Cannabis SEO Strategies for a DispensaryIn today’s highly competitive internet market, a regular, well-designed and informative website is not enough to beat the competition. Take the cannabis industry, for instance. Putting together effective cannabis SEO strategies for a dispensary is not easy.

Leading the competition and expanding your reach on the web, using effective and consistent search engine optimization – that’s what it takes. Local SEO strategies are essential to winning the top search engine spots over your competition and, as a result, you get more targeted traffic and more profits for your business.

Below we will discuss the top 5 effective cannabis SEO strategies for a dispensary.

Cannabis SEO Strategies

1) Create a Cannabis social media strategy

It’s important for a marijuana dispensary to create an effective cannabis social media marketing strategy on different networks in order to engage with clients and prospective clients, as well as post informative content to engage its readers. This will increase the level of communication of your Cannabis Dispensary with its clients and also help your SEO as all the social media profiles will link back to your website which is also a form of link building. 

2) Optimize your website for mobile phones

A mobile-friendly web design has been important for years, and we know that more than 60% of Internet users prefer browsing the Internet with mobile devices. In November 2016, Google released its Mobile-first index. However, with this update, Google has taken a firm decision to use the mobile version of any website as the primary index. It seemed like a sudden change of course, but it was nothing more than understanding their most important aspect, which is the satisfaction of the users. This refers to the importance of a site optimized for mobile devices.

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3) List your business on Google My Business

This is mostly called local SEO. Listing your business on Google and Bing is an effective search engine optimization strategy for your Cannabis Dispensary. This will enable people within your locality to find your Cannabis Dispensary easily as well as people from other places. The benefits of a listing your Dispensary on Google is endless and you can greatly increase foot traffic to your dispensary.

4) Amazing website design

Your website should be simple but amazing because a simple website may not keep your visitors for long. Try to avoid flash videos and minimize scripts that can slow down the process of loading your website. Keep in mind that online users might not have enough patience to wait for your site to load. Google also ranks your site based on your website design, user interface, and speed.

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5) Link building

For a while now, link building has always been an effective SEO tool to improve site rankings, but you must create high-quality backlinks to increase your website rankings. Never try to fool Google by building poor quality backlinks because Google’s advanced search algorithms will reject irrelevant links and even lower your site’s rankings.

While all these are effective SEO strategies for your Cannabis Dispensary, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing your site for more search traffic and local business. It’s important to note that high-quality content is also an effective method of search engine optimization. Whether your content is in the form of videos, graphics, articles, or infographics, high-quality content has always taken precedent in Google’s search algorithms.

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