blogging tips for small businessesAre you searching for blogging tips for small businesses? Small business and company blogs are an excellent online platform for providing valuable information and advice to your target market, but also an integral part of marketing and promoting your business online. Blog articles that offer value to your readers set you as an expert in your field and a credible source of sustainable information.

If you want a successful blog, with a large number of readers you have to do a lot of work and not just regular publishing. You need to advertise and promote your company blog. By promoting your blog for one or two hours a week will increase your readers, set you up as an expert and increase the user base. If you do not use the blog properly, you will miss out on increasing the blog traffic and increasing sales.

Take a look at our top 10 blogging tips for small businesses to get the most out of your company blog and increase your small businesses online presence!

Small business blogging tips

1) Publish quality content

Quality content is the king of any blog or website. It’s important to publish quality content to your readers as this will make them engaged to your company blog.

2) Use catchy titles

When publishing a company blog, be sure to use titles that are catchy and can draw the attention of the reader. As a Denver SEO company based in Colorado, we do our best to provide quality information to small businesses owners. However, we always optimize our blogs titles.

So whether you are looking for a comparison for Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads or Key Benefits of Local SEO for your small business, we make it a point to use catchy, yet straight to the point blog titles.

3) Proofread and edit your content before publishing

With these efforts to make the content of your blog appealing, it would be very sad to destroy everything because you’ve forgotten to spellcheck the content for grammatical, punctuation and general errors.

4) Engage your readers

Blogging is a conversation, not just a publishing platform. Since your articles need to satisfy your markets, your readers will probably have something to say. Be prepared to respond promptly, thoughtfully and honestly to questions and comments.

5) Be social

Maybe you had already shared a company blog on the most popular social media site you know, but you should consider adding a social share button to your website so your users can share what they like.

Adding social sharing buttons below your blog posts can improve your social reach and the reach of your blog. Ensuring that your readers make it easier to deliver content through social networks by touching buttons will encourage them to distribute content across the web.

6) Include a call to action

Although you want to avoid making your article look like a sales page when writing blog content, you need to give readers a way to navigate to the sales page at the end of each blog.

7) Use captivating images

People are visual creatures. Images or videos actually represent a thousand words when properly used. Infographic is also a great way to make an article to be more interesting.

8) Guest post

You should submit guest posts with a link back to your company website. This will bring in more traffic as well as sales.

9) Respond and engage with your blog commenters

You must have heard this before. If your company blog starts receiving comments in blog posts, you should take your time to appreciate everyone for stopping by to drop a comment.

10) Boost internal linking

Be sure to link your new posts to your existing posts as this will make the blog’s bounce rate decrease. Also, a website’s internal linking structure is important for two things. It encourages your visitor to visit other pages on your site and will also increase your overall site health. This will, in return, help other pages on your site to start ranking for the keywords you want them to rank for.

Thinking about implementing a strong content marketing strategy for your company with our blogging tips for small businesses? Contact us today and see how we can help you with your email marketing and SEO campaign!