Are you looking to improve SEO ranking and get to where you’re website is getting traffic? Then you’ll want to improve SEO on your website for search rankings. This traffic will only reach you if your website is appearing in the search engine result pages. The appearance of the website in SERP is based on search engine optimization. Without doing the SEO of your website and its content, then it is almost impossible to get a high rank in the SERPs.

You can only generate leads from your website if the people are reaching you. There are many ways to improve the SEO of your website so we have put together the top 13 ways to improve SEO ranking on your website below:

Improve SEO Ranking on Website

13 Ways to Improve SEO Ranking of Your Website Immediately

  1. Page Loading Speed:

    1. Whenever we talk about search engine optimization, the loading speed of your web page also matters a lot. If you have a slow speed of your web pages then you will automatically get low traffic and high bounce rate which is not a good thing for revenue generation. The page loading speed must not be higher than 3 seconds. About 90% of visitors can bounce back from your website if it has a loading speed of more than 3 seconds.
  2. Unique and Relevant content:

    1. If you have quality, unique and relevant content on your website then the search engines will automatically make you appear in the first SERPs. You just have to create unique, interesting, relevant and to-the-point content for their users. The purpose of the search engine algorithms is to provide ease to the visitors and if you are satisfying their needs then there is no difficulty for search engines to show you in SERPs.
  3. Images’ Optimization:

    1. In this era of visualization, you will never see a website that doesn’t have any kind of visuals like images and videos along with content. In such a situation, you must have to upload the images on your site and optimize them. If there is not proper optimization of the images on your website then it will automatically take more time to load, resulting in the higher bounce rate. Every time you upload an image, you must optimize it there for search engine optimization.
  4. Optimize Header Tags and URLs:

    1. The overall search engine optimization also demands the optimization of header tags and URLs. Whenever you write a piece of content, its URL and tags should also be optimized. The good formatting of the content is also a factor to improve the SEO of your website. If the content, tags, and URLs are optimized then they will also help your site to be ranked in SERPs.
  5. Blogging:

    1. For your website, you must start blogging on your niche. You should cover all the important topics of your niche and write on it by researching keywords. Research about the top-ranking keywords and also your competitor’s keywords in order to have a high place in the SERPs. Start blogging as early as possible.
  6. Develop Outbound Links:

    1. For making your content more useful and relevant, you must develop the outbound links to the authority sites to make your site authoritative. By linking to the authoritative sites, you will also be seen as authoritative in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. You must try to develop as many outbound links as you can as they can lead you to the top of search engine result pages. Developing the outbound links is a much-needed factor for getting the website displayed in SERPs.
  7. Readability of Content:

    1. Content readability is a big factor in search engine optimization. The content is always written for visitors to understand. It is written for the visitors but displaying before the visitors is the role of search engines like Google. So, the content should also be such that it is readable through the search engine crawlers. Like in a way that it is understandable for the humans as well as the crawlers. Always write by keeping in view the needs of the visitors.
  8. Broken Links Fixation:

    1. There are so many broken links that need to be fixed on your website. If they remain unfixed then the website or web pages will not reach the level of appearence in the SERPs. You must take the audit of your pages and where you find any broken (404) link then fix it for the purpose of optimization. For this purpose, you don’t have to go to every single page to check whether the link is fixed or not but there are many tools in the market that can help you for checking the broken links. Use these tools for your ease.
  9. Formatting:

    1. Do the proper formatting of your content. If the content is unique but it is not formatted properly then you must be placed in the lower pages of SERPs. This is a big issue that you often write a good piece of content but don’t do the proper formatting so do it now for the purpose of search engine optimization.
  10. Device Optimization:

    1. You must have to optimize your website for all devices like tablets, mobile, and desktop. You have to optimize all the pages according to the devices so that you can be ranked in SERPs and get an increase in traffic.
  11. Social Media Sharing:

    1. Social media sharing is a factor that can help you get a large amount of traffic. It also matters a lot in SEO perspective. Whenever you post content, also share it on social media so that you can get the traffic from the other platforms also.
  12. Keywords Research:

    1. Never read a piece of content without doing the keyword research. Do proper keywords research in the market and of your competitors so that you can also write on those keywords and can be ranked in Google for getting a large amount of traffic.
  13. Diversified Links:

    1. You should get diversified links like the home page and other kinds of links. These links also add up to the quality of your site so you should get those links that are of the quality websites. Try to get links from different sites and it can lead you to be ranked in SERPs.

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