One undeniable truth about social media content is its purpose to drive conversions. Regardless of your business, the primary objective of any social media endeavor is to guide customers toward a purchase.

Content forms the core of every social strategy, shaping brands’ initial and enduring impressions on social media. Through content, brands establish communication and connections with new and loyal customers.

Social media managers must consider what tactics effectively entice their target audience towards this goal.

social media content

1. Short Video Clips

Your audience is busier than ever, seeking quick and entertaining content they can easily consume on the go. A one-minute video proves more practical than a 15-minute one, delivering the same impact efficiently.

Short-form videos thrive on social media for a reason. Approximately 66% of consumers find them the most engaging among various social media post types. Contrary to the belief that only big brands can create high-end videos, successful videos sometimes demand more resources or extensive editing.

Social media content creation research reveals that consumers find short-form videos 2.5 times more engaging than their long-form counterparts. It’s all about humor and relatability, drawing people towards your brand.

Moreover, short-form videos serve diverse social media post ideas, whether showcasing product/service usage, collaborating with influencers, or offering behind-the-scenes glimpses.

2. Images

Images are the second most valuable content type among nine popular social media categories and are frequently shared across social networks. Static images convey instant appreciation. Colors, composition, text, or their absence swiftly offer social users a snapshot of your brand.

Why do images excel on social media? Sixty-one percent of consumers find images the most engaging in-feed social media content strategy. People prefer a picture over a thousand words any day.

With high-definition smartphone cameras and free editing tools, anyone can tap into their inner photographer or graphic designer. Social media marketers can effortlessly create image-centric content without hefty resource investments.

Instagram and Pinterest naturally thrive on visual content. These platforms boast unique advantages like filters, effects, and editing tools.

Despite its evolution, Instagram still offers image-based content. On Pinterest, users seek inspiration, with 97% of searches being unbranded, making it an ideal space for brand discovery and future purchase interest.

Both platforms offer social commerce features, enabling product tagging in images and transforming them into ‘shoppable’ content.

3. Live Videos

The social media content marketing shift has prompted businesses to rethink how they engage with customers in real-time. Livestream sales in the US will hit $50 billion this year. Platforms such as eBay, Poshmark, and TikTok strive to emulate the success of this format in China.

Why does live video excel on social media? Thirty-seven percent of consumers find video streaming the most captivating content. It enables businesses and creators to stream conversations, webinars, Q&As, and virtual events.

Unlike text or image posts where interactions await responses, live videos allow immediate audience reactions.

Live video fosters a sense of community and unity through simultaneous viewing. Its versatility allows repurposing social media content ideas for additional value, for instance, creating shorts or text snippets from the live stream for other network posts.

Prime platforms for live video include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live. YouTube and Facebook Live served as entertainment hubs, while LinkedIn Live facilitated professional network communications. LinkedIn live videos garner 7x more reactions on average than native videos.

In 2022, 43% of social media users aged 18 to 34 engaged with Instagram Live. The platform’s design increases the likelihood of followers joining your live session, as Live content features prominently at the start of Instagram stories.

4. Memes and GIFs

Memes or GIFs are a specific social media content strategy younger demographics favor. When emotions and gestures evade words, memes effectively convey relatable sentiments, resonating with diverse audiences.

These forms of content ensure audience comprehension while allowing brands to connect by adding humor to daily life situations.

Why do GIFs and memes thrive on social media?

Beyond being shareable and entertaining, their relatability grants a personalized touch, meeting the expectations of 71% of consumers who seek customized interaction. When shared with the right audience, memes have the potential to go viral due to their personalized appeal.

With their animated nature, GIFs wield a similar effect, offering a dynamic way to initiate conversations, leaving a lasting impression beyond mere words.

Social media content marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are ideal spaces for posting memes. However, for GIFs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter stand out. On Instagram, posting a GIF equates to sharing a short video.

Memes not only enhance engagement but also drive traffic. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer specific features for sharing GIF content.

Twitter and LinkedIn simplify GIF sharing through a dedicated “GIF” icon. Meanwhile, Facebook’s boomerang feature allows users to capture moments in a loop, enabling the creation of personalized GIFs.

5. Texts on Posts

While visual content holds significance, businesses should pay attention to the potency of written words. Surprisingly, 32% of consumers still consider text-based posts among the most engaging social media content ideas.

Text-based content necessitates the same attention, consistency, and creativity as other formats. Developing a distinct brand tone and voice aligned with your visual identity helps your written content carve its place amidst the social noise.

Why do text-based posts thrive on social media? Consumers follow brands on social platforms to experience their personality, often best conveyed through text.

Top platforms for text-based posts encompass Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reddit fosters engaging Q&As and conversations with fans. LinkedIn proves perfect for sharing thought leadership content and articles within professional networks.

However, Twitter is the primary hub for text-based social media content marketing posts, offering a space to share concise information, ideas, and news. Its bustling environment encourages conversations that widen reach and foster community engagement among audiences.

social media content

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