Referring to the tasks or goals that can be achieved easily but are often ignored, business owners and digital marketers alike often overlook the easiest tasks to get their websites ranking on Google. The usually take almost no effort and are fruitful – pun intended. These are effective SEO techniques. In marketing, low hanging fruit are those consumers that are easiest to attract to your business.

effective search engine optimization techniques

Focusing your efforts on this group will help to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The low hanging fruits in SEO, are some simple tasks that can have a significant impact on your organic traffic. People who have been active in SEO for a few years will have the idea of low hanging fruits but for freshers, it’s a new term. In short, the importance of SEO can’t be ignored.

There are so many options available when it comes to improving the organic traffic of your website. Whether it’s your own fsite or of your client, you must be skillful enough to deliver best results by putting less effort. First of all, you must know about how to do search engine optimization? There is an explanation of effective search engine optimization techniques for the better understanding of both Local SEO and eCommerce SEO.

Effective SEO Techniques – Search Engine Optimization:

There are some effective SEO techniques or tactics that can be used for improving your organic traffic. It includes On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, internal linking and Conversion rate optimization.

1. Install SEO Plugins

Installing SEO plugins is one of the most important effective SEO techniques. In this technique, you will make changes to the web pages based on the audit of the website. You have to optimize your web pages for keywords (primary, secondary and modifiers). This will help your website to be ranked in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SEO plugins help you to do SEO of your URLs, meta tags, Alt tags for images etc. And most importantly, use the right and relevant keywords (Short and Long tail keywords).

2. Internal Linking:

For crawlability, you have to do internal linking on your site. The importance of SEO can’t be ignored in this digital world. Internal linking is helpful for strengthening of your content. Internal linking matters a lot in SEO and it could not be neglected. The search engine crawlers will crawl your other links if added. Remember the URL, which you need to be optimized and then develop its internal linking within your content so that if search engine crawls one page, it can automatically go to your other web pages.

3. Backlinking (Partnerships):

The offsite are also has some potential that can be exploited by putting some effort. Backlinks are important as they are at number 3 ranking factor. It is of no doubt that offsite area is a large field and needs some more effort but there are some things that can be implemented quickly. You can get high quality and relevant backlinks through cooperation or partnership.

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4. Install Google WebMaster Tools:

If you don’t know how to do search engine optimization, then it’s not a problem. You can use different tools of Google, the largest search engine, for doing analysis of your website and then do a proper SEO. The google webmaster tools are of great importance as they can provide you with the data like how many people visited your website from Google, what keywords they used to get on your website, how you ranked in SERPs, errors on your site and many other things. In addition, Google Analytics is also analyzing tool. You can use it for getting data about your site.

5. Improve Site Load Time:

The load time should be low in order to provide the best user experience. If your site has more load time, there are chances that people move back before loading. The more loading time increases for your site, the higher the bounce rate will be; that’s a negative thing.

6. Make your Site Device Friendly:

Nowadays people open the websites on different devices like desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. So, your site must be device friendly. It should open according to the device. Some sites work better on laptop and some on mobile but your site must be all devices friendly, for better user experience.

7. Create More Content:

In addition to the importance of SEO, we must know the fact that content is the king. If you don’t have the content then SEO is of no use. Create more and more content, optimize it for SEO so that search engines can rank your content in search results. More content, more will be chances to get ranked.

8. Share your Content:

After creating content, share your content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc. This shared content will help you to get traffic on your website. Sharing is a good option to gain more and more traffic.

9. List your Website in Top Local Directories:

The other solution of “how to do SEO” is to get your business website listed in top local directories. It will be of great help for optimization. The website listed in top local directories is crawled by the search engines and at the end ranked in search engine result pages. The big ones are Yelp, Urbanspoo, OpenTable and TripAdvisor. These are the ones that consistently rank at the top for local searchers so you must be there.

10. Prune Low Quality Pages:

The low-quality pages are not good for any website. If a page is not bringing traffic to your website then it must be excluded. Low quality pages or low traffic pages must be pruned out from your website in order to make the process of SEO easier. If there are less pages on your website, the doing SEO would be easier.

Importance of SEO

The importance of SEO can’t be denied in the digital world. Without SEO, your site will not appear in search engine result pages, bringing no traffic which ultimately results in zero revenue generation. Doing proper SEO of your website and web pages is much important for achieving your goals. SEO is the lifeblood of the search engines and Google.

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