Short, sweet, and to the point. That is what most people nowadays desire and since we carry around a pocket computer everything is practically at our fingertips. This can be an amazing opportunity for businesses if they utilize it correctly. Pay-Per-Click Ads and Call-Only Ads on Google are two of those ways.

For the longest time people have used Pay-Per-Click Ads or Text Ads, the difference being that Pay-Per-Click Ads give an individual an option between going to the website and making the call.

8 Strategies for Effective Call Only Ads on Google

Now it’s becoming more profitable for businesses to use what is known as a Call-Only Ad on Google. They’re fast, they are less hassle and with it being a call-only ad it feels more personal, like the potential customer’s needs and wants are value more than a dollar sign above their head. Call-Only Ads on Google are also great because they’re right there at the customer’s fingertips, they only have to hit call in order to obtain whatever it is they need.

Strategies for Effective Call-Only Ads on Google

There are many effective strategies for effective call-only ads on Google. We’ve broken them down into a bullet-list for you below but have gone into further detail in the following paragraphs:

  1. Appearances are everything.
  2. It’s in the details.
  3. Try bidding high.
  4. Location targeting.
  5. List your services using keywords.
  6. Availability and routine.
  7. Keep track of those calls.
  8. Extensions could mean more exposure.
  9. Bonus Tip!

1. Appearances Are Everything.

When you meet someone for the first time you always want to make sure you look nice, it’s usually how people remember you seeing as humans are visual creatures. The same applies here. You want to make sure your grammar is correct, there aren’t any misspelled words or wrong numbers.

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If your words are misspelled it looks like you are lazy and don’t really care about your business, it could push your potential customer towards another competitor whose call-only ad looked more professional. A single wrong number in your call-only ad campaign could also be just as disastrous. The percentages of customers who call back are slim to nil. Take that extra moment to recheck your google call-only ad campaign. It could be a lifesaver.

2. It’s in the Details.

This one could go hand in hand with the above statements as well. One thing you have to remember as you are putting in the information that will show for your call-only ad on Google is that not everyone has the same phone. What do I mean? Well, someone who has a flip phone is not going to see the same as someone with the newest iPhone. The screen sizes vary vastly. This is important to know when you’re deciding whether or not you want to add in headers or when choosing the name of your business to show. Bear with me, if you choose to simply put computer repairs and then a number it doesn’t have the same feel, it’s not as personal. We are creatures of comfort.

Now if you wrote, “Fred’s Computer Replacement and Repair Service..”, that seems more professional, more personal and people are more likely to trust this than the one stated previously. “Well, what does this have to do with choosing to use or not use a header?” You may be asking. Well, that’s simple. On a smaller phone, Google wants them to see your ad but they have to make it more compact, so it may not show your header but simply the name of your business. If you only have the first example name where it just says what you do, you could possibly be skipped over for someone who has the more personal touch like in the second example.

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There was also a study done where they compared the rate of calls for those with a header and those without. The ones without the header and a good business name ranked higher in call volumes than those with the header. This isn’t saying one is better than the other, it’s just something to chew on while you decide what is best for your business.

3. Try Bidding High.

With Call-Only Ads on Google being so popular with their two-click method for potential customer contact the bidding can be fierce compared to the bids for clicks. It would probably be better to spend a little more money, bidding high and ensuring that you take that top spot with the most views/click/calls than to underbid and lose it.

4. Location Targeting.

When placing your call-only ad on Google you’re going to want to remember to use location-specific things such as local phone numbers, if you have more than one place of business as in multiple cities, towns, or states, you want to be able to send them to those closest to them. There’s nothing more infuriating than having an emergency and not being able to find someone in your area or close to your area.

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5. List Your Services Using Keywords.

This could come in handy when someone is in a rush and speed reading, they’re not going to catch every single word, which is why it’s important to use keywords. If you’re a computer repair place that also does replacements and maybe you build them on the side too then you could use words like that to draw attention. Using words such as Computer Repair, Replacement, Build, those are all keywords to what you do. The better the keywords, the better chances of successful calls.

6. Availability and Routine.

Do not set your call times for when you aren’t available. The chances of a customer calling back are pretty slim, the odds of them leaving you a voice mail are barely higher than the callback. What you might find helpful is picking certain days out of the week to dedicate to your call-only ads on Google. If you aren’t able to dedicate whole days, then pick days and then pick the hours. You don’t want to risk having a high influx of calls and no one being there to answer them.

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7. Keep Track of Those Calls.

In order to keep track of whether or not you’re losing money over gaining money, you need to keep track of the calls. Not all calls from the call-only ads on Google result in conversation or the actual sale of the product or service. You may find that you need to readjust your keywords, change your description, or your hours. All of this can be figured out by tracking whether or not your calls result in the desired actions.

8. Extension Could Mean More Exposure.

Think of extensions like add-ons. For example, the location extension that Google offers for your call-only ad campaigns will make it so that the potential customer can see exactly where you’re located and how far away it is from them. This could come in handy for a potential customer who doesn’t have a big window for time or maybe they aren’t comfortable going too far from their home. Seeing that you’re located relatively close to them could seal the deal.

Save yourself time, money, and a headache.

It’s no secret that investing in call-only ads on Google takes some trial-and-error before seeing results. Why not save yourself the time, money and headache but utilizing services with professionals who already know the ropes and have the experience? As you continue growing your business, you’re going to have less and less time to manage your marketing campaigns. Brace yourself…here comes the shameless self-promotion! Schedule a meeting with our Denver Pay-per-click agency experts today for a free consultation. We not only help you reach your goals, but we’ll break down exactly what it’ll take to get you there!

With these strategies, I hoped to help you make the decision on whether or not call-only ads on Google are a good fit for you and your company. Are you ready to place your call-only ad campaign on Google, yet?