Backlinking to your website is crucial for Google rankings. Each link is like a vote that says your website is trustworthy. The more votes you have, the better. But not all links are equal. There are different link building strategies to secure links from authoritative websites.

If you still need to plan your approach for this year, this article will give tips for your digital brand to consider when getting more backlinks.

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Blueprint for Crafting One-Way Hyperlinks

A good linking strategy makes your website appear on the first pages of search results. That’s why SEO experts make and use these techniques to manage, keep track of, and improve their links.

The good news is you don’t need to be an SEO expert to start working on your link building master plan and see positive results.

Creating good ways to get links might take some work, but once you start, you’ll see significant results. To plan your SEO link building strategy, think about these first steps:

Evaluate Your Website

Begin by assessing your website thoroughly. Understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses before deciding which websites to target or how many links to get.

Identify whether your primary focus should be acquiring backlinks, conducting keyword research, or combining both. You can boost your strategy once you’ve identified where your website falls short.

Be Acquainted With Your Target Market

Before building links, understand your audience by compiling a list of websites they will likely frequent. Your link building strategy will work best if the right people click them.

Start by examining demographics, behaviors, and interests. What are the primary concerns and interests of your audience? How do they typically search for information or solutions? What topics or areas of interest relevant to your products or services align with their preferences?

This understanding will help you pinpoint the right websites and communities to target for your SEO link building plan, ensuring your efforts align with your audience’s needs and interests.

Audit Current Website Content

Examine your blog posts and other web pages to identify content that could be ideal for other websites to link to.

On the other hand, as you plan your eCommerce link building strategies, remember that many site owners are hesitant to link to product pages, as it can be spammy and overly promotional. Instead, focus on identifying top-funnel pages that offer good value.

Additionally, analyze the content crafted by your competitors. Are you using the right link building tools? Are there gaps in your content compared to theirs?

If so, invest time creating these missing pages to boost your competitiveness in search engine rankings. This approach will help you attract more valuable and relevant backlinks to your website.

List Your Target Websites

Compile a roster of target websites. These sites should closely match your content, your business, and the preferences of your target audience. Prioritize these sites when you craft your SEO link building strategy.

Categorize them according to their relevance and authority, ensuring that you focus on the most significant ones first.

Remember that link building is a gradual and ongoing process. As such, your strategy should encompass long-term objectives to track progress and continuously improve your website’s ranking and visibility in search results.

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5 Best Backlinking Strategies to Consider

Here are some of the most effective backlinking strategies. As with any procedure, keeping your ultimate goal in mind is crucial. It is a process that demands time, dedication, and persistence.

Throughout your campaign, continually assess your strategies to determine their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments. This ongoing evaluation of your link building strategies for SEO will help refine your approach and achieve your desired results.

1. Create Valuable Content

Produce content that’s worth linking to. This content should have broad appeal and typically serve as top-of-the-funnel material.

Editors prefer linking to pages that match their audience’s interests, so the more your content aligns with their audience, the better the chances of getting linked.

Valuable content should also provide education and information. It should address common problems or answer questions that your audience often has.

The best way to determine if your content will resonate with your target audience is to gather feedback from them. Make this process a part of your internal link building strategy.

You can conduct surveys, engage in conversations, analyze their preferences, and monitor their reactions to previous content. Understanding your target market’s needs and preferences will guide you in crafting content that appeals to them.

2. Outreach

Outreach involves asking other websites to build backlinks.

When you’ve created valuable content, it’s essential to share it with websites that could find it beneficial. Getting backlinks from high-authority websites signals to Google that your site is an authority in a particular area.

These backlinks serve as endorsements from one site to another. Moreover, backlinks from diverse sources can help expand your potential audience by bringing new visitors to your site.

When executing this best link building strategy, SEO specialists typically send articles to site editors and explain why their content would be valuable. However, outreach can include various content tactics, such as:

  • Issuing press releases to secure links from relevant websites
  • Promoting new content with link-building tools
  • Seeking links within existing content
  • Rectifying unlinked mentions

You can track various metrics and indicators to determine if your outreach articles are gaining traction. Monitor the number of views, likes, shares, and comments on your articles. Additionally, assess the increase in website traffic or engagement after publishing outreach articles.

Utilize analytics tools to measure the impact and reach of your content. Regularly review these good link building strategy metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

3. Organize Newsworthy Events

This approach seems too general, but there are several advantages to getting links from news websites.

For instance, many news outlets boast large audiences, some of whom may visit your site. Furthermore, numerous news sources are recognized authorities in their respective fields, and a backlink from them can significantly boost your credibility with Google.

While you might believe that everything your company does is noteworthy, it’s crucial to focus on what’s pertinent to your business and the publications you’re targeting. Here are some advanced link building strategies to consider:

  • Host an event
  • Make charitable contributions.
  • Launch a nonprofit organization
  • Introduce a new product or solution
  • Announce a new partnership
  • Offer scholarships

But how do you know these events are successful and help your brand thrive digitally?

To gauge the success of your published newsworthy company events, you can measure the extent of coverage your event receives in various media outlets, both online and offline.

You can also evaluate the overall reach and impressions generated by the news coverage. This path includes the potential audience size exposed to your company’s event.

You can also track social media metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and retweets on posts related to the event. This step in your link building strategies reflects your audience’s engagement and interest level.

Another great traction metric is to analyze any increase in website traffic during and after the publication of the newsworthy event. This method indicates whether the news is driving people to explore your website.

You can also compare the success of your company’s event coverage with competitors to gain insights into your standing within the industry. By considering these metrics, you can effectively measure the impact and success of your company’s newsworthy events in the public domain.

4. Invest in Technical SEO

Another good link building strategy is to acquire links by conducting a technical check on your existing backlinks. Sometimes, these links can break or become inactive when web pages go offline. Site editors may not even realize that the links to your site no longer work.

By performing a backlink analysis on your website, you can monitor the functionality of your backlinks. Here are some factors to consider before you build backlinks:

  • Identify Broken Links

You can contact site editors, providing them with the correct working links and explaining the value they bring to their site.

  • Fix 404 Errors

If a page no longer exists, provide a fresh link to a similar page.

  • Remove Redirects

As you execute your link building strategy, ensure that any redirections lead to the final destination. Whenever possible, eliminate redirect chains.

  • HTTP vs. HTTPS

If you’ve recently switched to HTTPS, ensure you update all links from HTTP.

Addressing these link building SEO issues helps to reestablish the connection between websites. A redirect link or a link leading to a 404 page has minimal value — rectifying these problems to enhance organic traffic to your website is crucial.

5. Be a Thought Leader

A thought leader is an expert in their industry who regularly produces fresh content and introduces innovative ideas related to their field.

This status builds trust and makes their content a valuable resource for many. Thought leadership content can positively impact your Google rankings. This best link building strategy can help generate valuable backlinks to your site.

When more people reference your content as a reputable source, Google sees you as an authority in your field.

To know whether or not you’re getting positive feedback as a thought leader in your niche, you can do the following:

  • Take note of invitations for collaborations, speaking engagements, interviews, or guest contributions. These opportunities demonstrate that others recognize your expertise.
  • Track the growth of your online followers across various platforms. A consistent increase in followers suggests a growing influence within your niche.
  • Assess this external link building strategy by analyzing the reach and visibility of your content. Assess how widely your articles, posts, or videos are shared and distributed within your target audience.

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