Are you wondering how you can use geolocation data in retail marketing and local stores? With the latest mobile technology, the concept of retail marketing has been changing rapidly. The geo-location features of the mobile can help online marketers to do retail marketing in a perfect way. The ability of smartphones to track a person’s location is providing marketers with an opportunity to do retail marketing in a proper way as it can provide you with accurate information about people’s location.

5 Ways to Use Geolocation Targeting Data in Retail Marketing

Geography plays a very important role in creating an effective targeted marketing campaign. The local marketing campaigns are usually based on geo-location as the business has to target the local customers and it’s very easy to target them by using the feature of geo-location.

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Geolocation Data in Retail Marketing

Geolocation data can be used in a variety of ways for retail marketing but in this article, we will discuss the top five ones that have been described below:

  1. Location-based marketing:

    The new technology is enabling the brand to check the location of your customer by pinpointing at the moment and then pushing them to your business by sending them targeted offers, promotions, and coupons. This new technology is shifting this feature to mobile commerce as it will provide more relevance and value to the consumers.

    Geography can also be used to get the information and demographics of their users in order to do better-targeted marketing. Knowing your target market audience and their demographics is important for your business. Without location, there is no retail marketing today! There is the option of check-in in on mobile phone applications so that the data can be used in the future for promotional emails.

    For example, the business store can send you offers and promotional emails when you are visiting a particular area or surfing the internet for their competitors. The data given once can be used for a lifetime. It is very much important to target the right customers so as to provide them with relevant content.

  2. Geo-targeted mobile ads:

    Geo-targeting services of Yahoo, MSN, and Google are the sites that provide you with the services for running your marketing campaign on a local level. Google Adwords has also created the feature of geo-targeting. They have the capability to target customers based on their income zip codes.

    There is no advertising that is more effective than the mobile ads as they provide your business with the opportunity to target the right customers, and at the right time. People are spending too much time on their phones and likewise, the dollars spent on mobile ads are also increasing with every passing day. The greatest advantage of mobile ads is that it only targets the customers in your trading area. With the feature of geo-targeting ads, you can target the people of your trading area or those persons who are visiting it.

    Mobile ads can also be included in native advertising. In this way, you can get a lot amount of data about your customers by the inclusion of third-party. You can also capture the devices that have been there with the people visiting your area. In this way, you can later on target those devices by placing your ads on it. The interest in targeting your mobile can lead to the promotions of your business.

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  3. Geolocation and customer experience:

    The services of geolocation can also be used for the betterment of the customer experience. The retailers can implement strategies to fulfill the needs and delight mobile users after knowing and understanding your target audience and what they value.

    Through geolocation, you can find the needs and demands of the customers. The best marketing strategies can’t do good if they are not able to get the right product in front of the right buyers at the right time. For this reason, customer profiling is very important for retailers.

    When it comes to understanding where the actual clients are located or figuring out their exact addresses then there’s nothing quite as effective as the geolocation data and technology. The socio-economic demographic information on a map gives a clear understanding of gender, race, age, language, annual income, and education, etc. The marketers can also identify their target buyers easily and can customize their marketing strategy accordingly.

  4. Identify actual customers through technology:

    The mobile technology has become so advanced that they can locate your exact customers and after this, you can target your customers easily. The retailers have access to a number of technologies by which they can get the customer’s data on the basis of their devices and geolocation system. Before this technological advancement, it was very difficult for retailers to find the exact location or area of their actual customers.

    Modern technology has surpassed the traditional technology and is going so far these days. The retail marketing has become so much easier after the system of geolocation. The technology has given more access to retailers in a way that they can find about the actual consumers who are visiting your competitor’s brand or your own brand but not purchasing anything. You can hit those customers with your advertisements.

  5. Using location-specific keywords for paid search ads:

    As far as the organic keywords are important, the same is the case with paid advertisements. You can put the location-based ads on the internet so that the customers can reach you easily. The location-based ads work more than the overall ads. The keywords that you are going to use for your advertisement must also be location-based in order to get the maximum customers out of visitors.

    Geotargeting does not mean that you have to get where someone is physically located. Consumer intent can also be known all the time by search queries, and the location is a commonly included term as it helps in many ways. Consumers often narrow their searches by adding in the name of a city or district. So, you can target them easily for retail advertisements.

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