have the power to harness it.

Reputation is an expectation of future behavior based on past experiences, which means first impressions and your stakeholder’s experiences with your brand are critical to developing a positive reputation.

Emerging sociological and consumer trends indicate trust in brands is declining; consumers are more informed, connected, and skeptical than ever before; and stakeholders want to respect the brands they choose to engage with. This is where reputation marketing comes in. Reputation marketing is an important task and is a must to handle for making your business successful.
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